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Podcast Appearance: Deadlocked Into A Dead Ever After

I was featured on the True Bites podcast on Tuesday night, with “Sookie” and “Pam”, where we talked about True Blood and Deadlocked (in particular). It was a long (90 minutes) and interesting discussion, where we ended up speculating on what’s in store for us in Dead Ever After (DEA)!

It was a very last minute thing because I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time tonight, but I made it! That’s why I’m letting you know AFTER it ended, instead of before.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for any questions by listeners.

Hope you enjoy listening to the discussion!

Listen to it below!

Special thanks to “Sookie” and “Pam” for having me!

As you heard, I’m keeping an open mind about a LOT of things. LOL Now, I’m interested in reading what you think about the discussion!

Soooo…what did you think? Share your thoughts and speculate below!

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One comment on “Podcast Appearance: Deadlocked Into A Dead Ever After

  1. I tried to listen to this. The “Pam” sucked big time and I’m not talking about blood. I had to turn it off. Sorry I didn’t get to hear Erica.

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