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Last night, after having to make do with the likes of Sam and Luna, and Terry’s adventures in the war zone, over the previous couple of weeks, True Blood fans got their first taste of fan favorites Eric and Pam, and a first clue as to where their relationship is heading in Season 5. So now, after the steam has stopped rising from our nostrils and /or we’ve managed to calm ourselves down after witnessing pure vikingness in it’s prime. (Vikingness according to spell-check is not a word but I am begging to differ) it’s time for us to sit back and analyse what the heck is going on with Daddy and his girl.The clip shown is from episode 4, written by Alexander Woo, so it is no surprise that our viking vampire god was acting very mean and macho. (That’s how Woo seems to like him and he’s certainly not the only one).

Eric is back at Fangtasia after his adventures away with Bill (and his ever increasingly weird hair style), and his reunion with sister Nora, and he’s just itching to find out who let Russell out to play again. From the dialogue we are given it seems that Eric has already spoken about this unpleasant plot development with Bill and Alcide, who have both denied responsibility, so it figures that Pam may fall under suspicion as she is the only other character that we know of who is aware of where Russell’s cement grave was. For the record, we don’t think for a milli-second that is was Pam who released him. Eric is acting all unhinged and un-trusting, could this be the “new” Eric we were promised, completely highly strung, with the fallout from the witches spell and the heart break of Sookie’s rejection still eating away at him? Whatever Eric it is he has worked himself up so much he can’t even trust his progeny. Remember his “the only vampire you can trust is the vampire you made” quote? (Could this then be sloppy writing or just proof at how far off his marker the viking really  is?)

Pam is, as you would expect, devastated as it looks like she and her maker are continuing to drift further and further apart. (She has our sympathy, the vast majority of Team Eric don’t like to see him without his Pam either). In the extended promo she asks him to release her – will he do it? Probably, as the True Blood writers love their drama, unless he has a sudden moment of clarity and knows what’s good for him – and that would be Pam!

Whatever the outcome it’s so great to see these two magnificent performers face off again, and there is no doubt that Mr Northman still knows how to brood in black!

So now you have had time to digest the scene, what do you think? Doom and gloom or loving the angst?

Thanks to skarsgardfans (as usual) for the screen caps

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  1. I’m thinking that Eric is rattled by everything that has happened (his amnesia, Sookie leaving him, his falling out with Pam, the relationship he became thrust into with Bill when they killed Nan and her “gay stormtroopers”, the return of his sister, and the return of crazy Russell). Even our great Viking warrior has more on his plate than his thousand years of experience are quite equipped to handle, and he has no idea who he can trust. After threatening and turning away Pam, perhaps he’s unsure just how far she’d go to get back at him. They do say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. I doubt Eric knows who he can trust and who he can’t in this new game of cloaks and daggers with The Authority in town. As for whether or not he’d release Pam, even an unsettled Eric would know you always keep your friends close and your enemies closer. He may not know right now where Pam falls in the realm of friends and enemies after what he’s done to her in the whole Sookie mess, but if he releases her, he has NO control over her to command her as her maker. She could do anything to him. Eventually, I’m sure it will all work out in the end between them. They have too much history and love between them for him to fully forget that “the only vampire you can trust is the vampire you made”. He just needs to get his head cleared a bit first. Pam needs to stay strong and wait him out. He’ll come around. Eric simply isn’t used to things being so far out of his control.

    • Mel I completely agree with you – he hates not being in control – he’s not used to it. I really hope he doesn’t release her but like you say, they will probably find their way back to each in the end, once they’ve put us through more viewing torture!

      • But we all know if your in love that’s hard to control your feelings so he is experiencing this the first time in his 1000 year life …..but because of her dumping him he doesnt understand or trust anything anymore…

  2. Eric is very supicous of Pam~ could she have let Russell out of his silvered concrete
    tomb~she wouldn’t be that stupid. she knows that if she did this she’d be putting her
    father into a lot of danger. Eric is also supicous of William Thomas Compton.
    Bill did swear fealty to him after he killed Lorena,his Maker
    And Pamela wouldn’t care if Russell found Sookie and drained her.
    Pam would have her Father back ~ all to herself.
    All Eric knows is that he has to put an end to Russell.
    Russell killed his parents & baby sister, he must be stopped.

  3. for me that is just typical AB sh*t, they want to make eric less likable, have you seen some of the comments from the people about the promo? Eric was behaving too extreme and that what is so weird, it makes no sense, he is behaving so OOC but the writers don’t seem to care at all… and also didn’t Eric say in the past that the the only vampire a vampire can trust is the vampire he made…and now all of a sudden Eric doesn’t trust Pam and tells her that she also shouldn’t trust anyone, oh yeah makes so much sense this plothole show!!!

    they were the main reason I was planning to watch was for these two. I guess they will have lots of nice Bill/Jessica moments instead and have Eric tagging along with Bill as his sidekick.

  4. I thought this scene between these two was AMAZING! I literally got chills from it and watched it several times. I don’t think Eric will say the words to release her but I am not sure as I would have to see more of this scene.

  5. Mel….You hit it right on the head. I agree 100%.

    The cast is known not to give spoilers but I did feel a bit more reassured when I asked Kristin about this last month. My question was basically if we will have to wait for very long to see a Pam & Eric reconciliation. She said there will be challenges but that once fans see the flashback of Pam’s making, we will see more of their relationship dynamic. She said it will be like “Ahhh, that makes sense now.”

  6. Loved the angst, and both Alex and Kristin are once again in top form. These two have the most amazing chemistry, and they are both so talented. That being said, I was none thrilled with what transpired between them. Once again it looks like AB and Co. Are bending over backward to make the fans turn away from the Eric character. The show could have been phenomenal had AB not strayed so far from the essence of the source material and completely ignored any kind of continuity so certain characters that he personally favored could shine. Also, shame on HBO for going down the rabbit hole with him.

  7. In the books Eric and Pam fight as what was seen in the last book. Remember the kitchen fight brawl between Pam and Eric? It’s not too occ for his character in general just taken from a later point in the books. Its just occ for this point in the show. I think this shows how Eric deals with stress!

  8. It seems to me that this whole season is going to be so removed from the books, The only similarities are the names of the characters. I first watched the show because I loved the books. I can’t say I love the show anymore. If it wasn’t for Alexander Skarsgard being Eric I probably wouldn’t watch anymore. I will watch this season just to see if it even tries to resemble the books. I’m just afraid they are too far gone to come back to the books. I was so disappointed with last season, I truly don’t think I can get the love back. I’m really hoping they prove me wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not very likely to. This show hasn’t been anything like the books since season 2, I don’t see that changing now. I started the show first, but it’s just gone too far off the deep end.

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