Dead Air To Discuss Deadlocked

Below is a special heads up!

Our good friends over at EricNorthman.net will be hosting a special Dead Air podcast where they will be holding an in-depth discussion on the penultimate book, Deadlocked!

That’s not all either…SVB from the Sookieverseblog, will be featured as their very special guest for this podcast!

SQUEE! Two of the biggest Eric and Sookie lovers (other than us) in the same podcast!

Dee Dee – the host; is considered the “voice of Eric”, while SVB is considered the ruler of the Sookieverse! How did we get so lucky to have these two discussing this book? This is a MUST for all of those who love and follow them, or want to hear them discussing the book in detail!

This special podcast of Dead Air will air this coming Monday, May 7th at 8 pm Central!

http://tvline.com/2012/05/02/true-blood-season-5/You can listen or call into it here: blogtalkradio.com/EricNorthman.net

Can’t wait for this discussion!

Thoughts? Are you going to listen or call into the podcast? Share your plans below!

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10 comments on “Dead Air To Discuss Deadlocked

  1. I will most definitely be listening and will be calling in if I can get through that is! I have been going to SVB for a while now and can’t wait to put a voice to the name! :)

  2. Squeeee!!! I can’t wait to hear what SVB has to say and finally hear her voice! :)

  3. Is this central time US? I need to know because i’m from AUS :P

  4. Thats great news – I can’t wait to here their thoughts on DL. I’ll be tuning in for sure

  5. Hello. Can you please tell me if it will be possible to listen to this after the broadcast, maybe on iTunes or something?

  6. […] “Dead Air” discusses Deadlocked: What happens when two big-named Eric and Sookie lovers get together to talk about Deadlocked? Find out what they said in Monday night’s blog talk radio discussion here! (You can also listen to it over at the Sookieverseblog!) […]

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