EXCLUSIVE: Videos of Charlaine Harris’s Q & A in Lexington, Kentucky

Our good friend, visitor and fellow Eric & Sookie Lover – Mel attended a book signing and Q & A session, when Charlaine Harris visited Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington, Kentucky! Mel wanted us to share her videos and pictures with all of you!  As some of you may know, Mel tried to get Charlaine to give us a shout out at Eric & Sookie Lovers…and she DID as you’ll soon find out in one of the videos!

These come in 3 parts, due to camera difficulties, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy them just the same! Mel had FRONT ROW SEATS at the Q & A session too!

Watch them below!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

There are some questions that are hard to hear in the above videos and  Mel was gracious enough to tell us what was said;

The one question asked that you really can’t hear the question but she answers by saying she thinks she answers in “Deadlocked” and if she didn’t then she didn’t do her job was about how we were always left to believe that Sookie’s telepathy was inherited. Obviously, in “Deadlocked” we find out it ISN’T. The woman was asking if Charlaine was going to clarify how Hunter came out to be a telepath as well. I for one did NOT feel that was clarified in the book. We can assume Mr. Cataliades “gifted” him with it too, but since that was never said at all, I was left confused. After the signing, I’m guessing she meant to infer that he was the one responsible for anyone in Sookie’s family who has telepathy. But, I have to say that she was not really clear on that.

Mel also told us there were some rules going into the session.

Before the Q&A session there were a few questions we were told NOT to ask. One was “Who does Sookie end up with?” We were told that Charlaine knows the answer, and she’s not telling! They did say CLEARLY that “Sookie’s forever leading man will be unveiled in Dead Ever After”. So, I’m going to take that as, “She won’t be alone at the end of the series.” At least, that’s my personal interpretation.

We were also told in no uncertain terms that Sookie will NEVER become a vampire.

In Mel’s own words she shared her impressions of the event;

Charlaine was absolutely sweet, hilarious, and incredibly gracious with each and every one of us as we went through the line for the signing part of the evening. She did not rush people unnecessarily, though everyone tried to move along quickly since there were A LOT of people there.

When I reached her for my turn, she signed my Kindle Fire and a hardcover of “Deadlocked” I purchased for my sister. She asked who they were for and chatted briefly, with her making a nice comment about me being such a “good sister”. :) I honestly thought Charlaine Harris was the friendliest person I could have ever met and certainly not someone you would ever guess was famous and quite wealthy from her book sales!

Overall, this was absolutely one of the best experiences EVER! I had so much fun listening to her and meeting her. I am so glad she came to my home state, only an hour’s drive away from where I live!!!

If anyone has any questions for me about the experience, feel free to ask!

I’m sure many of us will, Mel! ;)

Mel also shared some pics of Charlaine from the book signing, a picture of her signed Kindle Fire, and a pic of the specialty drink menu from the Bronte Cafe in the bookstore! Check them out in the gallery below!

On behalf of all of us, Mel…thank you SO MUCH for sharing your videos, your pictures, the shout-out to us and your experience! We are so envious you got to meet her and got to ask her questions, especially because this is shortly after the release of Deadlocked!

FYI: Mel was kind enough to share these videos and pictures exclusively with us. If you would like to share them on your own website, blog or whatever – please give proper credit to both Mel and us here at Eric & Sookie Lovers, with a link back to this post. Thank you.

To Ms. Harris (if you happen to see this): just so you know, (in case there might be some misunderstanding when Mel brought us up at the Q & A session) we’re definitely on Team Sookie, first and foremost! We think Eric is the one who has helped her grow and mature the most throughout the series. It’s thanks to Eric (and you), that she has discovered true happiness, found her own inner strength, and isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in. She has truly evolved as a character, and has become better than she was at the start of the series. Thank you so much for writing her story. Sookie is someone many of us can relate to, that’s why we feel so strongly and passionately about her. We can’t wait for Dead Ever After!

What do you think? Share your thoughts and don’t be afraid to ask Mel questions in the comment section below!

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  1. Glad to see you didn’t have any trouble getting the video links to work. I’ll be happy to answer any questions anyone may have about my experience!

  2. Oh my that was the best … I would so loved to have been there! You are so lucky.. I too care and love Sookie first and foremost. I thought she was just the most real sounding and honest sounding character I had ever read.. I love her and will be so sad when it ends!

  3. Mel – I was there at Joseph Beth too! I was not up at the front, unfortunately, but you are so right about what a lovely person she is, and she was so incredibly nice to every single person in line waiting for a book, which was close to 3 hours of waiting till the end of the line! It was a great experience – I feel lucky that I got to meet her in person!

  4. Thank you Mel for sharing your vids and experience with us! I loved all the information we got.

  5. Thanks for those videos Mel. Great stuff!

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  7. Thanks Mel! I really enjoyed the videos and completely agree…she sounds like such a fun, down to earth person. I live in Cincinnati and wish I would have known about it…just an hour and a half for me! :(

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