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For tonight’s (Day 19) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 post, I thought I’d share some spoilers TV Guide is revealing in their newest issue, which will be released on Thursday, May 31st. The issue is dated June 4-10, 2012.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

Below are the scans of Matt Roush’s article in this issue.

Special thanks to askarsgard.com for sharing these scans!

As an added bonusTV Guide also revealed this little spoiler in their Mega Buzz article!

I can’t wait for True Blood to come back. Is Tara dead? Please say yes. I am so over her. — Denny
NATALIE: We literally can’t answer this question, lest Alan Ball has us all staked. But we can tell you that the title of the season premiere is “Turn! Turn! Turn!” which is a song of Biblical extraction about profound change, like, say, dying, becoming a vampire or declaring your true sexuality. All three of these things will happen during this hour, but the question is: To whom? (Answer: Not all to the same person.)

Hmmm…sure sounds like we have a lot to speculate on the next couple of days!

Not to worry though…Michael Ausiello will probably tell us more, once he’s finished watching the first four episodes of True Blood, which he received in the mail earlier today! Check out what he shared on his Twitter page!

ME=WANT *sobs* Wish we could receive these too!

Thoughts and speculations? Feel free to share ’em below!

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10 comments on “TV Guide Spoilers & More

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  2. OMG…I HOPE HE WILL TELL US MORE THINGS ABOUT ERIC AND SOOKIE.,i know this season isn’t about them,but i still hope that, by the end of the season they will find a way to eachother…A GIRL CAN HOPE…

  3. Hope after he watching these eppys he comes up with his usual clever ways of giving us some spoilers, it should be interesting what he has to say about the fast approaching season.

    After reading the above article I am now wondering if Tara isn’t going to be under one of Laffy’s Brujo spells and may be become a Zombie or something like it?? It would be just like AB to turn the tables on us and get us to thinking that Pam will turn her and it will turn out to be something crazy-weird…………

  4. since when is Bill a sexy beast lol; that Tara is going to be turned is already known, they are not really good at keeping secrets,
    and the bromance picture makes me just yuck

  5. The thought of Bill being in every scene with Eric is just nauseating! He can’t be popular on his own. They will throw him in every scene with Eric then they can’t not mention him. Me thinks it’s going to be a long season!

  6. Is there really any doubt that Tara will be back, and turned into either a vampire or will show up often as a ghost. My bet is vampire turned by Pam. As for the bromance between Eric and Bill, not hating the idea. While I’m not a huge Bill fan and it really gripes me that AB and company treat Bill’s character like he were a god, Stephen Moyer is a terrific actor. He has done an excellent job of turning Bill into the boring most angst character of the century, and I’m hoping Eric can lighten him up a little.

  7. Debbie dead, of course, Tara turned and Newlin gay! Who would not turn gay for Jason Stackhouse? Newlin have great taste!!

  8. The bromance part kills me . I really don’t like it too much . Bill & Eric were enemies now they are buddies . Come on get real . Alan Ball loves making TB fans sick don’t he . I will definitely watch this season though . I love the show . Eric is the main reason & Pam

  9. They can call it whatever they want, those two will never be buddies.

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