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You may remember we have a new site feature where you can Ask Sookie (me) any questions you might have regarding True Blood, the Southern Vampire Mysteries or questions about your own personal lives. Well, guess what? The response I received was a very pleasant surprise! I received SO many questions…I couldn’t believe it, y’all! Thank you so much for sending in your questions!

It’s because I received so many questions, I will have to split this up into numerous parts! This first email alone had 5 questions! I’m going to share with y’all the answers to these 5 questions in this post. As for the other questions and answers, I will post them as soon as I get the chance! I do have to work my scheduled shifts, so I can pay my bills. If you sent me any questions…don’t worry, I will answer them soon. You’ll just have to be patient, okay?

Below, are the questions from the first email. My answers are written below.

Dear Sookie,

1.) Will you ends up w/ Eric at the end of True Blood season 5?

2.) Is there going be a baby involve in this season’s plot,because Anna’s pregnent?

3.) Are True Blood  referring “the new breed of vampires” are dragons?

4.) Is season 6 going to be the final season for tb?

Dying to know

Dying to know,

Unfortunately, you’ve asked several questions that I truly have no answers for. I’m a telepathic and not psychic, after all.

Trust me, I’ve attempted to listen in to the folks over at HBO. I was more than surprised to find that like Google, FOX News and several top corporations, HBO is ran by vampires. Known for his secrecy and his ability to keep his cast from spilling show secrets, you can bet Alan Ball has had most of those secrets glamoured out of anyone who might spill the beans.

Here’s what I can tell you. It is promised that I will be single for some period of time during this next season. A fact that I have no qualms with. Life has become too complicated since Bill walked into Merlotte’s that first night we met and honestly, my heart could use a little R&R.

As I have only ever been intimate with vampires and they are not capable of reproducing, I will not be in any fear of finding out I’m pregnant. Though I eventually would like to marry, settle down and have a family of my own, right now is surely not the best time. With all the supernatural mayhem that seems to be spiraling wildly out of control around me, this is no place for a baby.

As for for the lovely Anna Paquin and her husband, I truly am excited for the expected bundle of joy. I wish them the best of luck with their newest teacup, who is expected due date is sometime next fall.

Dragons, like unicorns, are mythological creatures who were named after early man discovered the large fossilized bones of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Though, I believed the same was true about Maenads and by the mess she left in my home, MaryAnn certainly seemed real enough.

I believe the “new vampires” or vampyr, as TrueBloodHBO has been calling them is in reference to those involved in the Authority.

I assume HBO will announce if and when True Blood gets renewed for another season. Unfortunately, this information falls into the facts I am not privileged to. As with all things True Blood related, waiting sucks and in this case, it’s no different.

Sookie Stackhouse

If you have any questions you would like to Ask Sookie…feel free to drop me an email here!

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I'm not your average telepathic barmaid, straddling the realities of two realms can be confusing at times and yet, somehow I always seem to make it through.

7 comments on “Ask Sookie: Dying to Know

  1. I loved this and look forward to more Sookie blog posts.

    For the person interested in dragons, I about spit my soda all over my laptop when I read that because the fan fic I’ve been writing includes an element of dragons. One particular character is revealed to be a shape shifting dragon of sorts, not something I’ve read in any other fan fics I’ve seen, so I was shocked when I saw that in the questions. It struck me as completely out of the blue.

  2. I was the 1 who wrote that. I think it would be cool they introduce dragons. They introduced ghosts in last season. How about dragons?!!! I would luv to see how they makes them like lycans but bigger w/ wings. I hope they use dragons,they would play out like Godzilla movies. *giggle*

  3. Love the way Sookie answered! lol

  4. Do you know why Allan Ball went out of his way on the show, to be so different from the books? I would have enjoyed seeing Eric and yourself, slowly coming together, bit by bit as they do in the books. There romance in the books has a much sweeter bite.

  5. hey is it true sookie is going to get killed off in season 5 and also whats going to happen to eric and sookie in dead ever after i hope they get their HEA

  6. I just read a book I downloaded from Free Fridays at B&N onto my Nook. It had a little dragon in it and the girl carried it around her neck. It protected her from all evil and harm when her lover was away. A cute book! Maybe Sookie could get something like that! And, of course, there are the baby dragons on Game of Thrones, so there are dragons out there to be had.

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