True Blood Season 5: Eric Northman Billboards

For today’s fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, I wanted to share with you some True Blood Season 5 billboards featuring Eric Northman!

These are starting to pop up all over the place! We thought you might like to see them!

This billboard (below) is located at Times Square in NYC!

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Here’s a billboard where you can sit on Eric’s face! Well…maybe after a little bit of awkward maneuvering…and you would need to be very flexible!

This was taken at a bus stop in Los Angeles!

I think I might have to start taking the bus…because gas is SO expensive nowadays. ;)  But how would I sit on there comfortably…? Hmmm… Sorry, those nasty skarsgasms are starting again, I’m beginning to go off topic!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

PS. If any of you see any billboard signs in the area where you live, please feel free to contact us by using the link at the top of the page! Thanks!

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6 comments on “True Blood Season 5: Eric Northman Billboards

  1. I think that its’ absolutely fabulous that they’re using the Eric posters and not the others. This has got to mean that Alex is the most popular one on TB. Finally, someone in the hierarchy realizes (I hope) who the actual star of the show is!!!!!

  2. once again they use Eric to make people interested, always the same, just hope it won’t turn out to be a bill season again…

  3. I have a feeling like Laura they are using Eric to get people to watch . Then it will be the Bill show again . That totally sucks especially when Eric character is the star of that show . I love Eric that is who i am looking forward to and Pam .

  4. The advertisers know, hierarchy knows, even Alan Ballsack knows. They just don’t give a sh*t. It’s all about getting us there, then pushing Stephen Moyer down our throats. Once we are there, they know we will watch.

    • Yeah, we have to suffer a lot of filler to get to what we really want…. Eric “the Erotic” Northman, the Viking Vampire God we all know and love! LOL

  5. I’ve been saying since S1 that Eric is the real star of TB! It’s taken 5 yrs, but they are finally getting the message! NOT Bill, NOT Sookie…. ERIC is the Star of the Show! Hands down…. no contest! LOL

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