Penalty Box: Alan Ball Gets It

For tonight’s fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, I was inspired to write about something that has been on my mind ever since I read it earlier today.  What I read was an article in the Summer Preview issue of TV Guide magazine. If you haven’t read it yet (and would like to be spoiled in a MAJOR way), I highly suggest you do BEFORE you read any further. If you don’t want to be spoiled…sorry, this post WILL spoil some things for you, so you might not want to read this post.

As the title of this post mentions, it’s Alan Ball’s turn to sit in the Penalty Box. I think it’s only fair. He has screwed us around long enough. As it is in hockey; punishment is handed out to those who break the rules and/or has been found to be guilty of crimes they shouldn’t commit. I’ll be playing the role of referee or judge, jury and executioner.


Alan Ball gets it for saying this below;

“This season we wanted to stay away from “Who will Sookie choose?” ~Alan Ball, TV Guide Summer Preview Issue

Oh REALLY? I found this comment to be extremely funny, actually. If there was ever a person who has played the “team” thing more than any other, I can’t think of anybody. Alan Ball is the leader of playing “teams”. Oh right…he expects us to move on, just like Sookie, towards Alcide. *rolls eyes* Sure, he says there won’t be a “team” thing now…but you know that his words mean nothing. He has lied before – who says he isn’t lying now?

This calls for a 5 minute major for fighting. No, he’s not fighting with the fans himself…but it’s because of HIM, True Blood fans fight with each other. He’s the instigator so he gets another 2 minutes.


Alan Ball gets it for saying this below;

Eric’s sister – they had the same maker, Godric, who met the true death – arrives to help her bro. Expect serious sibling…friction. “They don’t have the same boundaries that we do in human family arrangements,” Ball says with a laugh.

You remember that kiss in the first full season 5 teaser, where Eric is seen kissing another woman? I guess that is his “sister” Nora. While I do think Eric is the type of character who would typically move on from being dumped by Sookie, by switching back to the man he was before he met her – it still doesn’t make this nausea go away. I don’t want to see Eric move on from Sookie. For that matter, I don’t want to see Sookie move on with anyone else either.  The fact Alan Ball LAUGHS about boundaries not being a matter in this, makes me want to shove my fist in his f*ckin’ face. Since he’s not here…I guess I’ll have to do the next best thing.

This calls for another 2 minutes for hooking. Hooking up two characters who don’t belong together and for making all of us here at Eric and Sookie lovers sick to our stomachs. I think he should also pay for all the booze we’ll have to drink during season 5 in order to get through all of this crap. Does he think we’ll find this interesting? Oh wait…he probably doesn’t even care what we think. *slaps head*


Alan Ball gets it for…well, he never really said anything, but I definitely feel he deserves something for destroying the character of our beloved Sookie and for being a woman-hater.

Sookie on the show is NOTHING like her book counterpart. I won’t get into this here, because Nymerias pretty much covered all of it in her post here. As you know, Alan Ball has destroyed EVERY SINGLE FEMALE CHARACTER on the show. Tara, many of us hate her because she whines all the time.  Jessica, okay, she’s not bad…yet, but to sleep with Jason put her on the same derailing track as the others. Pam, is another character Alan Ball has completely changed from her book counterpart. We still love her, but we hate how Alan Ball has turned her into someone who hates Sookie and broke up her close relationship with Eric. I will say this though…none of these women portray characters we (as fans) can relate to. It only proves my theory that Alan Ball hates women, or doesn’t understand them. I wish the female writers on his staff would stand up to him and tell him; ‘no, this is NOT how women are’.

This calls for a 10 minute game misconduct, and a four game suspension. And for added punishment…just because I’m a woman, and because I’m a b*tch…a slap shot to his ballsack. Shame on you, Alan Ball! I wonder if your mother knows how much you hate women? Shame on you for turning Sookie into a woman who resembles a wife who has been physically abused by her husband over the years. I hope Alan Ball’s husband-wife doesn’t let him call the shots in their relationship. Shame, shame, shame…


That’s the buzzer to end this edition of the Penalty Box!  Rest assured, Alan Ball will be in here (image below) for the foreseeable future!

Any more penalties you want to add to this? Feel free to agree or add some more on in the comments below!

