Deadlocked: The Big Picture

As you already know, Deadlocked – the penultimate and twelfth instalment of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, has been released. Many of us were looking forward to reading more about our favorite couple, Eric and Sookie. Well, there were a number of things which happened in this novel that some Eric and Sookie lovers have found disappointing – myself and my staff – not included. We rather enjoyed this book…in fact, we loved it and can’t wait for the last one!

 However, we’ve noticed a number of people online who are reacting very strongly to this novel. Some are even going so far as to mention how they are planning to not read the last book in the series to find out how it all ends. You should read this first before making this decision. Speaking on behalf of my staff, I would like to share a few things with you that might change your mind. Although, everyone is entitled to their own opinion(s) of course. I would like you to just hear me out, and after you read it, you can make your own decision(s).

(This post is not a review of the book, because we already shared our thoughts.)

If you haven’t read the book yet, this might contain spoilers. Read on, if you want to read our thoughts.

Written in the stars:

I believe those of you who are bothered by what happens (especially the ending) need to step back…take a few deep breaths (inhale/exhale…do this three times)…relax and try to look at this novel from a different perspective. Try to look at Deadlocked as part of the series as a whole. Starting from Dead And Gone to Deadlocked (in particular); these last few books have focused mainly on the relationship between Eric and Sookie.

Eric and Sookie’s main obstacle is the binding marriage arrangement Eric’s maker Appius made before his final death between Eric and the Queen of Oklahoma. If that’s not all…King Felipe de Castro – the King of Nevada, comes to visit to find out what happened to Victor, his representative of Louisiana. They don’t want Felipe to find out they planned Victor’s death, because the punishment could be very severe.

Eric and Sookie are being pulled in so many different directions, it’s hard to keep track of everything. But it’s also Charlaine’s way of trying to confuse you to keep you guessing and to keep any issues between them from being explored, communicated and/or resolved. It’s merely a way to prolong the inevitable.

Who will Sookie choose?

The suitor question has always been “THE” question. I think Charlaine makes it pretty clear in Deadlocked; Sam and Bill are in the “friend-zone”, while Alcide and Quinn have been permanently eliminated. Charlaine is as guilty of playing the “teams” thing as much as Alan Ball does on True Blood. If you look at Sookie’s point of view – which is the most important one to pay attention to – then you know Sookie only cares for them as friends.

How about Bill and Sam hook up as a consolation prize? We’ll call them, BAM

Bill, as you know was Sookie’s first taste of “love”. I put love in quotations because I don’t think she was ever really in love with him. He’s a liar, douche bag, betrayer, and stalker. Sookie has moved past everything between them. She may forgive, but she will never forget how he betrayed, raped and lied to her.

there’s nothing I can do about it but be his friend though. I used to love him back, and I gotta say there are moments when I feel the old attraction, but I’m not in love with Bill. Not anymore.” ~Sookie Stackhouse, Deadlocked.

CASE CLOSED. You don’t need to waste your time worrying about Bill any longer. In Sookie’s own words, she spells out how she really feels about Bill.

Sam “Red Herring” Merlotte:

Sam, sweetly boring Sam. I really have no idea how some of you could even consider the shifter as a possible suitor when there has been no backstory, no buildup, no…nothing between Sam and Sookie. It’s too late in the series to all of a sudden make Sam her one true love. Those who have read Deadlocked know that Sookie used the cluviel dor on him. Not on Eric, not on Jason…but Sam. I know many of you are disappointed Sookie didn’t use it on Eric…but to me, it makes perfect sense. Would I prefer she used it on Eric? Yes, but now that Sookie has used it on Sam, it looks like this red herring is going to become one of the problems between Eric and Sookie in the last book, Dead Ever After.

Here’s the definition of what a red herring is (in case you don’t know the meaning): something that distracts attention from the real issue.

As you can see…Sam, the red herring is trying to take the focus off Eric as Sookie’s HEA. Otherwise it’s too predictable, uninteresting and unsurprising in the end. I would prefer to read a story that keeps me guessing.

For those wondering why she used it on Sam in the first place, please read below.

