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Alexander Skarsgard appears on the cover and inside the summer 2012 issue of Bullett Magazine, aptly titled the “Sin” issue, and today Bullett Media have posted an interview with the viking on their website, as well as some of the pictures taken at  his colorful photo-shoot.

Alex talks about most of his recent and upcoming movie projects as well as True Blood. 

 “Bill and Eric have to set aside their disputes and team up. They bond in the process; they have no choice. There’s definitely a bit of a bromance going on there,” says Skarsgård, smiling. “It’s a little like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” referring to the Wild West outlaws immortalized on screen by Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

And his new vampire sibling Nora:

“Eric runs into someone very special,” says Skarsgård, referring to the new character, Nora (played by British actor Lucy Griffiths), Eric’s sister and a member of the Vampire Authority, a council of powerful bloodsuckers who control institutionalized vampire-dom across the globe. “There aren’t a lot of human people who Eric really cares about—he’s only loyal to a few,” Skarsgård says. “We saw his passion with his maker Godric, with Pam, and with Sookie. Nora is definitely just as important; she’s played a significant part in his life. She still does.”

Alex’s East co-star Brit Marling gave an interesting little insight in that particular project.

 The East stars Skarsgård as Benji, the strong- headed leader of a radical environmentalist collective that Marling’s character infiltrates. Marling’s search for the key part took an unexpected turn when she saw True Blood. “I remember thinking that the show was so fantastical, and yet he made me believe it,” she says. “He believes, therefore the audience believes—you find yourself willing to accept these completely preposterous things.” She wanted to cast a person who would “make you walk away from your desk job and go into the forest with them to start an insurrection.” Needless to say, it’s a hard role to pull off. “Alex was so ‘it’ from the beginning because he has this gravitas, this deep well of soulfulness and feeling. You would follow him into the woods.” On the second day of shooting, the cast was naked in frigid water, bathing one another for a scene. “When something like that happens on the second day, it cuts through all the insecurities and everyone gets really close, very quickly. The experience was so raw and intense.”

You can read the whole interview at Bullett here

Or if you prefer you can just stare at the extremely pretty pictures.

Happy Skarsgazing!

And don’t forget tomorrow is the True Blood Season 5 Red Carpet Premiere.  We’ll be bringing you all the photos and interviews from the event that really matter!

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18 comments on “Alex in Bullett Magazine

  1. Hahahaha… I love his sense of humor. The comment at the end about the lamb stew nearly sent me off the side of my bed laughing. He always sounds so amazingly fun and sweet in interviews that I would just LOVE to meet him. Omg, I totally want to work with him!!!

  2. I thought that this was a refreshing interview with a few new tidbits about Alex that I haven’t heard before. As usual, he sounds just like any other young man that is busy building his career and his craft. I really enjoyed the article very much and can’t wait for TB to begin so I can see his beautiful face once again.

  3. He is so dreamy and I love how he sat down o n the floor to eat with everyone else! It shows just how down to earth he is!

  4. I love the interview . What a terrific guy . I would have love to meet him . Wonderful actor .

  5. I’m sooooo confused right now. I thought Nora isn’t romantic involve in him like in Lucy Griffins said in her interview. But Alex says Nora’s most important to Eric now. I hope they didn’t do it w/ her this season.

    At least he have something after he got finish w/ the last ep of tb this season. LOL Poor Lamb. :)

    • well there is also another interview with ball and he kind of made some hints that there will be more between those too… I don’t really like TB Sookie, the writers have ruined her so at least ERic would get naked that waylol

    • She probably means as much to him as Pam does, it’s a family thing, doesn’t have to be romantic. That doesn’t mean they probably won’t do some stuff, though.

  6. God what a guy. I just know TB is going to piss us all off this season!

  7. I hope not he have to sex his sis,I will be pi** & stop watching it.

    • well they are not related by blood they just have the same maker, its not like the bill portia thing, which was just eww…

    • here is a quote of the tv guide article:
      Eric’s sister – they had the same maker, Godric – arrives to help her bro. Expect serious sibling…friction. “They don’t have the same boundaries that we do in human family arrangements,” Ball says with a laugh.

      • Yeah that just means they probably kiss like we saw ….lucy griffiths says that she has not gotten romantic with anyone and that interview was around eight episodes at that time,….I still think that Eric’s love scene this season is with Pam before he made her …..Nora and him has a history like him and Pam but his is so far gone on Sookie and dealing with the authority to be hooking up with someone it seema.


          • Wow, chill, are you actually paying attention to anyone’s comments? No one is saying he’s going to end up with Nora, or that they’re even remotely gonna have anything sexual. If it happens, it happens, not like it’s going to mean anything. I don’t want Eric to be betrayed by someone else he cares about.

        • but I want Eric to get at least a bunch of love scenes this season, they already will make bill hooking up with salome (so sick of him thrusting around lol) and True blood sookie has become really annoying, I can already imagine that it will be mainly about bill and eric trying to save sookie from Russel and sookie is sharing some longing loooks to both of them and bill wil ALWAYS be included, don’t think these scenes will be good to watch, so I rather see him with Nora, if Sookie becomes more likable again and the writers finally give her some brain then I might be more interested in the eric sookie pairing again…

  8. Maybe She turns out to be a counterpart like Sam’s werewolf ex-girlfriend from the book 12, she try to maniputate him to make Pam as a bad guy,because Sookie dumps him. But now because she want Eric all by herself.

  9. Thanks for the posting. LUV the photos. I caught wind of The East on Ellen Page’s site not too long ago. Looks to be amazing…

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