Quopic of the Day – May 25th

For today’s (Day 14) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, I figured I’d write another Quopic of the Day! It’s Friday, and the beginning of a long weekend for many of you! It’s time to kick back, relax, poor yourself a drink and get this weekend started!

What better way to do that than to just gaze at some Eric and Sookie lovin’?

As you may remember, this was Eric and Sookie’s first REAL kiss! One of my favorite True Blood moments! One thing I didn’t like, was Pam barging in claiming, “blah, blah, vampire emergency, blah.” She really knows how to ruin a moment!

“If I meet the true death, without even having kissed you, Sookie Stackhouse. It would be my biggest regret.”

What did you like or didn’t like about this scene? Share your thoughts below!

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14 comments on “Quopic of the Day – May 25th

  1. Loved these scenes in Season 4!!! it was the first time Eric really kissed her!!

    • This particular scene is from Season 3, episode 10 “I Smell A Rat” when Eric believes he very likely is not going to survive his encounter with Russell Edgington, hence the “If I meet the true death…” part. It takes place in Eric’s office at Fangtasia.

      Season 4’s kissing was spectacular, but the beauty of this kiss was not just that it was their FIRST, but that nobody was confused about who they were and what they were doing when it happened. This was a pure Viking vampire Eric kiss, no dilution at all.

  2. Oh, I love that moment… Here’s my personal feelings about it:

    1) Eric (or maybe it’s just Alex’s style) has the perfect way of kissing IMHO, the hands on the face and neck, fingers in the hair. It’s very personal, demanding a certain level of intimacy involved in the kiss. LOVE IT!

    2) Sookie should have felt the connection/draw to Eric in that moment so deeply that it rocked her right out of her socks and never given Bill a second thought. (Bill who? Oh, THAT guy? Sorry, I’ve got a REAL man now.) It was truly disappointing that if the show was going to go off the rails from the book that it didn’t jump on the Eric and Sookie bandwagon then. That was steamy and a perfect opportunity to get things heating up between them.

    3) Yes, Pam’s interruption was one of those “OMFG. NOW???” sort of moments, but in all fairness, that is one of my all time favorite Pam lines. I even have it as a ringtone on my BlackBerry. If she was going to interrupt, she could not have done it with a better one-liner. I totally <3 Pam in all her snarky glory and will always forgive her.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • LOL! Love that you have that as a ringtone, Mel!

      My only comment…to borrow a line from an Elvis tune “a little less conversation, a lot more action please!” ;)

  3. Love that scene .Eric is a very passionate kisser . I have a feeling Alex really kisses like that in real life . I loved the way the fireworks was starting to spark between them two . Sookie enjoyed it . Well done viking !

  4. yeah he always pulls her hair ever so sexy…*dreamy smile*
    dang! i want ”blah blah vampire emergancy blah” as my text message sound!!! where oh where to find that,.

  5. Just to make you even MORE jealous… I have the sound bite of Alex saying “I am from Sweden” off his interview with Jimmy Fallon when he dropped the fake American accent and spoke straight up, full on sexy Swedish accent also on my BlackBerry as one of my message alert tones. There’s nothing quite like hearing Alex all sexy and Swedish saying, “I am from Sweden.” out of my phone multiple times a day.

    For really rough days, I have the whole interview saved on my BlackBerry just to watch.

    Eric Northman is also the wallpaper on there…

    No, I’m not an obsessive fan… much. :D

  6. My only complaint with this scene is that it was too short!

  7. I loved the whole scene. I love the angst and frustration Pam caused. I don’t like the end when he puts her in the basement!

    • Maybe I’m heartless, but it never bothered me that he put Sookie in the basement – he knew she’d probably screw up the plan he had and he was willing to risk Sookie being pee’d off with him to make sure she survived Russell. No biggie for me….

  8. The basement part I could have done without, and as much as I love Pam, she is always the queen of really bad timing.

  9. It is one of my favorite scenes!

  10. *swoon* Loved this scene. Hands in the hair is always a winner for me. Also I loved the moment before and after the kiss – Skars does that intense eye thing. Damn you Pam…

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