The reasons why Sookie used the cluviel dor on Sam instead of Eric: He almost died. It was completely unexpected. Everyone was in shock. Nobody knew what to do. Sookie did the only thing she could do in that split second. She had the cluviel dor in her pocket and she knew it was the means to save his life. She loved him enough to get the cluviel dor to work. Why wouldn’t she use it to save a friend? He’s someone she cares for, her partner in Merlotte’s. It’s who Sookie is as a person. There was nothing romantic about it. Sookie sees Sam as more like a brother or a friend, than anything else. Why else would she be bothered by who he dates? Because anyone who has friends or a sibling know that sometimes you don’t like who your friend or family member dates, and might even tell your loved one about your feelings.

As you can see, the use of the cluviel dor on Sam, is only a way to prolong the inevitable.

Freyja “The Man-stealing” Queen:

There is new competition in town and she goes by the name of Freyja, the Queen of Oklahoma. What’s different about this is she and Sookie are fighting over the same man (for once). I think it’s extremely refreshing to see Sookie’s green-eyed monster coming out to play. Freyja is someone who seems perfect for Eric and vice versa on the outside, but it’s obvious Eric truly loves Sookie. Who will win? Who will be denied? Will true love conquer all? Or will Eric have to accept his fate? I think Sookie will win this fight!

My guess is Felipe will be the only one to drag out a welcome mat for Freyja, because I’m sure Sookie won’t be serving her Tru Blood anytime soon unless it’s laced with something poisonous for vampires. Freyja and Felipe are another example of a red herring…they are only prolonging the inevitable.

Eric Viking Vampire Northman (aka. Sex God):

At the end of the book, Eric witnessed Sookie using the cluviel dor not on himself, like he’d hoped, but on Sam. Sookie’s boss, friend and a shifter. That had to hurt. Not only is Sam a shifter (a supernatural species he has no respect for), but he had wanted Sookie to use it to help him get out of his marriage arrangement to Freyja. He was shocked, disappointed, angry, and hurt that Sookie didn’t use it on him. I’m sure the reason why he walked away, without speaking, was because he didn’t want to say anything he might regret later on to Sookie.

How many times have you been so angry with your significant other, you had to leave? Have you ever been so angry, you said things you regretted? I’m pretty sure Eric felt this way at the end of the book.

Eric hasn’t been himself lately. He’s getting pulled in so many different directions. He’s being forced to marry someone he does not love. He has Felipe de Castro breathing down his neck. He was accused and framed for a murder outside his own house. Not to mention, the day-to-day operations at Fangtasia and the normal responsibilities as Sheriff of Area 5. No wonder he’s stressed and not acting himself.

He sees no way out of the marriage arrangement in a way where both he and Sookie will make it out of situation alive. If he does what Sookie wants, which is to tell Freyja, simply ‘no’ – then there’s no telling how Freyja will react. Will she kill Sookie for holding the keys to Eric’s heart? Will she kill Eric thereby causing Sookie to mourn and live without Eric for the rest of her short life? Or, will she kill both of them? It’s not a very easy situation. As Charlaine has said before, the way Eric and Sookie find themselves dealing with circumstances and their relationship is very much a key element to the rest of the series.

As you can see…he is very, very stressed, and is reacting in ways we aren’t used to seeing. We are seeing all of the multiple layers of Eric’s personality, and Charlaine is ripping them off like a bandaid before us, so we really get the feel of how much of a toll it’s taking on him.

Sookie “OSM” Stackhouse:

Sookie knows the kind of man Eric is. She’s confident he can get himself out of this marriage arrangement on his own, because past history has proven he can do it. He has always been there when she needed him. But now it’s her turn to return the favor. The question is…will she? I happen to think so – after a lot of debating in her own mind about it first.

What Sookie wants most is for Eric to stand up and tell Freyja he loves her, once and for all. To Sookie, Eric would be making his choice loud and clear, and she would no longer doubt his feelings. They are living without their blood bond, which really is new territory for them. They are both learning as they go. But she doesn’t see that much of him anymore, so she really has no idea how much stress Eric is under. She’s hurt because it seems like the only time she sees him, is when they are having sex. She’s disappointed because she misses the relationship they once had and never seems to spend any time with him, just for fun.

Famous Last Words:

While things certainly aren’t perfect between Eric and Sookie, I have not lost hope either. Sam won’t be the HEA because if you’ve read any of Charlaine’s other novels…she tends to keep you guessing until the very last page of the very last book.

The first nine books dealt with the build-up of Eric and Sookie’s relationship. These last four books (D&G, DITF, DR and DL) are dealing with Eric and Sookie’s relationship and bringing issues and potential problems to light. The last book, DEA will be all about resolving these conflicts between them.

