True Blood Season 5 Premiere Peeks

It’s Day 21 of my fangalicious Fang-A-Thon 2012 posts!  Today, we’re switching it back to True Blood because…well, I have some juicy spoilerish videos to share with you! These were shown at the True Blood Season 5 premiere on May 30th at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles.

Who’s interested in seeing what’s in store for us in season 5?

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

Above image courtesy of Josh Kaplan

Here’s a few sneak peeks – thanks to E! Online!

Sneak Peek #1: Bill slacks off while Eric works hard.

Sneak Peek #2: Sookie wants to tell Alcide about Debbie’s demise.

Sneak Peek #3: Terry and Arlene tell Patrick about their house fire.

In the clip with Eric and Bill; the first thing that popped into my mind was Eric should come clean my house next! He’s very thorough, but yet puts some TLC into it. Kind of like how I would imagine he does while making love.

Who was Bill talking to over the phone? Why is Sookie surprised that Russell is still alive? I thought she knew he was only buried and that he wasn’t dead? Oh wait…that’s right! She’s taking Bill (of all people) at HIS WORD. *slaps head* This is right before she finds out how he betrayed and lied to her. I’m surprised she believed his lie about Russell, especially once Eric suddenly showed up at her door.

I see the continuity may be an issue again this year… :roll:

The Terry, Arlene and Patrick storyline is already boring me to tears. I have no comment other than, when did Terry and Arlene get married? Did I tune out that particular part? Please somebody remind me, because I tend to zone out when it comes to things I don’t find interesting or entertaining.

What are your thoughts after watching these? Please share ’em below!

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28 comments on “True Blood Season 5 Premiere Peeks

  1. this is horrible. Eric is cleaning bills house wtf? Ball is doing it again… Eric is bills bitch now thank you AB, thank you… and this is going to be from episode 1-12..meh…

  2. Whatever, I think watching him clean is sexy. It shows that he gives a damn while Bill really doesn’t, and I think he was talking to Jessica or just possibly leaving her a message or something. I’m assuming she has a phone. Terry and Arlene must have gotten married that year Sookie was gone, a lot happened then that we’re probably not aware of. Of course Alcide wants to play the big strong man and take Sookie in, so he can keep an eye on her.

  3. I thought the same thing! He can come over to my house anytime to clean :D
    It pisses me off of course,that Eric is cleaning BILLS house while the idiot is on the phone talking like a retarded pimp (also think he’s leaving a message for Jessica).

    But it shows Eric cares and doesn’t wanna get in trouble with the evidence right there, and also I wanna hear what bill replies to Eric calling him to help out. If he’s gonna reply something pompous and in the style of ”I’m the queen, you clean” and Eric takes it, I’m smashing the computer.

    • Yeah, but at least with the Authority’s arrival pretty soon after that scene, he will at least be taken off his high horse.

  4. Ah some spoilers…….What can I say, that hasn’t already been said?? I agree with the cleaning up comments and all the rest.

    The only thing I want to ask is, What is going on with Terry, is he a telepath too now????? I really didn’t understand that. Was he the one who started the fire? He was mind talking with Patrick, WTF??? Just another storyline to take time away from whats’ really important to the show, which is Eric and the other vamps.

    • no no, you should rewatch that clip, there’s no mind talking going on there :D I personally think that that Patrick guy knows something about Terry (which has to do with fire, something must have happened, ooooor maybe he’s a pyromaniac or has some power..I doubt my last 2 options though) wouldn’t be surprised if there would be some flashback of Terry and Patrick right after this clip.

  5. Terry and Arlene meh……who cares. Not me. I guess we are back to slime ball Beehl being queen and Eric cleaning up for him. It’s just wrong, Eric is the older vampire in this …………….God I hate what Ballsack has done.

  6. On the Eric and bill snippet… I took it more showing bill is incompetent to know you need to clean the scene to hide evidence.

    Then you set ur stories.

  7. Thanks for posting! I actually loved the Eric cleaning and wanting help after it’s done! I wonder if Alcide’s eyes will glow with anger…lol!

  8. Just thought of something else. The fact that Eric is cleaning and knowing how to use a broom and dust pan is a BIG change between the books and the show. Remember when Sookie made him try to clean up and was surprised she found something he couldn’t do?

    TB FAIL.

