Quopic of the Day – May 18th

I’m cutting it close in today’s tonight’s fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post! We’ll make this short and sweet!

This is going to be a Quopic of the Day based on True Blood! Now, I know a lot of you are down on the show right now…and I don’t blame you, but I would like to remember some of the great times we had! Let’s focus on the positive, okay?

I chose this scene, because it really was quite humorous. It was inspired by the Favorite Blood Moments poll on Facebook. So, let’s think back and remember how Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood when she sucked out the bullets. By the way, I think the poll is now closed. Hopefully Russell’s ripping the spine out of the newscaster won.

Check it out below!

You may remember in season 2, Eric “tricked” Sookie into sucking two bullets out of his chest, after he had saved her life in the house bomb blast, while Bill was out with Lorena.

Sookie: I sucked the silver out of Eric’s chest to save his life, even though I REALLY didn’t want to.

Eric: She was superb.

Bill: Eric was in no danger.

Sookie: He…what?

Eric: I tiny falsehood.

Bill: He was already healing. The bullets would’ve pushed themselves out. This way he’s forced you to drink his blood.

Sookie: No…no…NO!

Bill: He will be able to sense your emotions.

Sookie: You big lying a-hole!

Eric: Bill, I believe you’re right. I believe I can sense her emotions.

~True Blood: Season 2, Episode 9

LMAO! Even though Bill was in this scene…it was all about Eric and Sookie. Sookie, angered by how Eric had tricked her into sucking out the bullets, and drinking his blood. Eric was laying there, enjoying the show. I still enjoy this scene, just because of how Eric behaved. He was naughty and cocky. He was manipulative and used Sookie’s ignorance against her. Since this was one of our favorite book scenes, it was interesting to see Alan Ball’s take. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t end with a kiss like it does in the books. Oh well…it was still a great scene, IMO.

What are your thoughts? Share them below!

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8 comments on “Quopic of the Day – May 18th

  1. One of the best TB moments. One of the things I love about Eric is his sense of humor. Bill, on the other hand is always so dour.

  2. Unfortunately, I think Bill won that poll, which still makes no sense to me. This scene is way better, but I guess people prefer him nearly draining Sookie to death.

  3. “If I knew that the dummy for my first aid CPR course was this gorgeous, I’d have signed up sooner. This guy definitely needs mouth-2-mouth…

  4. I don’t know why Bill was so upset didn’t he do the same thin but only worst with the rattrays.

  5. One of my favorites!

  6. Yep, this scene always brings a smile to my face! I just love how Eric is so devious and the line about feeling her emotions was just great!!!! I just loved his smile at the end of the scene….sigh

  7. Loved this scene, it was the beginning of Eric & Sookie.
    This scene led to what happened in Godric’s room an the rooftop.
    The rooftop is where we saw Sookie perform one of the most selfless
    acts when she promised Eric she’d stay with Godric becasue she knew
    Eric couldn’t and her heart was breaking for him.

  8. I loved ‘You big A-hole” and the way she turned into Bill like she is just embarrassed…sometimes it’s so cute the way she over dramatizes things….I really loved this scene. I rerun it a lot..one of my top faves!

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