The bad news is – if you expect things between Eric and Sookie to be full of rainbows and unicorns, with lots of lazy nights spent having wild vampire/telepath sex, and full of blissful happiness…then you should probably stick to reading the wonderful fanfictions in our fandom. I believe in a way…fanfiction has ruined the Southern Vampire Mysteries series for many of us. (I’m a fanfic writer, so I can’t believe I’m actually writing this.) But I’m beginning to believe it’s true, while fanfics do fill a much needed void – it leads you to expect something similar in the books which you are never going to get. Charlaine doesn’t write that way, sorry.

The good news is – the conflicts between Eric and Sookie are created from forces outside their relationship or beyond their control. The issues are not caused internally and that’s a good foundation to build upon. They still love each other. They just have to figure out a way to solve these problems…together. I firmly believe Eric and Sookie will live on happily in Dead Ever After.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below!

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43 comments on “Deadlocked: The Big Picture

  1. I had never read the books when TrueBlood began,I’d never even heard of them!
    But after Season 1, I went and bought them and promptly devoured them.
    After seeing Eric Northman in Episode 4/Season 1 “Escape from the Dragon House”
    I was hooked~but I must admit that I’d fallen in love when I first saw him on a preview
    commercial for the series,all I had to see was “6’5″,Blond hair,blue-green eyes
    & Fangs” And I was hooked. This was a show I’m going to WATCH!!!!

    Now after seeing/reading the books all I could see in my head was the face of
    Alexander Johan Haljmar Skarsgard as Eric Northman.
    He was borne to play that part, and when Charlaine Harris wrote the character of
    Eric Northman either she’d see a photo of him or she was channeling some kind
    of Swedish film channel~ cause she got the exact actor to play the part!!!

    Now when it came to William Thomas Compton III< Stephen Moyer is very attractive
    but I've developed a major dislike for the character.
    I did like what I saw when we first laid eyes on him~tall,dark hair,sapphire blue eyes,
    and Southen Manners to boot,any mother or grandmother would love.

    As Season 2 aired I began to have a real dislike for the way he treated Sookie.
    And Season 3 really put a stake in his coffin!!!
    I hate liars,be they in television series or in real life.
    I will NOT forgive him for what he did to Sookie.
    I was jumping up and down when Eric outed him in Season 3.

    • please separate the books from the show, the show is cleary nothing like charlaines work anymorre, but you enjoy your dose of TRue Bill if you want to lol

      • Laura:
        I’ve never loved William Thomas Compton.
        Either in the books or the Show.
        I’m an Eric Northman Lover
        I do love the actor Stephen Moyer as a person & as Anna’s mate.

        I agree with you Alan Ball’s show adaptation is nothing like the
        Books Charlaine Harris wrote~it’s his own fanfiction/love story.

    • YOU ARE MY KIND OF PEOPLE!!! It’s like you we’re reading my mind!!!

      • Angel:
        So glad that you like my enthusism for Eric Northman.
        As I said I fell in love with him after viewing a preview commercial for TrueBlood.
        I was hooked~It was like he’d stepped out of the pages of the first book and
        into reality and they chose the perfect actor to play him.
        Can’t wait for Season 6 and what’s going to be coming down the pike.

        And when it comes to the final book~i’m praying that Sookie will end up with Eric.

  2. Continuation of above commett:

    Then along came Season 4, I’d been awaiting it for 10 months.
    Season 4 with Eric Northman being hexed by Witches, and his memory banks
    erased and ending up on a dirt road half naked without shoes……..
    Along comes Sookie finding him walking in a daze… “Eric what are you doing here?”
    “Do I know you?” “you know me, it’s me Sookie Stackhouse?”
    “Why do you smell so good??”.
    I was waiting for the really good stuff,the sex in the shower scene.
    Book 4,Chapter 6,pages 116-126 ,any trubie worth her salt only wanted to
    see this scene “AS IS,no deleations,ADDITIONS Welcome”
    And plenty of hot sex~ when the scene was shown we got some kind of
    “Winter Fantasy” that took place in the forest. WTF???

    I loved the scenes between Eric & Sookie,I loved the honesty between them.
    Eric finally said the words I was dying to hear~ “I love you Sookie”.

