Hot Guys of Summer TV

Because a Sunday isn’t complete without a little bit of Skarsporn – causing some major Skarsgasms…we thought we’d share this piece of Skarsgasmic news with you!

E! Online shared their Hot Guys of Summer TV list, and guess who was the first person mentioned? (Somehow I don’t think I’ll be hearing too many objections to this!) If you guessed, Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) as your reason to watch True Blood – then you’re in good company, because E! Online agrees with us too! This is what they said below.

What’s summer TV without some hot men to look at? Yeah, their shows are really clever and entertaining and they can act real good and blah blah blah…but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about smoldering eyes, six-pack abs and amazing hair. Or hairy beasts. Or all of the above!

Enough chatting, more looking. Check out our Hot Guys of Summer TV gallery, and commense the swooning and face-fanning.

Alex isn’t the only one from True Blood to appear on this list – Joe Manganiello (Alcide) and Ryan Kwanten (Jason) were listed too! To find out where they ranked – along with who else made this list, please click here!

Of course, we’re extremely happy Alex was the first hot guy named on this drool-worthy list! Did you notice that a certain vampire is missing? Hmm…

Thoughts? Feel free to drool in the comments below!

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8 comments on “Hot Guys of Summer TV

  1. Awesome! And in the first spot too. LOVE IT!
    Alex – the best and only reason to watch True Blood.

  2. Alex rocks!! and Ryan too!!! Joe who?

  3. Yes, the master rules. Knock it out of the ballpark this season, Alexander. You Viking Vampire God!

  4. Yes, made me very glad that Alex made the first spot, hes’ always number 1 to me always!!!! The rest of the guys, not so much…………..

  5. at least this guys now who is making this show… if it would be only about moyer or any other, no one would watch it anymore…

  6. They’ve sinfully omitted Alex’s fellow Swede and buddy, Joel Kinnaman from The Killing. Yum. My new fave… well, second fave, duh. Looking forward to seeing him in Lola Versus!

  7. Ryan should be before Joe.

  8. In my opinion, Alex comes first, then Joe, and then Ryan. I hate how Sam always gets overlooked on these things, though.

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