SPOILER ALERT: What’s In A Name?

For today’s (Day 7) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post…we’re focusing once more on the Southern Vampire Mysteries. This won’t be a Quopic of the Day, like I previously planned because…guess what? Charlaine Harris has revealed something you will find very interesting in regards to her last and final Sookie book, Dead Ever After!

This is what I would definitely call a MAJOR spoiler.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

As we’ve revealed in some of our posts from various Charlaine appearances and book signings, Eric’s other child (EOC) will be making an appearance in the last and final book, Dead Ever After.  We know she will have blonde hair and blue eyes, just like Sookie and Pam. We also know that she is fierce, just like Pam, only worse.

This is what Charlaine herself revealed in the forum at her website a little while ago!

3084 Maker – 2012-05-17 12:20

I will reveal Eric’s other child’s name. It’s Karin.

Charlaine Harris

The definition of the name Karin means: pure. It originated in Greece.

This got me interested in finding out what Eric and Pam’s names mean too.

The definition of Pamela means: honey. It also originated in Greece. Eric means: honorable ruler. It (of course) originated in Scandinavia. Just for kicks…I looked up Sookie’s name, but not surprisingly nothing came up.

Now it’s time for speculation…if Pam’s name means, honey…and we know what kind of vampire/character she is…imagine what someone who’s name means, pure will be like if it’s in a similar context? I have NO idea…but I’m dying to find out. I just hope she likes Sookie too.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share your speculation below!

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25 comments on “SPOILER ALERT: What’s In A Name?

  1. It would be nice to think if she’s “fierce, just like Pam, only worse” that perhaps if she DOES like Sookie, she wouldn’t have a problem having a hand in getting rid of Freyda. We need someone to get the job done, and it seems like both Eric and Sookie are waiting for each other to make a move. Maybe Karin will come into the picture without any qualms about doing such a thing.

    One can only hope anyway… Plotting Freyda’s demise until DEA comes out is a new hobby of mine.

  2. OMG Eric’s got another childe? WTHH was she made before or after Pamela???
    And will we ever get to meet her on TrueBlood??????
    This is sure to extend the series now???? or make for another series all together???

    • Yes, they mentioned her in a previous book…sorry, can’t remember which one, but it was either Dead In The Family or Dead Reckoning. Other than that, we have no details. Just that she’s even more fierce than Pam is. I doubt we’ll see her on TB, and CH has mentioned she wants to move on, away from the Sookie series and the characters in the series, so I doubt she will extend it. She will be writing a new series, but it won’t have any of the same characters.

  3. God………….. We have to wait til May 2013 for the answers. Waiting truly does suck!!!!!!!!

    • I AGREE!! waiting does suck major big time.
      All kind of things are going thru my brain right now.
      between 2012 & 2013 my sleeping schedule is going out the window

  4. Sookie is actually a nickname for Susannah, which means lily or rose. :)

    • never knew that~ Susannah is an “Old Southern name”
      Sookie must have been a nickname~guessing Jason
      couldn’t say Susannah and it came out Sookie?

      • Well, no. Sookie’s name is Sookie. Just like someone is named Meg, even though it is a nickname for Margaret. Susannah is actually a derivation of an old Hebrew name, Shoshanna. :)

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  6. rats! i have to wait till may nexy year i hope this new child will help in the fight for sookie and eric’s HEA

    • Mark:
      From you mouth to Charlaine’s ears!!!
      We have to pray that she hears our plea for Sookie/Eric
      to end up together and for The Queen Of Oak to go bye bye.?

  7. My only hope is that she comes with a plan to get rid of Freyda, because I think Eric should get out of that himself with just a little help, because of what will say on his character, he is always being this strong vamp whose get rid of whoever cross him, (ex. Victor) or try to hurt the people that he love, and now he really have to prove himself to Sookie!!

  8. I wonder if Pam ever knew about this other child. How this will fair for her with her feeling of Eric. Maybe she will come back and team up with Pam to initate the plan Eric needs to get him out of this mess. Have his children protect the Maker and free him so he and Sookie can be together forever…Maybe she can be the catalyst in Bill’s death. I can see it now..Karin does something to piss Bill off thereby having Bill go after Karin and Sookie taking him down!!! Just a side idea!!! LOL

    • Iluvbillneric:
      Who knows whats going to happen in Season 5??
      I do know I’m looking foward to Bill’s death.!!!!