    The only thing that spoiled teh whole thing was after Eric’s memory was
    restored and after this beautiful monologue below:
    “i remeber everything, I remember us,I remember making love to you,
    i remember holding you~I LOVE YOU”
    “Don’t you love me,I’m still me, only better~don’t you see the man you fell in love
    with~he’s here,inside of me.Look inside of my eyes,deep inside look behind
    my eyes” Sookie looks at Eric’s eyes and smiles “then what’s the matter”?

    “I still love Bill~ I think I knew it when I restored your memory.
    In that second, I knew I couldn’t see a world without him in it”


    Sookie Stackhouse belongs to Eric Northman,it’s their destiny to be
    Forever together in Eternity, it’s their Destiny.
    IT was fortold by her Great Grandfather Naill & the Goddess Titatina.

    • Marlene,

      I love your enthusiasm but this is a post about Deadlocked, not TRUE BLOOD as the book(s) are much further involved than the show. With that being said, I would like it if this post would stay on topic, please. Do you have anything to contribute to the discussion of the book? We would love to hear you thoughts. Please keep True Blood posts within a True Blood post. :)

      Staff Member

    • just please stop constantly saying Bills full name, it is becoming annoying, and once again TB is nothing like the books anymore, why are you mentioning the season 4 disaster? Charlaine had nothing to do with this…

  3. You said it! Great comment, I totally agree with all u said my friend. Especially about S4

  4. I AGREE!!! I’m not falling for the big fat stinky red herring that is Sam Merlotte.

    To keep things in perspective just remember that:

    2009: After “Dead and Gone”, everyone said Sookie and Eric were done for.

    2010: After “Dead in the Family”, everyone said Sookie and Eric were done for.

    2011: After “Dead Reckoning”, everyone said Sookie and Eric were done for.

    2012: After “Deadlocked”, everyone says Sookie and Eric are done for.

    You know, pattern recognition is one of the most common methods used to measure intelligence. Just saying.

    • lyze32:
      in my book the only person that Sookie Stackhouse belongs with
      is ERIC NORTHMAN~they were meant to be together.
      William Thomas Compton III doesn’t deserve her or her love.
      He’s stepped all over her love for him and her heart.
      He betrayed her love and he’s done nothing but lie to her since
      he stuck his foot back into his ancestral home of Bon Temp’s.

      Sookie’s never really looked upon her boss Sam Merlotte as anything
      more than a boss or good friend.~never a romantic interest.
      She thinks of Sam as the older brother Jason never was.
      Alcide Hevereaux is someone who she can count on as a friend
      and someone who helps her when she’s in trouble.
      But does she see Alcide as a romantic interest?
      In Alcide’s dreams.
      Same for Quinn~ he’s cuddly but I couldn[t deal with someone
      saying “Babe” every 4 minutes~give me a break.

      Sookie Stackhouse has wanted Eric Northman since that night
      Bill took her to Fangtasia to meet Eric & hopefully clear Jason’s
      name for the killings of Dawn/maudette.
      And Eric the first time he saw Sookie knew he saw her somewhere
      before but where~ and was she with Bill Compton?
      He had to find out,and he had to have her.

  5. Your analysis of DeadLocked is dead on (no pun intended). I confess I miss the lighter, teasing Eric from the early books, but he has been dealing with a lot of things outside his control for the last few books, so it’s logical that his sense of humor is a little thin right now. And I do have hope for their relationship, despite having knots in my stomach right after I finished reading the book. It’s amazing how easy it is to care about characters in a book, but then it’s been 12 books now and they have become real for me. You comment about fanfiction is also insightful. There are many wonderful stories that explore and expand the romantic nature of Eric; as you state, Charlaine Harris doesn’t write that way at all. A few books back, when things started getting rough between them, I had this fear that Sookie would end up living alone with a house full of cats and no chance for love. She can’t really not be part of the supernatural world because she’s so well known and she can’t be with a human male unless it’s someone like JB who is simple to the point of being childlike..So supes are her only option. It’s going to be a long wait until 5/1/13….

    • Thank you! I miss the joking/teasing relationship between Eric and Sookie too. :( Hopefully, we’ll have a glimpse of it in the last book. .:)

      Honestly, I think I should do a more in-depth look at how fanfictions have made an impact because honestly, I think they compliment each other. But all in all, the fans are the winners in the end! :)

  6. Excellent post Erika, and I couldn’t agree more. This book was designed to keep us guessing through out this next year till Dead Ever After.