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15 comments on “Penalty Box: Alan Ball Gets It

  1. just f*****ing hate Alan ball and his Bill obsession, and why don’t you finally get it, most people just don’t care for Bill;
    and Alan ball really doesn’t seem to know what strong women should be like, Pam was turned into a jealous brat, Tara has been a victim right from the beginning and Sookie apologizies to the guy who lied to her all the time…

  2. AMEN SISTA, AMEN!! I was watching some video’s of all the seasons not to long ago and as PISSED AND HURT Sookie was at the end of Season 3 after Eric put Bill on blast for the Ratt’s, she didn’t even show any ot that kind of emotions in season 4 it was like “whoops it never happened”??? That’s just outright crazy!! Abused? Battered? Yes, oh yes but AB makes her stupid, not either of the former…. Fuckin mysoginist (spelling)!! As strong as Sookie is in the books, she WOULD NOT have acted this way, what woman would after your so called love of your life tries to kill you??? I just want to see Eric, AND NOT WITH ANOTHER WOMAN!! This is not SVM! From what I can see right now with the new trailers have nothing to do with ANY book CH has written, unless I’m missing something from not reading the book for so long, but nothing is ringing to me as this being anything in any book……

  3. he could just shut up. he was that threw the fans in the “team” wars.
    If I never hear him again, it is still too early.

  4. I think I read that theshow has moved on from the books completely this season… so sad.. it really makes my heart hurt to see Eric kissing another woman!

    • I for one have no problem with Eric and another woman for now. He is too strong and proud to just set around obsessing over a woman who has basically kicked him to the curb. Of course I love Eric and Sookie together, but why get all up in arms about Eric kissing another woman yet not all the outrage over Sookie seeming to be gravitating toward that rube of a wolf? My hope is that in the end Eric and Sookie will find their way back to one another, and in my heart I will always know that is how it should have ended whatever nonsense AB has in mind.

  5. Alan Ballsack does not like women. It is obvious. He has no clue as to how a woman feels about being abused. I’m convinced he wants Sookie to be a doormat.

  6. The thing i hate and will not stop hating is Eric & another woman kissing . i hope that is a flashback in the book he did not have a sister . I like the books more . Alan Ball messed this show up sticking on his obssession with Bill so much nothing else truly matters . I hope the season goes well . I can’t wait to see Roman love Chris Meloni . I know Alex will bring it . who is my favorite & pam so i am all in this season as long as they are there .

  7. I’m so over Alan Ball and his fairy vagina and sooo ready for him to meet the true death as the visionary for TB! I’ve given up on him ever doing right by CH’s Sookie and the show resembling the books. I just watch for the ViKing.

  8. Great Post Erika! You know I love my hockey and all it entails. I would have given him more than a 4-game suspension though! It would have been lifetime ban for every going near a book adaptation EVER again!

  9. Erika, I’ve just returned to my ‘puter from a short trip and just read both the TV Guide article and also your above post and have to say, you’ve hit the nail right on the head!!
    I, too, believe that AB’s sexual makeup and his attraction to Steven Moyers’ character is what screwed up TB from the very beginning.

    I was a big fan of his show and writing of Six Feet Under, but I will say that in that show, yes, the women were flawed, but so were all of the men too. Therefore, I do believe that his obession with Steven is the real culprit for his concept of TB being so twisted away from the books. If you look at TB and compare it to SFU, I believe all the characters are also flawed within themselves. The big difference is that he never “glamorized” Nates’ life as he does’ with Bill. Nate was also a cheating womenizer who actually dumped Brenda and knocked up and married another woman. After there daughter was born etc. The wife got murdered and Nate was then a struggling single father, who eventually got back together with Brenda,etc. So therefore, I equate that Eric (stands for Nate) and Sookie (stands for Brenda). At least that is how I thought about TB until he started pulling all the “glory stuff” with Bill (Steven).

    I know after reading this over, it is long and I apologize about that, but the point I’m making is that Allen Ball got himself into a screwed up TB storyline when he let his Steven fascination take over his mind.

    • He has always loved Bill, proof that I don’t think he’s read beyond the first book. It has nothing to do with who was cast, we’d probably still be in this position if someone else played that part.

  10. P.S. I will NEVER watch anything AB writes, produces, backs again!!!!

  11. Excellent post!!! Can’t add enough exclamation points! You nailed it and I especially love the hockey theme!

  12. Excellent Post! There is no way in hell I want to see Eric with anyone other than Sookie and no matter how the Vamps roll their “family trees” if they call Nora his sister it’s his sister damn it! Stay away from her face Eric! lol I still keep seeing his eyes when he says in the trailer “I don’t think she wants anything to do with us again.” no matter how much he will “try” to move on, with that look alone, whatever is going on he will always be thinking of her no matter what!

  13. ok i have had up to the neck with AB if i was a vampire he would be the first target ok i know jesicca is a cool person but AB need s kicking in the nuts for destroying sookie and pam

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