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True Blood Season 5 appears in the “Stay Indoors” feature of the new issue of US Weekly and thanks to Barbara at skarsgardfans, we can bring you scans of the short article below.

Of course Alan Ball can’t resist bringing up the love triangle of doom, reminding us that Sookie will never be able to sever her ties with Eric and that other guy.

More intriguing is his little snippet about a family agreement made hundreds of years ago that is going to impact on our luckless heroine.  I smell the distinct whiff of  Stackhouse related fairies in there and it doesn’t smell good. Could this be a farewell gift to fans from Alan during his big finale?

Only 6 more days until we start to get some answers!

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8 comments on “True Blood in US Weekly

  1. Absolutely love this line……Sookie will never be able to sever her ties with Eric and that other guy. LOL!

  2. This is the way I look at it…

    1. I like the bromance idea of Eric and the other guy because that means that, at least, Sookie isn’t with the other guy. While I absolutely want E/S together (and they most certainly belong together), keeping her from the other guy is better than Sookie and the other guy actually being together. Besides, I thought that Eric and the other guy’s verbal exchange at the stake last year was funny. If we get some comedy from that so be it…Alex can be utterly hysterical! (And yes I’m not even going to give the other guy the satisfaction of mocking his name…He shall not be named…It’s bad enough the pompous dork is the King…)

    2. Hopefully the fairy storyline will, maybe, keep Sookie from The Wolf. They have as much chemistry as a dishmop and a broom in a broom closet.

    3. Six more days?!? AAAAGH!

  3. I was torn last night between being depressed that it was the season finale of GoT and happy that meant next Sunday is TB. My husband thought I was nuts.

    Of course, I was also emotional because I finished the first draft of my screenplay, and I always get worked up after completing the first phase of a big project…. Still, he thought I was crazy. Lol.

    My bet is on some stupid arranged fairy marriage. That would be ridiculous enough and throw more twists into the romantic love triangle… square if you count Alcide… pentagon if you count Sam. (Anyone else in Louisiana wanna join in?) Might as well have Sookie consider giving up men altogether and hook up with Pam while they’re at it. *bangs head on wall*

    Yikes. I’m realizing more and more that my happiness about seeing TB start up again is due to sheer anxious morbid curiosity at what ridiculous things they’ve done now, combined with a desire to see Alex as often as possible, and further piqued by the added sex appeal of Chris Meloni.

    • Oh my gosh…Mel! I completely agree with you!! I also have the same morbid curiosity to see what ridiculousness they have instore for us next!! I don’t watch GoT but I turned to HBO just before the show the past coupla weeks, looking for a preview and maybe some Alex!porn. Nothing like last season (the ONLY reason I liked last season was all the Alex nakedness…ok, and the Amnesia!Eric wasn’t all that bad either! *smirk*) but I’ll certainly take what I can get. But the things he does to tank tops…whew…

      And Chris Meloni will be awesome! I have friends who are *this* close to watching TB (though never had any interest in it before) just to see Chris because they miss him on SVU. Lord knows I talk enough about Alex…they know my obsession… LOL

  4. alan ball and his stupid love triangle. no one likes it, and can’t you just leave out your precous bill finally? hrg… at least when he is gone next season he won’t do the interviews anymore, most of the time I just want to slap him…

    the bromance will be horrible to watch, because ball will somehow turn bill into the leader, he also always mentions bill at first and like he is sookies soulmate *eyeroll*; Now eric is hooking up with nora, and bill will get some piece from salome (ew don’t want to see that) and Sookie might be with Alcide, because ball loves all the stupid team wars…

  5. I hope faeries didn’t arrange her get marry to her grand-grand cousin Claude to become his queen & save their race. Eww

    Or Maybe Godric made an agreement w/ faeries while back before he turned Nora. I think that agreement’s let faeries in peace & live by human,hidden among vampires. I think something do w/ Godric banished Nora,I got funny feeling it have involves w/ Sookie since she’s little. Godric told Eric when the time he die & it’s up to Eric to protect Sookie. I think he brought the house becuz that.

    Or it has something do w/ baby because Anna’s pregant in real life. Maybe Gay Al makes Sookie’s pregant too & the child have play a key that saving the faeries’ race.

    Or Gay Al stole an idea from Holly Black’s 1st book, http://www.blackholly.com/tithe.html

  6. I want to see how this works out . But i am ready to watch this season . . This is my favorite show. Glad it is back .

  7. Well, ladies only 5 more days and then we’ll see the debacle that Allan Ball made of his final season of this show. I hope that its’ as good as it sounds, and that we all wouldn’t be disappointed as much as we were in the “season of the witch” last year.

    I share the feelings of Mel and Snarkland as to the coming season. I say, “bring it on”.

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