‘Up In The Air’ With Deadlocked

The penultimate twelfth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (SSN) Deadlocked is much the same as the ones that came before, but filled with so much angst that your heart will literally be breaking. Why do I say that, you ask? It is because I, like many, have invested so much time and emotion into all things Sookie related that you cannot help but feel it all ten-fold and boy is Sookie feeling emotional, on all fronts.

WARNING: this review has some minor spoilers so if you don’t want to know, LOOK AWAY NOW!

The Sookie of yesterdays has been slowly evolving over time into a much more mature Sookie, and this has never been more evident than in Deadlocked. She knows what she wants and what has to be done to obtain everything she desires. The only problem with this is that Sookie, along with her Vampire husband Eric, is stubborn and too prideful for her own good. In my opinion, this is the major obstacle in the progression of their relationship but ‘she loves him’ and that’s why ‘she goes with him’. Sookie makes this very clear and says it several times in fact. All of this is what leads to the angst you feel, both from Sookie and Eric. They have a lot of issues that they have to deal with and the major thing to take away from this is that they need to work together, instead of testing each other and trying to do it all on their own. There are a couple of particular passages where Sookie is reflecting on things from the past that spoke volumes to me on where she is headed in the final book.

I would say that her past suitors were part of this reflection as well and at the end of these reflections, they are not even a bleep on her radar. The Alcide ship sailed and will not be pulling back into the Sookie port. Quinn, although he calls to wish her a Happy Birthday, is another sailing ship. While she knows that Bill loves her, Sookie states that “there’s nothing I can do about it but be his friend though. I used to love him back, and I gotta say there are moments when I feel the old attraction, but I’m not in love with Bill. Not anymore”. As far as Sam is concerned, I have and never will see him as anything more than a dear friend/brother, although some might get the impression that there is something more there. In my opinion, it is nothing more than a red herring. There has never been any romantic chemistry between Sookie and Sam, if that was to be the case, I think the author would have started the building process for that type of scenario eight books ago. In short, I don’t think there will be this all of a sudden’ or ‘suddenly’ type moments on the horizon for her boss, for it would not be plausible or even believable.

There are some rather interesting parallels that occur in certain parts of this book and I was so glad to read them because it brought back memories as well as showing Sookie’s growth. Do you recall the moment near the end of Club Dead when Eric noted that Sookie tends to walk away when things get tough and if that is what he had to look forward in the future? I mention this because it comes up in this book and it is not the only parallel noted here either. I don’t want to give too much away here but you will recognize and notice the said parallel(s) from another book in the series.

Sookie does get a visit from the Queen of Oklahoma and let me tell you that vamp is pretty damn sure of herself when speaking with Sookie, but don’t worry, she holds her own pretty well against her Royal highness. I don’t want to reveal too much here because I would like you to come up with your own take on it.

There has been plenty of speculation about the Cluviel Dor as to how Sookie would use this fairy magical love token. Well, it is used in a ‘heat of the moment’ type situation and Sookie did not have time to think of the repercussions that her choice might bring. With that being said, I think that her ‘choice’ will have major consequences later on down the line. If I am wrong, then I will eat my words.

This twelfth installment in this series ends pretty much in the same way the previous three have ended, with Eric and Sookie on the outs (but still very much together) and with Sookie wondering what is going to happen now. Once again, we are not only left ‘Up in the Air’ but we have also arrived at a Deadlock, with Eric and Sookie both waiting for the other to make a move to save the relationship. This is nothing we have not seen before and I, for one am not worried at all. I think you will find that Deadlocked, which is an excellent title and fits what is going on between our favorite couple, is a very good read and will leave you craving for more. We only have 53 weeks to wait for Dead Ever After and you can wait that out right here at Eric and Sookie Lovers!

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

17 comments on “‘Up In The Air’ With Deadlocked

  1. Excellent review Nymerias.

    Only 53 weeks left sounds so much easier than 364 days. Thanks for that.

