Camilla Luddington Talks True Blood Season 5

In today’s (Day 25) fangalicious Fang-A-Thon post, I’m going to share with you an interview with Camilla Luddington, who plays Claudette (Claudine’s sister) in True Blood Season 5!  As you bookies may remember, Claudette died before we ever got to know her in the book series. We have only gotten to know her through what Claudine and Claude revealed in the series.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

Here is a portion of what she shared in the interview with True Blood Wetpaint.

Tell me what’s new on True Blood!

What isn’t new? This season is going to be incredible. I play a fairy called Claudette. Sookie’s fairy godmother was called Claudine and she got killed off and I’m her sister.

So I am helping Sookie discover more about her past that she didn’t know and uncover what it means to be a fairy and have powers and all that kind of good stuff that she may need in the future.

So do you have a big arc — can you say?

It’s a big arc but um, I have not got the finale script yet so I don’t even know what happens to me in the end, so we’ll see.

You could die!

You could always die. It’s True Blood! There are vampires walking around. Yeah. You don’t know! We’ll see.

So you were a fan of the show before you tried out?

I was a massive fan of the show. I geeked out completely when I got it and every second on set, I’m geeking out. I’ve watched it since day one, for years now, so I’m excited!

If you would like to read more from this interview, please click here!

I don’t know about you, but I’m very curious to see how they write the role of Claudette.  As you know, all of the fairy stories which have been featured on True Blood, have ended up being EPIC FAILS. I wonder if this one will end up the same? I do hope that Sookie will learn how to use her powers wisely, because that has been an EPIC FAIL too.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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5 comments on “Camilla Luddington Talks True Blood Season 5

  1. I’m sure she will have nothing to do with getting Eric and Sookie back together, so it’s already an epic fail to me. Oh but wait she will probably tell Sookie why she should get back with Beehl.

    • Doubtful, fairies don’t like vampires in general. And with Claudine’s reaction to Bill finding his way to the fairy world, I don’t think they would be convincing Sookie to get back with him. She doesn’t need anyone to convince her, she’ll likely do it all on her own.

    • likely to happen. Alan ball is writring the last episode meh…

  2. Queen Beehl oh i hope she don’t lead her back to him . She owe Eric time like she did Beehl they went almost 3 seasons with that . She need to be with Eric give him a chance . She will not be sory he loves her .

  3. I think that if the writers play it smart (fat chance!!) they will have Claudette teach Sookie to use her powers with more control and I hope that Sookie also discovers that she has additional powers that will be to her advantage and she becomes a much stronger character than she has been in the past. I know, I know thats’ wishful thinking on my part but since they trashed her character thats’ what I’ve been secretly hoping that between Claude and Claudette they will teach Sookie to be stronger, smarter and able to win her Viking back. Screw Bill!!!! I don’t care………..

    Can’t wait, only a few more days now……………..

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