Podcast – Charlaine Harris Talks “Deadlocked”

For today’s (Day 17) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012’s post, I thought I would switch it back to the books once again! This time, it’s to share with you this podcast where Charlaine Harris talks about “Deadlocked” with Stephen Usery from Book Talk.

It’s a very interesting interview by someone who has read the books (there are no stupid questions) and understands the world Charlaine has created.

You can listen to the podcast here: Book Talk

I found it very entertaining to hear how Charlaine did her “research” of male strippers. *wink, wink – nudge, nudge” She should’ve taken the stripper up on his offer to watch him in action as part of her “research”. It’s interesting to find out the reasons why she created the cluviel dor. She mentions it will play a “big important role in helping Sookie discover her true feelings” at the end. Hmmm…I wonder what she means by that?

I also enjoyed hearing more details about her graphic novel, “Cemetery Girl” with Christopher Golden, and how she came up with the idea of “Bubba” in the series. There is so much more she talks about in this interview, but you should definitely listen to it yourself. It’s a really great interview, IMO.

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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8 comments on “Podcast – Charlaine Harris Talks “Deadlocked”

  1. Loved Bubba,but saw the problem you’d run into if you mentioned his “real Name”
    and if HBO wanted to use an actor who looked like Elvis Presley.
    You’d have to get all kinds of permissions from the Presley Estate and that would
    cost HBO/you alot of money. So it wouldn’t really be feasiable to do so.
    I enjoyed reading all of the passages with Bubba in them, they were not only cute
    but very enjoyable. And I loved how loyal Bubba was to Eric in watching over
    Sookie Stackhouse for Eric Northman!

  2. I’m biting my nails when she said that the CD plays a very important in discovering sookie’s true feelings. Is this referring to sam?

    • I hope that’s not what is happening ……Eric and Sookie has to find a way to end up with each other.

    • I think CH is talking about Sookie’s feelings in general about what she wants or needs in her life which will make her happy in the long run. I don’t think she meant it has something to do with Sam, at least when it comes to suddenly realizing she’s “in love” with him.

      And I also think the cd is the vehicle CH uses as a way for Sookie to finally deal with it. It forces her to discover and face her feelings head on.

  3. I’m pretty worried about that!! The CD that is….
    It will be so hiprocittical of Sookie to realize she loves Sam, I mean now she realizes? After saying it like a thousand times that she loves Erik? Maybe she said it to convince herself? I hope CH does not Do that cause a lot of people if not all her fans will be disappointed!! Nothing matters in the end if you truly love somebody, I mean having babies, growing old, everything becomes less important with time, you only care about being with the one you love for the rest of your life or for ever( in this case)! How can you love someone and have a shot at FOREVER and not take it??

    • Sookie is fairly practical, seems that she is smart enough to NOT take a “shot at Forever”. With all of the people around her that she loves, why would she want to become immortal and watch them all grow old and die? I cannot remember reading a time that she expressed wanting to become a vampire to be with the one she “truly” loved- if so, she would have asked Bill to turn her when they were first dating. This isn’t the selfish and bland Bella from Twilight that we are talking about here. I Am personally thrilled at the prospect of Sam and Sookie- a happy life with babies (after Tara, the want must be there), away from vampire politics and risking her life!

      • She would be bored within the first week, I don’t get what the big deal is about having babies. Her life will never be simple, it doesn’t matter who she’s with. Why would she want to bring a child into it? Plus, she could still hear his thoughts and that will be a problem. Sookie’s a fairy, and with Eric’s blood she’ll probably already be living longer than a normal human, she never has to become a vampire.

  4. if CH is going to be that predictable as a writer, then this is not an author that i will follow…she seems to follow the same pattern in all her series.

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