  2. Your thoughts are as ingenious as always. This book was “wow” and a perfect set up for the last book coming out May 2013, which I bet will be guarded with all kinds of wards to make sure nothing slips out

    I fuly recommend rereading cause we are human and we miss the nuances the first time around :)


  4. I am jealous that you have already got and read the book being here in Australia it takes weeks sometimes before we get a new book and seeing I bougfht mine overseas and was told it was being shipped out on wednesday or thursday I am really hoping it may come by friday this week as I am sick with hayfever and would love something to curl up in bed and just read about Eric and Sookie.
    I have nothing against Anna Paquin but she is not the Sookie I imagined but Alex skarsgard is the perfect Eric. I think they should have put an unknown actress in the Sookie part. that is my opinion an mine alone I just think she is to skinny for Sookie, and scream’s an awful lot it’s not her fault it is the writer’s in alot of ways they have made the series a joke and alot of people judge the series first then decide where to read the books.
    I saw the first series it was the first time I had even heard of it last year I loved it and wondered if they where based on books and found they where so i bought the first 3 books to start with, after the second book I dove a bit deeper and found there where more and bought the rest I love the books. But I also in someways love the series but I don’t like how they are basically making a mockery of the books and the actors with some of the dribble that these writers are allowed to get away with.
    So I have had my rant it is due to lack of book/series and waiting for them to arrive.

  5. Thanks Nymerias!! Awesome review!! :D Personally, (and you already know my thoughts) I LOVED this book. I’ve already lost count, how many times I’ve read it, because I had an ARC of it. I’m glad this book ends “Up in the Air” because it keeps us waiting anxiously for the next and final book, Dead Ever After! Too bad we have to wait 53 weeks for it. But I’m an angst whore and I’m used to waiting…so I say, BRING ON THE ANGST, CH!!

    BTW, I gave this book 5 stars… ;)

  6. Great review – thank you! Oh the angst in this book! I thought CH did a brilliant job & am as sure it will be Eric & Sookie in the end as ever. Only 12 MORE MONTHS until Dead Ever After… agghhh! :)

  7. Awesome review!! Only 364 days til DEA, it’s gonna be a long wait!

  8. Your comment about the angst is so accurate. I blew off work this afternoon and locked myself away to read the book. My heart was breaking for Sookie with all the things that were coming at her. And I really enjoyed the mystery here, I didn’t see the solution coming at all. Obviously I couldn’t put the book down since I read it in one sitting. As predicted, it leaves things between Eric & Sookie up in the air, we won’t know until the final book. Which of course makes sense. And I do have one random question, we now know how Barry got his telepathy..but what about Hunter? Just curious since it’s now known to be a demon trait.

    • good question and who knows if CH will answer it but it would be nice to know if Mr.C gave this gift to Hunter as well. Please remember to rate the book in our poll that you can find within this post if you have not already! thanks!

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  10. I downloaded the book and read it straight through immediately. Then I spent forever trying to “process” what it could all mean and even drove my husband crazy when he got home by breaking it all down and discussing it (very one sided) with him. Mostly I ranted on about the whole book and how I now have to wait an entire year for DEA!

    For now, I’m just anxiously awaiting the CH book signing I’m attending on Saturday. I’m planning to see if I can get her to say hello to the members of ericandsookielovers.com on video with my BlackBerry. If I can, I’ll let you know so you can post it here. :D

    • That would be awesome Mel, thanks! Hope you enjoy yourself at the books signing. That would be great if you can capture CH saying, hi! :)

      My husband doesn’t understand either…LOL He always tells me, “It’s just a book. They’re only characters.” And always teases me when it comes to anything with Alex in it. LOL

    • Have fun at the signing! That would be awesome if you could get her to say hi to us! It would stay up forever I would say if I know Erika!

    • Omg, i almost decided to go to Saturday’s in KY signing but am going to the Charlotte and Winston-Salem events. We will have to compare notes on what we learn during our time with her.

      Have a FANGTASTIC time!!

  11. Only one more book, please say it isn’t so….

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  13. Iactually had a hard time getting through Deadlocked. Normally I’ll read a SVM in a day because I can’t put it down. Deadlocked had so much angst between Sookie and Erie, Sookie and Claude, Sookie and Alcide, I hope the last book of the series ties up all loose ends and puts Sookie where she belongs….with Eric.

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