Season 5 Teaser (READ ‘YAWN FEST’) Poster

Well, well True Blood has released it’s Season 5 Teaser Poster, which is DEAD boring! What happened to all the good teasers we used to get? Did the powers that be at HBO give more of the marketing budget to it’s two newest blockbusters, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire? The picture is posted below.

These two shows (which came from a set of books) that have been adapted for television have been very epic and had strong showings, so it would make sense. I am, by no means, saying that True Blood has not but they are not playing on the same field as these shows,not anymore. One could say that True Blood does not have to work hard anymore to promote the show but I would have to disagree.

In fact, in light of the success of the two aforementioned shows, it needs to work harder to wow viewers, especially this one. Trust me, I have not been crying in Wheaties because I am missing True Blood. With that being said, if they want to promote True Blood, they would be better off sticking with the likes of Eric and Sookie, especially Eric as he is a big draw. It also would not hurt to throw in some LA LA because I love me some LA LA! If they were to do that however; I hope they would live up to the expectations that the promo gave to the viewer. Otherwise, it is nothing but an epic fail at best.

Incidently, it appears as if the promo teaser above is a knock off from the Italian and Spanish covers of Charlaine Harris’s novels. Judge for yourself!

What do you think of the Season 5 teaser poster? Did you like it or not crazy about it? Do you think they could have done more to wow you? Don’t let my post influence you! Sound off below!

*credit to HBO and True Blood*
*photo credit to luvthevikingtumblr

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10 comments on “Season 5 Teaser (READ ‘YAWN FEST’) Poster

  1. I am definitely unimpressed. We need something with a little pizazz, and a whole lot of Eric, Pam, and yeah I love me some La La too. I don’t really mind if they put more money and time into Game of Thrones it is really a superb quality show whereas AB has turned TB into somewhat of a train wreck, but Boardwalk Empire is not my cup of tea. I have seen so many 30’s era probation movies over the years they don’t interest me at all.

  2. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again~HBO’s design staff have no immagination!!
    Their posters for TrueBlood’s Season Five are like all of the others they’ve done
    in the past Seasons~ BORING!!!.
    Let the loyal fans design the posters~there are some really talented fans out there.
    you should see some of the things that they’ve done in the past.
    hold a contest for artists and ask them to come up with posters or paintings or a
    video commercial for TRUEBLOOD~they may suprise you all.
    And all that HBO may have to do is either hire the winner of the contest or let them
    come to either a premiere or a finale show of TrueBlood.

  3. By far the best season promotion was Season Two. Remember the darkly lit bayou scene with each of the characters spotlighted. And who could forget Eric licking the blood off of his fingers and then vamp speeding off the screen. Bill and Eric going toe to toe and swinging those swords. Euphemism for other body parts. Love when they swing swords.

    Shrugs, sorry TB not feeling this. Nora or Salome?

  4. I saw something on the trueblood twitter feed today about a roman/chris meloni poster that’s in the works…I mean we barely know who roman is so they better make a poster at the very least! so I’m not impressed by this poster, I just think hbo is saving the best for last! I have a feeling these next two weeks or so were going to get inundated with all types of character promos.

  5. Its like they are just resting on their laurels that they dont need to do any true promotion campaign… and what little they are doing (including interacting with the fans) we are lapping up because there is no alternative.

    • no lapping up is being done here, not by me at least! lol

    • My sentiments exactly! HBO seems to feel that their audience is hooked already, so why should they spend the effort (or the money) trying to woo us? Their over-confidence — more so with the storylines than the marketing materials, though — may end up being their downfall.

  6. I think it’s perfect for where the show is going now, absolutely nowhere.

  7. Not impressed in the least….. Hopefully this is only one of more to come. With all the hype of this season (Meh). I think this poster is appropriately boring…….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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