True Blood Season 5: Conjuring Up Trailer #2

For tonight’s (Day 16) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, I thought I’d share two True Blood promo videos which aired tonight on HBO! One is a brand new fangalicious trailer – the other is a recap of Season 4 with the cast of True Blood!

This first videos is the new trailer, featuring new scenes from season 5! Watch it below!

The second is “Conjuring Up Season 4″, where the cast of True Blood take a walk down memory lane of season 4! Find out what they said below!

Here’s a couple of screencaps from some of the new scenes in the first video!

While Season 4 had a lot of WTF moments in it, I did find it interesting to see what the cast had to say about it. Plus, Alex was looking particularly YUMMY in the video, and Anna was looking beautiful as well!

As for the new scenes in the Season 5 trailer; I’m not sure what to say. I think I’ll have to watch it again…and again…and again to form some thoughts! Don’t worry, Evie will be sure to write an analysis as soon as she can!

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them below!

If you would like to see even MORE screencaps, please visit SkarsgardFans.com!

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20 comments on “True Blood Season 5: Conjuring Up Trailer #2

  1. the conjuring up just leaves a bad taste once again.
    Moyer is talking too much, he even did interrupt alex while talking…
    most of the time moyer and paquin did say something (and the camera is mainly focusing on them), another example that the show is about their characters, they are always trying to sell the show as the paquinmoyer show even though most people are not even watching it for those two.

    • Laura,

      Can you tell us what you think about the season 5 trailer because that was in the post as well. I loved seeing Russell. Erika, I thought it was hilarious (in a quirky sort of way) when Sookie said “A three thousand year old vampire wants to drink my blood, must be Thursday”! LMAO

      • Oh yes, I loved that line! LOL And usually Sookie doesn’t have the great lines like Eric and Pam do! It was refreshing to see!

    • That seems to be all you focus on, I didn’t see any of what you did. I thought this was very enjoyable, even if I had to relive some of those scenes again.

    • I have to agree with your observations on this one. No amount of chatty banter will erase the bad taste left from the second half of season 4. Thank God that truly awful threesome dream wasn’t rehashed, I’m thinking they maybe got the message that it was an epic fail with a lot of fans. The Bert and Ernie robes did show up again….UGH! Also agree about them still selling paquinmoyer big time and his habit of interrupting. She does seem really almost “glamored” by her hubby still, which is cute if I didn’t dislike the character he plays so much it makes it hard to separate the two-even though I know better than to do that! I didn’t watch these clips till today. It used to be I wouldn’t miss a thing about the show but couldn’t work up enough give a crap to watch it until this morning.

  2. I hope Sookie doesn’t kiss Bill. Eww. I got a funny feeling Billy’s behind freeing Russell,because I think Russell makes a deal w/ him to lend over to his crown to him. I think it would be stupid she still luv him & trust him,but he’s being dishonest & cannot be trusted. OH MAN HE’S EVEN F**K LIED & CHEATED HER!!!!

    Isn’t me or Jessica’s turning evil? Is that Sookie she biting?!!! WTF???!!!!

    Is that Tara wraps in sheet? If that annoyed b**th,she looks like a stillborn.

    BTW, I luv Eric’s new hairdude,he looks sooo cute.

    I believe Eric’s kissing Salome,I heard she got the power to seduce men. Probably she seduces him by pretending to be Sookie to lead him to a trap.

    I don’t known why Hoyt’s there,I’m really confuse.

    The hosptial’s really really gives a creep. Are they doing experience in there?

    • Eric’s kissing his “sister” Nora. Bill is supposedly going to be getting it on with Salome, from what I’ve heard. Jessica isn’t biting Sookie, that’s just some fangbanger. Bill could’ve freed Russell…I wouldn’t put it past him.

  3. No it’s Salome. Lucy said they have a bro-sis relationship & Nora isn’t romantic w/ Eric, that I heard from her interview.

    • Yes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t kiss. We know they were likely involved in the past. I’m still pretty sure it’s Nora, that doesn’t really look like Salome to me.

      • Probably she turns be a gay like Pam,That’s she left him & he don’t want the thing have to Pam. I also heard she’s interested in Salome.

        Remember tv guide says about Salome,She loves Roman but Everyone ends up w/ her? I still think her.

        • No, its Nora that he is kissing because if you look at the explosion it happens in episode 5.1 and Eric and Bill don’t meet Salome until episode 5.3…..plus I don’t think Eric is doing anything sexual with anyone this season outside of him and Pam’s flashback.

  4. oooooh! liked it :D yeah, annoyed me a bit when SM was telling the Eric parts too much – Alex could’ve explained what Eric did himself perfectly well- but I loved at the end Anna’s and Alex’ dialogue, which went something like:
    Anna:” she thought I was doing it with Alcide.”
    Alex:” but you WERE doing it with him.”
    Anna:” No, I was doing it with Eric. A lot.”
    Alex:”Good.” :D

  5. THat looks like Nora to me too. Season 5 approaching soon . I’m excited . I don’t think Eric is doing the nasty this season . Just flashbacks the way it seems right now w/ pam . Can’t wait to see those .

  6. I enjoyed the new trailer for what its’ worth. They always seem to put the most exciting parts in them, so we’ll see how it all goes down throughout the season. I enjoyed the flash of Russell towards the end where he was all naked curled in a fetal position and I think that was rats crawling all over him (?). Besides, Eric and Roman, I am looking forward to seeing what Russell can f up this season.

  7. The trailer was good, like the one before it with a little more detail and not run together so much that you can’t get a clue. I’m looking forward to the analysis on this one. I caught the red top Sookie was wearing when talking with Eric/Bill. Still dreading a few things I expect this season the bromance (barf), Sooicide (barf), and any sexy times Bill may have. Looking forward with hope to Russell, Tara (I know, I know I’m in the minority here), any time Pam/Eric are together and still holding out hope that Bill doesn’t get somehow involved in the Pam turning flashback. The picture I have in my mind of Eric in that tophat is just yummy and hope we get more than a minute of this. I’ll probably watch the first few episodes the next day on On Demand with the option to ff through stuff that’s too painful to watch. My love affair with this show is for sure over but holding out hope that a good start will draw me back in. I only watch 2 shows on TV…GOT and True Blood so don’t want to have go through the summer with no Sunday night fun/escape!
    I couldn’t get the image of the Scooby Doo gang out of my head watching the bit where the “gang” is searching what looks like the old, spooky hospital. I hope that goes away before the episode airs!

  8. giving dislikes just because I am honest that is ridicolous, either bill fans or some people who are quite delusional about the show must have done this… sorry but its well known that Moyer has a major influence on the show, he even directed episode 8 I think… its like Moyer has now taking over Alan balls role.

    • Nothing against being honest, I just think you get dislikes because people are tired of you saying the same thing over and over. We get it already, by your comments, it seems you’re the one who’s obsessed with Bill/Moyer. You seem to bring him up in everything, just an observation.

    • It’s fine if you don’t like the Bill character, but there’s no need to hate on Stephen Moyer. He seems like a great guy, and he and Alex are really good friends who clearly love working together, and are just having fun in the rehash video. It’s called EDITING. They used the funniest bits with them that they could, and that interaction was pretty funny to me. I’m sick of the team wars spilling over into the actors’ personal lives/selves. They act like family, and they don’t view their jobs as reality as some fans seem to.

      • Thank you, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I may not like all of the characters, but I love everyone in this cast and I found this video to be very enjoyable. You can tell they all get along so well, and that makes me happy.

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