TV Line’s Spoiler Alert Reveals More True Blood Season 5 Spoilers

For my fangalicious (Day 24) Fang-A-Thon post for today, I figured I’d share with you some more True Blood Season 5 spoilers in video form once again! This comes to us from TV Line.com where they discussed Mad Men and Private Practice as well as True Blood in this edition of their “Spoiler Alert” videos.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video…just skip ahead to the 3-minute mark of the video to find out what the True Blood cast revealed to TV Line!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

This is what TV Line teased as to what you’ll find out by watching this video!

Megan Masters’ red-carpet interviews with the cast and creator Alan Ball at the HBO hit’s premiere! Among the spoilers to which I should alert you before you watch, she finds out:

* that this is the season of “church and state”
* that we’ll learn Eric and Pam’s backstory
* the nature of Eric’s relationship with his sister
* how holier-than-thou Steve takes to life as a fanger
* how Russell is different this time around
* and, last but not least, which blood-sucker will fall madly in love when he least expects to!

Does this pique your curiosity? Watch the video below!

For me, I’m looking forward to finding out Eric and Pam’s history the most. Followed by Eric and Nora. I’m also intriqued by what Denis O’Hare said about how Russell has changed after being buried and Russell falling in love. As well as what Michael McMillian said about Steve Newlin and how he feels about being a vampire. My money is riding on Russell falling in love with Steve Newlin. And I can’t wait to hear Pam’s ‘Walmart one-liner’!

For those who have strong feelings about Tara, here’s a pic I took from a screencap of this video!

LMAO! Sorry, I couldn’t resist, when I saw some of her facial expressions!

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share ’em below!

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25 comments on “TV Line’s Spoiler Alert Reveals More True Blood Season 5 Spoilers

  1. It looks like Pams stuff will b good, at least Ausiello says that, hope that the flashback will be good at least. the rest of the stuff, the bromance stuff I am not interested in… matchng clothes and so on, have seen enough of that…

    and BAll likes the ERic nora relationship, oh great AB, this was probably your idea…

  2. I hope Eric /Nora are not getting busy . That is way to fast for him to be moving on . Pam i love counting down to the days . Yeah!!!!!!

  3. There are soooo many ways you can interpret the information received in this video. I just don’t know, but it does sound like this may be the best season yet with Russell coming back, etc. The one thing that struck me was what Denis said about Russells’ romantic interest and I hope its’ not who I think it is. So I’m just gonna leave it at that, as I’m still pondering and thinking over the video.

    I do know that I am waiting with baited breath for next Sunday…………

  4. It doesn’t seem like Russell would actually fall for Steve, but I don’t know who else it could be. Newlin is so different from Talbot, but maybe that’s what he’s looking for.

  5. I am very sure too, that Russell is going to fall in love with Steve….this is going to be great…LOL

  6. Thanks Erika, I enjoyed that. I love MicMac and DoH so much – I absolutely want Russell and Steve to fall in love :)
    And can’t wait for Pam’s back story.
    So the finale will have lots of cliffhangers – there’s a surprise lol.

    • I think I called that one, didn’t I…in another post? ;) For as much as AB thinks he’s so unpredictable…he really isn’t. LOL

  7. I think I known who’s is that Russell fall in luv w/,but he’s not Steve. I got funny feeling before they did season 5,this special someone had lost his lover too,like Russell did w/ Tablot. This person’s 1 of my favorite characters on the show.

    I would luv to see those duo goes 2gether!!!!

    • If you’re referring to Lafayette, I seriously hope not. The last thing he would add to his life is drama with a vampire, especially with what happened to Tara.

    • If you’re talking about Lafayette…I don’t think so. I think he’ll be too busy with Tara and Sookie, and his witch stuff to be involved with Russell.

      • Yeah, and I think Russell prefers vampires.

        • And you all hit the replay button cause Denis said “we shared or we were sharing a body” so it implies that it’s a vampire, and please please god don’t let it be Eric I would hate that! Eric and Talbot=sexy but Eric and russel I don’t know, they just don’t…….. it has to be Steve or better even… Beehl!!!

          • There’s no way, especially not since Eric was the one who killed Talbot. Russell probably only has vengeance on his mind where he’s concerned. Bill would be sweet, but again, it’s not likely.

          • nah Bill is even too unappealing for Russel, who the hell would want this creepy guy ew…

          • Russell is creepy, too, so it would be a perfect match. I just want someone to take him away.

        • Oh c’mon!!!! I think they would be a wonderful couple. Probably he helps him to put Talbot to rest. Beside Denis says he’s going to met his new lover later on this season Remember 5×10 the guard ensort someone’s progeny. I think it’s Tara,Laffy get Eric & Bill to free Tara. I think he’s in a cab when they were shooting ep11.

          I hope not Eric & Nora do it each others all time. I’m confused right now,Lucy says they have their bro-sis relationship. But Alex says Nora meant any than more to Eric. I don’t known what’s going on those two. But it doesn’t look good. =(

          Pam’s shopping at Wal-mart??? I thought they supposed use that scene for season 4. In the book 4,Sookie asked Jason to get some cloths & Tru Blood for Eric,because he’s wearing a blanket & his speedo. LOL I didn’t believe they used that part. But Now they uses that part for Tara????!!!!! :O

          • Lafayette has been through enough, the last thing he needs is Russell to cause problems for him.

  8. russel and steve? “borderline pornography”….. That’s gonna be awesome. I love some good twists and turns.

  9. Borderline pornography, you say? Bring it on! xD

  10. I’m excited to see Pam’s story with Eric. Anything else is just AB fanfiction.

  11. I don’t care what the story line is. Alan Ball is just going to screw it up. I will only be watching to see me some Alex/Eric. To hell with all of the rest especially Sookie and Beehl. Thank god for DVR to scan and pause to puke. I am just saying…

    • I was alittle hasty with saying all of them… I do love AB’s Pam and would like to follow her a bit, but that is it! Sorry. Looks like I will be reading alot of fanfiction this season especially with the POS Deadlocked.

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