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Today’s (Day 6) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, has been brought to you by the Word of the Day – which will be featured as a Quopic of the Day! Long time visitors of ours might remember them, but we’ve kind of slacked off when it comes to posting them lately. I think it’s the perfect time to bring them back again!

For those who don’t know what a Quopic is…it basically is a combination of two words: quotes and pictures. We use these to remind ourselves why we love Eric and Sookie!

As I mentioned in the Fang-A-Thon post yesterday, this will be based off the books. So, basically this Fang-A-Thon post is inspired by the Word of the Day, featured as a Quopic of the Day, and based off the SVM. Are you confused yet? Don’t worry…you’ll see what I mean very soon!

Today’s  Word of the Day has been brought to you all the way from France!

Word of the Day: coffre

Definition: trunk

Example: Cette voiture a vraiment un grand coffre.  Translation: This car has a really big trunk.

There’s only one trunk scene I remember in the books. This is to remind us why Sookie will never end up with Bill at the end of the book series. Unfortunately, they didn’t portray this scene exactly the same way on the show, but hopefully the picture I chose will send the same kind of message as the quote I’ve used.


Of course, the famous trunk scene happened in book 3, “Club Dead”.  Here is a quote from the famous scene below;

“Now another need was on him, one closely related to feeding. His hands pulled down my sweatpants, and after a lot of fumbling and rearranging and contorting, he entered me with no preparation at all. I screamed, and he clamped a hand over my mouth. I was crying, sobbing and my nose was all stopped up, and I needed to breathe through my mouth. All restraint left me and I began fighting like a wildcat. I bit and scratched and kicked, not caring about the air supply, not caring that I would enrage him. I just had to have air.”

Wow…powerful stuff. You can really feel the pain and horror and eventually acceptance that Sookie felt. She is a very strong woman, who has learned to forgive – but will never forget. This was a turning point in her life in the book series. I think this moment made her step back and look at her relationship with Bill from another perspective.

This is why I really don’t understand people who still love Bill? How can you, after knowing from Sookie’s point of view, what he did to her in the trunk of the car? Thank God, Eric would never force himself on Sookie, no matter how full of bloodlust he might be. He’s old enough to have some measure of restraint and self-control. Besides, I doubt he would need to force any woman on him. Even Sookie is smart enough to realize that all Eric has to do, is just snap his fingers and women would flock towards him.

What are your thoughts? Please feel free to share them below!


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10 comments on “Quopic of the Day – is BACK!

  1. I will never understand how any person male or female thinks that Sookie should be back with bill after reading that made me question their mental state but I have seen and heard from a Bill lover recently on this site that stated “Bill did not rape Sookie”. How can anyone believe that b.s. is way beyond me, but for a woman to state that is 800 times worst. Will she tell her daughter to forgive and believe that her rapist did not really rape her? That is so disgusting but from Bill lover’s what really can you expect any way they can justify this character actions; they will find a way.

    On True Blood, Stephen Moyer stated that he disgussed with Alan Ball that they should not have Bill rape Sookie and of course Alan Ball agreed but still what he did to her in the back of the van was very disgusting and disturbing because he held his hand over her mouth and basically drained her. You could see her struggle and feel her pain as this man that she loves, she is trying to save him by giving him some blood and then like a wild animal he decides to forceably take more until there was nothing left just about.

    Sookie should never romantically be with Bill in the books (which she put him in the friends category) and on True Blood either (with Alan Ball will probably never happen) he was her first love but he is not her best love and she needs to move on to Eric, who is the man for her.

    • I remember that comment…how can anyone who can read this state that this does not describe rape? This is what Sookie experienced and perfectly describes what rape feels like for the victim.

      I’m not going to get into it from a TB standpoint. Needless to say, I think Ball passed the ball on this and it would’ve made a bigger impact on the show.

  2. I hope Sookie Never go back to BIll . I hope she realizes thatr Eric is the vampire for her .. Bill doesn’t love her he only wants to manipulate her and keep her from Eric who does truly love her .

  3. I realy don’t know what else I can add to what the other ladies already mentioned, I can just say I was totally appalled by Bill’s actions in both the book and the show. Other than that, I have nothing to add…..

  4. What I don’t understand on Bill’s point of view is why? He can’t say he didn’t know it was Sookie becasue being so close and in such a small area he would smell her and know it was her. I don’t take the excuse he was half sarved because he could last a while longer I don’t forgive him in anyway I just fine it is RAPe and there is NO sugar coating or glossing over in anyway he had been a vampire long enough to have self control. Eric does not come in this agruement at all even with all his sly unhanded ways of going around things by the way I think this makes him more loveable and believeable that he lasted 1000 years You can’t tell me that he lasted this long by not protecting him self and those he loves which ever way he needed. But because Eric respects women he will not forgive Bill for what he did and I don’t blame him.

  5. I think dumba** people believe they are Soulmates because Steve & Anna are 2gether in real life like Twilight stars Kristin who play Bella & Robert Patternson’s Edward. PEOPLE NEED TO TELL DIFFERENT BETWEEN FICTION FROM REALTY!!!

    I remembered she said she’ll never be Eric to Bill. But Look who’s talking,Bill’s the 1 who using her as a puppet by using his blood since the 1st ep & made him a bad guy. People need get over the Billy obession,HE’S A SELFLESS, LYING CHEATING B**TRD!!!!

  6. I’m sad for the billusionals… they think such crap is okay? :S

  7. Bill went from bad to ugly in seconds on the show and in the book. Even Stephen knew how disgusting his own character gets and insisted on not going that far on the show. Sookie once said the word “fang-raped” and I think that sums it up best. It might not have been penetrating rape on the show like in the book but it sure the hell is as close as you can get with the added drainage on top! To me Bill had it wrong in Season 4 I Wish I was the moon, when he told Sookie about Eric : “He is a liar and a master manipulator and he would do or say anything to make you his” I think that is perfect to describe Bill! Eric asked Sookie to be his several times; he made no secrets that he wanted her over the seasons. With his 1000+years in experience, knowledge, and his passion for Sookie and women in general there is no way he would have done that. IMO I think Eric would have just layed there and possibly die instead of possibly hurting Sookie.

    • Except she referred to what Eric did to her as fang raping, it’s like the fact Bill nearly drained her dry got completely wiped from her mind along with everything else he’s ever done. Eric was burned really badly when she offered him her blood, and he still had plenty of control to stop. Bill is just basically a child, that’s why season 4 is even more ridiculous and I can’t take any of it seriously.

  8. We all know that Beehl is the liar and a master manipulator and he would do or say anything to make Sookie his”. Beehl lovers apparently have no self esteem (True Blood Sookie too) and think they need men like Beehl.

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