Alex & the Fang Gang Filming in New Orleans

**********Warning : Season 5 spoilers ahead***********

I have to admit my fan-girl heart is having one hell of a week. Having just recovered from the latest Season 5 promo, I wake up on a rainy Saturday morning to discover not only the long overdue return of the black tank of doom, but that my favorite TV Show is filming in the Vampire Capitol of America, the City of the Dead, New Orleans.

The True Blood vampires were out in force last night for filming which must by now surely be from the climax to the new season. Along side the magnificent specimen that is Eric Northman, the lucky residents (and tourists) of New Orleans were treated to Russell (Denis O’Hare), Steve (Michael McMillian), Bill (Stephen Moyer). Nora (Lucy Griffiths), and authority members Carloyn Hennesy and Peter Mensah. It looks like a lot of fun was had by all, including Alex giving one of his co-stars a piggy back ride down the road. They filmed footage on the famous Bourbon Street surrounded by a huge crowd of onlookers (who luckily for us have been tweeting their photos across the net all night long). There was also a scene revolving around a city taxi cab that Eric and Bill seem to be trying to either get into or stop from leaving. I still can’t decide what I’m most excited about, the filming location or the return of the black tank of doom. Eric looked absolutely smokin’ hot, and even when he covered up with a black leather jacket, he must have burnt a hot hole in the Louisiana pavement. And the viking fangs made an appearance too. (seriously what more could a girl ask for to start her weekend?)

Click on the first image to check out the fan photos below:

Keep checking back over the course of the day as if any new images appear, we will add them to our gallery.

We have used askarsswedishmeatballs and santress and Instagram as our gorgeous sources.

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21 comments on “Alex & the Fang Gang Filming in New Orleans

  1. In that one photo where it looks like Alexander is giving someone a piggback ride
    I think he’s giving one to Stephen Moyer???

  2. on which episode are they filming at the moment, don’t like it that Eric is still working with bill, it looks like eirc is stuck with bill throughout the whole season *eyeroll*; I want to see more of Eric and Pam:( or eric and sookie:( but the writers will never give us that, rather more of billy boy:(

    but Eric looks great in the tank top:)

  3. did you look at some of the pics? people were filming it with their phoneses???? we has to see if they post any of it online???? WOOT WOOT! and did you see the one of russell? he looked all happy and stuff……i wonder whatssa going on. lol.

  4. OMG so excited for season fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! It’s stuff like this, like in season 2 when they all went to Dallas, that it became more interesting, a change of scenery… Can’t wait. Alex looks like sex on a stick, oh my.

  5. there’s more pics at the vault too. i am starting to think that somewhere or somehow russell made the church of sun dude a vamp cuz he’s there in a pic with russell.

  6. Oh My!!! What a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning!!!!! It looks exciting and I can’t hardly wait to see Alex/Eric back on TV. I’ve missed him more than I’d of ever thought….. Anyway, I’ll have to check out whatever else I can find this AM and get my Eric fix….

  7. Makes perfect sense to me if Russel made Steve a vamp! :D

  8. Steve definitely had fangs in last night. I saw them filming on Bourbon Street around 1am. Anyone have an idea if they are filming more scenes today/tonight around New Orleans???

  9. Still not excited, I hate how it looks like Eric is working with the Authority now. As if putting him with Bill all season isn’t bad enough.

  10. Alex looks really good in these pictures, loving that the black tank of doom is back! i am excited to see Russell and Steve. I have always wondered if Russell is the one who turned him. I would prefer that Eric and Bill not be attached at the hip. Eric and Bill work better when they cannot stand each other and it is more entertaining. I am not interested in seeing those two being friends or as equals. It was a much better dynamic when Eric was over Bill in the vampire heirarchy. At least Eric earned his spot in the vampire heirarchy. JMO!

  11. I love Eric .Can’t wait to see season 5 now i am really excited about it . Not so much BIll attached to him like this though . I like when they are rivals . Sookie better come to her senses this season and pick the sexy viking over Bill & Alcide . I watch this show mainly cause of Eric .Pictures look great guys thanks for posting them .

  12. Eric in black tank top = awesome arm porn! Thanks for the pics ladies

  13. Thanks Evie! :) Whenever I need inspiration to write The Gracious Plenty, I’ll just come to this post and drool over the black tank top of doom and the black leather jacket! LOL

    Off to have more Skarsgasms…LOL

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