    Because if it was all lined up and predictable by the end of Deadlocked, why would we buy the cow (errr….book 13) if we got the milk for free.

  7. Well– first of all, you’re being unfair to Bill and misusing the term “rape.” I think it’s an insult to people who have been raped to characterize Bill’s taking advantage of Sookie as rape.
    You may not like Bill, but that’s going way too far. That said, I agree that Charlaine is done with Bill as a suitor for Sookie.

    But that doesn’t mean she’ll “end up” with Eric. Personally, I think it’s just as likely that she’ll “end up” on her own. Romanticize all you want, but Eric is still a vampire, a guy who will never be around in daylight, a guy who can never give Sookie children, who will stay young as she ages (even if her fae blood keeps her young longer than a full human), and who will forever be involved in violence. What kind of life is that for Sookie? Since I agree with you that other suitors aren’t really appropriate either, I think the alternative to Eric is Sookie preparing to explore other horizons.

    • I have to disagree with you about Bill raping Sookie. Unless there is a different version of what happened in the trunk of that car in Alcide’s parking garage after Sookie rescued Bill..First he nearly drained her, then he raped her. He didn’t stop until she was nearly dead. Did he do it with intent, no, he had been tortured and starved. But that doesn’t make it any less of an act of violence against Sookie.

    • I am sorry but how did she ‘misuse’ the term rape in this scenario? The scene in the trunk of the car was rape, plain and simple, there is no way to ‘sugar coat’ it! It is what it is. We may not like Bill but in this instance, we are correct in saying that it was rape. ‘Rape’ is having sex with someone who is not willing and who said no so there was no misuse here.

  8. I would like to believe that Eric and SOOKIE WILL END UP TOGETHER BUT WOULD’T IT BE JUST TO EASY??????????? I mean if you look back at all the books nothing ends so easily for them so should the last book be any different. The only way I can see it work is Castro gets killed the Queen gets killed and Eric becomes the King of the area’s and all’s well.
    But maybe that is my pipe dream/wish who really knows but Charlaine Harris and she isn’t telling us for another year. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, it would be easy, because Charlaine has laid out all of the pieces of the puzzle on to the table. All we have to do is wait to find time (or in this case) wait until next year to see the puzzle come together.

      I second you’re AAAAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting will suck, that’s for sure! ;)

  9. Erika, I want to compliment you on a very well written article!!! The only thing I want to say is, “you give me hope that Eric and Sookie will be each others’ HEA”.

    Hoping you’re right and CH doesn’t throw us a curve ball…..

  10. I just finished the book today…I just have bough it yesterday. I love it but I’m worry…I was not expecting that Eric and Sookie were going to be happy and lovely. My worry is that I think Sookie is in love with Eric but deep down she is in love with Sam too. I forgot in what chapter but there is a part in the book that Eric is with Sookie and Bill. Sookie is refusing to call Sam to take jannalyn to them and Eric I think asked her why and gave her a look like he is suspecting that there is more than “friendship” what Sookie is feeling for Sam. Plus the fact that she didn’t left anyone to touch or help her when he got hurt. Eric was screaming at her and she block him completely. Eric has fought for Sookie’s love and I think he is expecting that she does the same. Sookie expects Eric do everything: call her, make her feel better and fix all their problems. I think the end game is going to be Sookie alone or Sookie with Sam. CH is connecting them closer. This thing about her owning part of his bar is not a good sign. The title of the next book isn’t good either “Dead Ever After” I think Eric is going to end up with Freyda; my reasoning on this because something Bill said to Sookie about if he doesn’t it will cust Eric his life. For Eric to be safe Sookie had to kill Freyda and Felipe De Castro. I don’t think she has the mental strength or loves Eric enought. That is what I think and believed me I hope CH proves me wrong.

  11. Maybe tonight I’ll find out more from the discussion CH is doing here at the book signing. I have my camera and will try to get a good seat to video tape it for you all. I’m still holding out hope to get her to say a quick “hi” on tape to ericandsookielovers.com.

    The signing is at 7pm, and I’m already staked out here at the cafe in the bookstore ready and waiting! She is seeing a group of 50 VIPs then doing signings in groups of 25 by letters on our tickets, which I have a “J”.

