Trivia Contest: Gimme Four Before Five

We have a contest you should enter, and you should excel at this one! Read on to find out more!

Our good friends over at True Blood on Twitter wanted us to pass along this message to you!

True Blood Season 4 / Dead to the World Trivia Contest

Are you an Ultimate True Blood Fan? An expert on Amnesia Eric?

Want a chance to prove it and win a True Blood Season 4 DVD set?

Here’s your chance…on Thursday June 7th at 8pm Central!

Join TBonT at Fangtasia for

True Blood Season 4 / Dead to the World Trivia Contest

live on Twitter hosted by @Eric_ofArea5

Trivia questions will be focused entirely on Season 4 of True Blood and

Book 4 (Dead to the World) of the SVM series!

Contest Details

  • Play as an individual
  • You must have a Twitter account and follow @TBTriviaMaster
  • Send a DM that you want to enter the contest. (Eligible entrants must not have won any other TBoT Trivia contests in the past 12 months)
  • After the Question has been posted, send your answer via DM to @TBTriviaMaster
  • Only answers that are DMed will be accepted.
  • All Answers must begin with the number of the question being answered in order to be considered.
  • First Correct Response will be Awarded 5 points
  • Second Correct Response will be Awarded 3 points
  • Third Correct Response will be Awarded 1 point

Person with the most accumulated points at the end of the contest wins this

  • In the event of a tie, there will be a ‘Sudden Death’ Playoff where participants will be asked questions in turn, if someone cannot answer their question correctly, then it may be thrown over to the remaining participant(s) to answer. First person to answer a question correctly after all participants have been asked a question will be the winner.
  • Questions will be asked from both the HBO True Blood Show and the Charlaine Harris, Southern Vampire Mystery book series (Sookie Stackhouse Novels).

Open to all twitter fans of the show and books. Follow @TBTriviaMaster to DM. Please send your Twitter username to @TBTriviaMaster by 10PM CST, June 6th to sign up. You must be signed up to participate.

We hope to see many of you taking part in this one. If anybody knows Book 4 (Dead To The World)…it’s us!

Good luck to all who enter!

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2 comments on “Trivia Contest: Gimme Four Before Five

  1. would rather win book 4 (even though I already have it) thatn the season 4 box, which was just a huge disappointment…

  2. I already have both. If it was a signed copy, that would be another story.

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