Finally It’s Happening To Me (ummmmmm us I mean)!

It seems the HBO marketing department are FINALLY getting a hint as to what the majority of True Blood fans want, and it is not Bill Compton shoved down out throats at every turn.

We FINALLY have gotten our wish, A Team Eric T-shirt! Yes, you heard me right and it only took them 4 years to get it it done and make it as decent one! Do you want to see it? I know you do!

I know I want it as much as you all do!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to HBO to get one to call your very own! You know it might take them a while to give us another one!

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23 comments on “Finally It’s Happening To Me (ummmmmm us I mean)!

  1. at least this time it is made of better material, in the past they always made the eric shirts with cheap material, while balls favourite t-shirts looked always expensive… the writers and the guys who are responsible for the promotion have always done a bad job…

  2. Yep, its’ been a long time coming……. Maybe HBO finally knows whos’ the most popular vamp on the show. I know without Eric/Alex I wouldn’t been watching TB.

  3. Yes ,i am definitely gonna get me one. Alex/Eric rocks

  4. Saw that shirt this morning when I was on HBO…isn’t is cool! I snagged one! I had to make a custom one through Cafe Press! But this one is soooo much cooler!!!

    • just a question: why is your name iluve bill n eric… thought you don’t like bill, just kind of contradictory…

      • Why does that even matter? Anyway, I definitely plan on getting one of these shirts.

      • I don’t see why it matter Laura. She probably just likes Eric a little bit more than Bill but she is entitled to like both characters. We might not understand it but we will respect it!

      • Sorry if it feels that way. That’s the name I chose for my first blog. I started it wanting to have a site for Eric and Bill. To me they are the two big bad vamps of True Blood. Eric is the Vamp you love to l-o-v-e and Bill is the vamp you love to hate! I despise Book Bill. Alan writes him a bit differently than Ms Harris did and I really like the act Stephen Moyer. So I kept the name I like it.

        • You don’t have to explain yourself in my opinion! :) I like Book Bill better than True Blood Bill but he is stalkerish in the book series. lol Alan writes him like he is the be all end all of True Blood and it is nauseating. Sookie is the main character, not Bill.

          • Thanks..stalkerish…I like that! Fits him! But of course we couldn’t have any of it without Sookie!

          • I used to prefer show Bill over the book version, but I’ve now changed my mind. Even though I do love Stephen, he’s really good at playing that character.

        • oh ok, get it, I also don’t have a big problem with book bill, balls obsession for the character is just so disturbing…

  5. Yay!. Hopefully it will get sold out so that they can get a clue and stop will the bill merchandise.

  6. Well, that didn’t take long. Just ordered me a shirt, this would be my fourth one involving Eric=)

  7. I want 1 sooooo bad!!!!

  8. This is completely awesome and is much more intuned to all of us from the white TShirt from a few years ago.

    I feel this could be my shirt for SDCC on True Blood day if they go.

  9. are they even at comic con this year? Can imagine that they want talk with the pissed fans after what they have done with season 4… lots of booes for Alan ball and bill *laugh*

    • I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet if they have a panel this year, but that’s the problem, there’s hardly any boos. Everyone always praises the show, which is why Alan Ball is probably so damn clueless, but I do love that Alex gets the loudest cheers. Not that it would make much of a difference to him, he’s still oblivious.

      • Lol, trust me there were boos lost year when a certain topic came up

        • If it was his lame comment about finding it hard not to see Bill and Sookie as soul mates, there were not enough boos as I would have liked.

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