    They even have a cool specialty drink menu today including a “Vampire’s Blood Punch”, “True Blood Orange Martini”, “Sookie Smoothie”, and “Vampire’s Sunrise”. I’ll try not to be too buzzed to hold the camera still by the time the signing starts. Lol. :)

  12. I love your analysis and I hope against all hope that your theories are correct. I too do not believe that Sookie is in any way in love with Sam, but I believe her love for Eric is being tested to (and possibly beyond) its limits. I just hope she doesn’t give up on him. I like a good dose of angst in any love story — it keeps things interesting — but I ultimately want the HEA.

    You hit the nail on the head when you remarked that fan fiction has ruined the SVM series for many of us…although I wouldn’t give it up (reading or writing) for anything. What SVM lacks on one side and True Blood on the other, we make up for in our imaginations and create our own stories as we’d like them to play out. We need to keep in mind, though, that SVM is the original Sookie Stackhouse world and that Charlaine Harris is its maker.

    • I agree, as I said, fanfictions do fill a void or a need in our fandom! I enjoy reading and writing them too! :) All I’m sayin’ is that we shouldn’t confuse the books/show with fanfics. If we expect to find the same things in the show and books, we’re only going to be disappointed. I guess that’s probably why fanfics started in the first place. So we can read something we enjoy, that we won’t find in the books or show.

      Never give up hope! (At least until after we’ve read the last book!) :)

  13. Just a FYI… Not sure where else to post this, so I’m dropping it on here… The CH discussion/Q&A is over. I had some camera issues. It kept switching off a few times, but I asked a couple of questions and the phrase “ericandsookielovers.com” actually came out of Charlaine Harris’ own mouth after the first question I asked. I’ll have to review the video to see how it turned out and then upload it to my laptop tomorrow, but I will let you know when I have all the photos and video ready! I got a FRONT ROW seat for the Q&A session, so there are NO HEADS bobbing in front of my camera and you can clearly see and hear CH!

    Right now I’m waiting for my “group” to be called for the book signing part of the night.

    Anyway, mission accomplished… I have video of CH saying the name of the site!!! :D

    • Wow! :shock: That’s awesome! Can’t wait to watch it! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to hear about your experience either! BTW, feel free to contact us on our contact page once you have the video, get home, etc. ;)

  14. I loved the book and want to believe Eric and Sookie will end up together. However, Some questions about all of this.
    Wondering,Does Felipe know the BB is broken and he is just waiting for Eric to go so he can swoop in and try and take Sookie? She wouldn’t be protected anymore if she wasn’t his “wife”. She could be fair game for any Vampire, Right? Also what kind of punishment could he give her besides take or end Eric? Eric said if he refused they would both be punished.
    Did QOK come and see Sookie for another reason, like she thinks it’s a 2 4 1 deal. She gets Eric and a telepath since their bonded? The reason I ask the second question is because with a BB I didn’t think the couple could be apart from each other,(or have I been reading to much FF), LOL. Maybe she asked about her killing others to see if she was in danger if she was brought along, or I could be overthinking all of this, Sigh…

    • Those are all great questions! :) Hopefully most – if not all of them will be answered in the last book. DL was just laying the groundwork for DEA.

      Did QOK come and see Sookie for another reason, like she thinks it’s a 2 4 1 deal. She gets Eric and a telepath since their bonded?

      Very good question, which deserves some more speculating! It could be she wants to have both Eric and Sookie in her pocket. With their BB they can be away from each other, but they always know how the other is feeling. But the further apart they are away from each other distance wise it’s not as strong, as being in close distance. But since their BB is broken, then it doesn’t matter anymore. Their marriage on the other hand, could be a sticky point. I think QOK was curious and was on a mission to find out information, and to see for herself. I think she had heard rumors about Sookie, but as with any good enemy or Queen, she wants to find out everything she can so she’s prepared. I think she knows Eric doesn’t want her, so she wants to have a Plan B.

  15. Thanks Mel, I am happy to hear your video is forthcoming to this site. I look forward to seeing it very much. Please keep us posted……

  16. I love the books / show ..The show is going in a different direction but i still find both captivating enough to read and watch them . Can’t wait for new season to start. Love me so ASkars

    • caronal39:
      Love the books/show also.
      read the books after Season 1 aired.
      I’m an Eric Northman Lover.

      Have you read a piece of fanfiction called “LATE!!!” by
      Morgaine Swann???? I’ve read it 25 times.
      It’s a Sookie/Eric fanfiction.
      go to http://www.fanfiction.net

      • No i haven’t buit i will do so thanks .

