Charlaine Harris talks Sookie & True Blood

Sookie and Eric’s maker  Charlaine Harris is of course busy promoting their latest adventure “Deadlocked” across the US right now, and today KUT News have released a little interview with the author. Charlaine tells us why she thinks Sookie Stackhouse is such a popular heroine:

 I can only guess, really. Who knows why lightning strikes? But I think, and I hope, it’s partly because the books are well written –  I like to tell myself that. But also I think it’s because Sookie has real-life problems. She’s got the problems that all my readers have. She’s got to pay her bills, she needs new curtains in her living room, she has to pay her insurance, you know – all those things that we all have to do, yet she has this other life, that is so much more colorful than the lives most of us lead.

And also answers (another) question about True Blood and how it has become a seperate experience and we should not think of it as being like the books any longer:

It’s an interesting experience – I can certainly tell you that –  and one I never expected to have. It’s added a whole new dimension to my life and the things I know about now. I can say I’ve had a lot of experiences I sure would never have had otherwise. It’s exciting watching what is, kind of, related to my work on screen. But of course, the show and the books are kind of separating in a widening distance, so I really am almost viewing the show now as a completely separate experience from the books. I knew it would happen; [“True Blood” series producer Alan Ball]’s got his own talented writers, and they are doing what they see as exciting and photogenic, which is not a concern I had, and going their own way with the characters that I created. And you have to really think of it really as a completely separate experience, and not expect it to be like the books any longer.

You can read the rest of the interview here

Here at Eric & Sookie Lovers, although we can see that the journey is now very different for our favorite couple in the TV show, we hope and believe that the destination will still be the same!

Any thoughts on Charlaine’s latest words of wisdom?

(Image from the signing event at Vero Beach Book Center here)

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6 comments on “Charlaine Harris talks Sookie & True Blood

  1. I didn’t realize you had to eff something up when translating it from a wonderful book series into a television series or movie in order to make it “exciting and photogenic”. If the story was great enough to be SO popular then it obviously was exciting, and proper casting, costuming, set design, and good cinematography takes care of how photogenic it all looks.

    My opinion is that CH contracted for the making of the series and did not leverage as much creative input into it as she should have. Now she has to deal with it as politely as possible because it’s making her a boatload of money and she’s probably waived some right to complain about it in all the contractual agreements. I can’t honestly believe she would be happy to see her creation desecrated the way it has been by AB. There has to be more behind why she’s so nice about it all.

    Just my personal opinion…

    • ^^^ what she said! LOL Honestly, I always thought the way some of the storylines are portrayed in the books, would’ve been great to watch on tv!

      I agree, I think she’s not allowed to really voice her opinion on the show. But in her own defense….I don’t think she knew what she was doing at the time she signed her contract. The good news is…in the Harper TV series, she’s going to have a more “hands on” approach. Which means she learned her lesson. The bad news for us is…it’s not going to help us out at all on TB. :(

      • Oh, I totally agree that she likely did not realize what she was getting into. She probably never thought AB would do what he has done to her beloved story/characters. I’m SURE she learned a hard lesson before getting involved with negotiations for the Harper series!

  2. Totally agree with you Mel. I mean it started out in season one just like the books and I thought it was going to remain so. When they F’ed up the storyline, I thought “Uh Oh” and then when they jumped the shark they (AB and his “exciting and photogenic” writers) kept F’ing things up.
    As it has been brought up before, GOT is verbatum to the books and it seems mighty successful to me…….. I also believe that Charlaine “sold out” to AB and what else can she really say……….Absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!

  3. Ball made Bill the main character of the show, THATS the problem about this show, he started it wrong right from the beginning…

  4. I guess Alan Ball thinks that Sookie and Bill will boost his ratings, when Bill had his chance and in real life people need to move past things to make a better life. If Sookie and Bill hook back up I guess Sookie would no longer be viewed as a heroine.

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