      • stop mixing up the show with the books, by now you should have finally realised that the karin character is going to be in the last book of the sookie stackhouse series, TB isn’t true to the books, there is not even going to be quinn and karin most certainly won’t be on the show, they already made up the Nora character…

    • Iluvbillneric:
      I’m doubting that~ Eric has kept Pamela in the dark about alot of things,his parent’s murders,and who knows what else??????
      Nora Gainsbrough, in the show maybe Karin in the books????

  9. There comes a point where the true value of subscribing to the follow-up comments comes in the form of the entertaining devolving of the commentary as I watch certain confusion between SVM and TB happen.

    The ensuing laughter helps break up the monotony of a long day of writing and editing.

    BTW, for those of you who keep making comments regarding what you hope CH hears and thus does in DEA… At this point in the process, the book (at least the *almost* final draft) will have already been completed and now be in the editing and possible minor rewrite phase, but no major changes will take place. What she has written for the story is it.

    You don’t get to the point of release dates and such until you have that much done already. Trust me.

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  11. I wish we can have one book where Eric and Sookie both know where they stand in one another’s lives so the book can focus on more of them fighting side by side instead of one another, maybe that is how they get rid of Freyda? Sookie need to fight for Eric just as much as he fights for her.

  12. I really doubt that Sookie and Eric will end up together. I mean, I want them together and the truth is that Sookie deserves to be happy after everything she’s been through with someone who will love her. BUT, I’m afraid that it won’t be with Eric because their relationship isn’t the same in the 11th and the 12th book, since it’s full of ”turning points”.
    Also, according to the author, Sookie won’t become vampire and we all know that she wants a family with kids. Unfortunately, our beloved heroine can’t live forever, without being a vampire, with our virile Viking unless the ingenious Charlaine come up with a great solution!
    Do you think that Sookie could be with Sam? I don’t know if i would like that, but it isn’t unpredictable: 1. His mind isn’t that easy to read.
    2. He’s Sookie’s best friend, always by her side.
    3. Sookie was attracted by him and we know that they would have slept together, if Bill hadn’t interrupt them.
    4. She decided to save Sam’s life in the12th book with a wish that it would be accomplished by love.
    What else do we need? Still, I WISH Sookie and Eric ”live” dead ever after!!!

    • It could be any kind of love, Sookie was just saving her best friend. There’s no way she would have let him die. If Eric was in a similar situation, there’s no doubt in my mind that she would have used it to save him as well. We forget that Sookie being part fairy and having Eric’s blood in her system, she’s probably already going to live longer than a regular human. And if she was smart, no matter how much she may want kids, she would know it’s too risky to have them with the life she leads. With Eric or without Eric, she’ll probably always be in danger, but at least he can protect her better than Sam.

    • I also fear that sookie will end up with sam in the books., but it would be just so boring. I always saw Sam as Sookies friend.

      • I honestly don’t see anything between them in the romantic sense, but if that does happen, at least it’s better than Bill.

    • Honestly? I think the way CH showed Sookie interacting with Tara’s and Hailey (Bellefleur)’s babies, was a way for Sookie to find out if motherhood was right for her or not. I don’t think it’s as high up on her list of priorities than it is on other people’s. Not anymore. I think Sookie is starting to believe that having kids isn’t the “be all and end all”. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric and Sookie find a way to be together, even without Sookie becoming a vampire. ;) At least, I hope so! And if something happened to Remy Savoy, she could always adopt Hunter as well.

  13. Im not happy with the way series 12 ends between sookie and eric but of course their relationship needs to have a twist otherwise it will be boring. But I hope they will still be together and will live happily ever after on the last book otherwise I will forever be sad whenever I think of this book. I’ve grown to love them both as a lover, as a team. Niall can give Sookie a gift that will enable her to live forever with eric. I hope charlaine wont decide that sookie ends like a human, grow old and die or both of them die. Im a sucker for happily ever after.

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