    • Darn it… You’re right. It’s gonna be a frustrating season again for us Eric lovers.
      Also looks like bill will be more ” important” etc the whole season. Nothing new there…

  9. I was looking forward to S5 in hope that they’ll learn from their mistakes in S4 but seeing this was just terrible …Eric cleaning up and Bill talking on the phone – sorry but cannot stomach that…it seems they will continue with that Eric we saw in the last 2 episodes – don’t like it at all… and hate this bromance…it will only get worse

    continuity problem – yeap big time.!.
    Sookie forgetting that Eric did not intend to kill Russell – OK Bill told her that Russell was dead and she believed him…but it seems that .Eric/Bill are in it together in her mind – the word ‘THEY’ drives me mad – Alicide used it earlier in the scene (they didn’t tell you) and now Sookie – it was Bill!

    • agree with your whole comments. and Really don’t get it why I am getting dislikes just because I am honest; and it is like it eric just gets treated like a supporting character on the show, moyer is the lead, probably even more than paquin, anyone should be already aware of that…

  10. I liked how Eric said can you wrap it up? I could use some help here and the looks for frustration he was giving him.

    I am sorry but Sookie’s comment of “He’s three thousand years old, what were they thinking, leaving him alive?”

    SMFH! Sookie, you knew Eric was not going to kill him and make him suffer instead. Bill on the other hand told you Russell was gone! Have these writers ever heard of looking at the shit they wrote before? Continuity is not too much to ask for!!!

  11. Omg and I still had a tiny weenie hope for season 5 but WTH? Eric doing the cleaning for Beehl? Not cool,this is way too out of character! bye bye first episode, call me when Eric starts being Eric again, is there a chance this can happen?

    • I am with you. Between the piggy back rides, housecleaning and Alex talking about caring i have seen and heard enough! Last season felt like the show had become a parody of both the books and itself but these clips gave me the impression that it is now a parody of the book and eric fans, a roast almost. I have a long post I would love to write but am on mobile for a few days and can’t. Rest assured I can only quote forrest gump ” sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks” or bad words!!!!!

  12. I really don’t like her not being with Eric, and I really don’t like Jessica either

  13. Wow, you guys are sure getting all worked up over a couple of scenes. I would at least wait until the whole episode airs before getting pissed off.

    • Have to agree. I myself don’t like Bill, and I get why hardcore book fans are pissed off, but the show and the books haven’t been similar for a long time. Bill is always going to have a big role (although I think he’ll die in the end) and they said that from now on it’s drawing pieces from all books, so we can no longer predict what will happen at all based on the books. I’m fine with that because I separated the books and the show a long time ago. I admit that the writing for S4 went downhill, especifically for ep. 9-12 (10 would have been very good if it weren’t for one line) but I can still enjoy the show as it is for what it is. With time TV shows often have this problem w/ the writing not being up to par. I’m just happy that the season seems to have a lot of vampire stuff and I’ll take whatever I can get of Eric, Pam, Jason, Sookie, Lafayette, and the other vampires (besides Bill).

      • I agree, Ash! :) I’m looking forward to this season too…even though there probably won’t be very many scenes where Eric and Sookie are alone and together. :( But I still get excited about the show. There are many things that are wrong with it…but there are a number of things about it I find entertaining too. I guess I’m always flip-flopping back and forth, because sometimes I get so angry at AB and the changes he has made; one minute…the next I’m loving it. Lol

  14. I agree with you Tammy, just wait until the midway point of the season about eight episodes or more then if its a crappy season you will know by then…..if your looking for Eric and Sookie scenes then you’ll be sadly disappointed because there probably won’t be any…..I think in the finale there might be some …..but you should know that before you gwt all hot and bothered before you watch this season.

    • I think we can already find out if its going to be crappy in the first 3 episodes, episode 8 its almost over again… but atm it doesn’t really look that good; and Ball seems to write the last episode… and I don’t think this is a good thing…

      • Absolutely not giving a first night number from my box!! Refuse to let anyone get the mistaken impression that this is cool anymore!

    • We won’t be getting any of Eric and Sookie alone, I’m sure about that. Bill will unfortunately always be tagging along. I just hope there won’t be anymore threesomes, in dreams or reality.

  15. OMG OMG OMG OMG…………CAN I HAS MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooh…….i cannot wait until the premiere it’s gonna rock. yay! saturday going to pick up some true blood for the premiere :) yay!

  16. I was at the premiere and it was a great event! I made a little slide show with a little live footage and posted it on you tube. here’s the link

    My wife and I met a lot of the cast, and they were all super nice. Jason (Ryan) is awesome!!!

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