        • Caronal39:
          there are 3 fanfictions written by Morgaine Swann,
          that I consider to be a “Must read”.
          1. The Understanding
          2.She’s Coming home
          3. Late!!!!

          these three tie up some very important things between
          Sookie Stackhouse/Eric Northman.
          And they “Fill in many HUGE holes left by Charlaine Harris”

          Read them in Order, you’ll thank me.

          • I was hugely disappointed by reading 107 chapters of “Late” only to find the author had just STOPPED writing the story without finishing it, having left it off at a HUGE cliffhanger!!! I felt like my entire time spent reading those chapters was wasted. Much of the story drones on in ridiculous detail about the practicing of magic, such specifics that the average reader really does not have any interest in. They are LONG and overly detailed fan fics without a proper ending since the author just up and QUIT writing. I’ve been WAITING AND WAITING for an alert letting me know she’s posted something more and gotten NOTHING to tie up the ball she dropped on “Late”.

            I’m a huge fan fic fan and agree that there are a lot of great things about what she wrote in her stories, though there is a lot that is really unusual and “interesting” to say the least. Normally, I wouldn’t tell someone NOT to read her stories, but I wouldn’t do so without a proper warning that you will be left without ANY resolution after reading 107 chapters, and no resolution looks like it will EVER be coming forth from the author either.

            Just so you know BEFORE reading. I didn’t find out until it was too late.

          • mel:
            morgaine will be finishing the story. she told her fans that she will
            be finishing it~ she promised us she will.

          • Mel, I am sorry you feel that way, but I guess you haven’t been reading the authors’ notes either. I know we all get frusterated (sp?) reading a loooong 107 chapters and then to have it not go anywhere for so long, but Morgaine has been pretty sick (I believe I’ve read that its’ cancer, I could be wrong) but, truly I hope that she will be able to finish this story ’cause if she doesn’t, it isn’t a very good sign of her health. Maybe, someday she will finish it. I still check back every so often to see and so far since she posted chapter 107. Its’ still a great story up until this set back……

  17. Wonderful big picture view Erika – I wholeheartedly agree. I am guilty of bemoaning the absence of the sexy, playful banter btwn E&S but I also understand that this element doesn’t fit with the evolving drama/angst of the last three books. So its more wistfulness than footstamping tantrum from me. I believe CH will probably give us a little flash of their former lightheartedness right at the end (post the resolution of the drama) – probably on the last page knowing CH! :)

  18. […] Deadlocked: The Big Picture: Are you worried things might be over between Eric and Sookie after reading the book? Have no fear…I wrote a special post to try to give you hope! Read this exclusive article here! […]

  19. I am worried despite this awesome review… I want to believe it, but what if… She has always being in love with Sam? What if CH has left this card to play it at the end?
    Because she wrote somethings that preoccupy me, like when Sam closed his eyes everything did too and all her universe fell silent, also when Sam asked Sookie at the end about the cluviel dor, she said she’ll tell him another day, why? Because she was afraid to tell him how it worked? Because of the nature of the CD? Maybe she is not ready yet to make herself know she really loves Sam? I just hope you see right!! The book was awesome anyway!!

  20. I have only a few days ago finished Deadlocked and I didn’t find it at all helpful it really didn’t answer any of the questions. Like the faries why they all knew to go to hooligans? why was Claude so angry at his grandfather? Why did Jannalynn go after Sookie and not Aclide if she was after the top job. I thought Sookie was already a partner in merlotte’s she got the paper work done in dead reckoning that was my understanding. I would have thought that Eric would be the one person who would understand where Sookie was coming from by saving Sam. I mean if he had it and it was between saving Pam or Sookie I think he would save Pam everyday and twice on sundays.
    I have to wonder if Castro is behind Freyda coming to town and this is his way of punishing Eric and Sookie by making Eric go and Sookie has to see the love of her life so far walk away and she can’t do anything about it. I don’t think Sookie will end up with Eric it is too nice and simple answer I think there is someone else waiting in the wings waiting to swoop down and grab Sookie and protect her and make sure she isn’t being used the way she is now. she will always be part of the super natural world she is in too deep for that too stop but she made be able to choose what she helps with and what she doesn’t.
    I just hope which ever way it turns out all is well but knowing Sookie Eric and Bill it probably won’t.

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