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Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer, all are featured in portraits for Emmy Magazines “For Your Consideration” issue. ETonline has got a sneak peek at the photo shoot and published the pictures with a few little snippets from the 3 actors here

And of course the pictures were just far too pretty for us not the share them with you at E&SL.

You know, if you catch him in the right light and get his good side, that Skarsgard guy isn’t bad looking at all really is he?

Thanks to our friend Monica for the heads up!

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25 comments on “Emmy Magazine Portraits

  1. Not bad looking at all, and as I said in FB, I love the one of all three of them because they made it so easy to crop Bill right out;)

  2. there will never be a picture with just Eric and sookie never…of course the husband always has to be included…its just disturbing, its just obvious that its kind of a hindrence for a real eric sookie pairing on the show… ball sees moyer as his lead and his alter ego *eyeroll*; its just annoying because there is enough evidence out there that most people just don’t care for the bill sookie pairing…

    • We’ve had pictures of both of them together before, just not since season 3.

      • well yes, but there was always a bill and sookie one coming afterwards, there is rarely jist an eric sookie one also because ball loves bill and he is his leading male

        • I don’t think these photoshoots even have anything to do with Ball, he’s not in charge of them.

  3. You know, I hate Bill but I almost feel guilty because Stephen Moyer seems like such a nice guy! That may sound bad but there it is.

    Of course Alex looks amazing, as always, and that pink is a great color for Anna.

    • I almost feel guilty too. LOL I’ve heard he’s really funny and a sweet guy too…too bad he plays the role of Eric’s rival, or I’d like him better. ;)

      • Stephen Moyer is a nice guy from what people say but his character Bill is just horrible and not likeable at all. He knows that Alan Ball likes him much more than should and is elevated to a level he doesn’t deserve.

    • Nothing wrong with that, I like Stephen, I just can’t stand Bill. Unlike other certain people, I know the difference between reality and fiction.

      • I hate those situations where the character is horrid but the actor is anything but. I guess that’s why they call it acting. LOL I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall of Alex and Stephen’s filming. I bet they are a riot between takes.

        But for me it’s always gonna be Eric and Sookie. Which is why I’m here. NO sympathy at all for Queen Beeehl.

        • That happens a lot, I seriously loathe Klaus on Vampire Diaries, but I adore Joseph Morgan. It just shows how good of an actor they are.

  4. I hope she ends up w/ Eric at the end of this season. At least Anna still have Steve in her life. They are 2gether in real life,but that doesn’t meant Sookie & Bill are soulmates. I don’t even get why people can’t tell the different between fact or fake,they need some help. I hope Gay Al gets straight that Sookie & Bill aren’t REAL,THEY ARE fiction characters. Billy Boy’s TOTALLY LYING DOUCHBAG!!! OH MAN HE DIDN’T BELIEVE THAT SH*T.

    • while alan ball is on the show, there will never be an eric sookie ending, and the other writers probably also got influenced by his bill love.

      • Well, maybe some people want to still have hope that there will be. If that’s the case, more power to them.

      • you didn’t known that,Laura. Why you being totally b**th all time? This’s his last season & he’s working on other stuff,that abortion Clinic show & that supernatural show Banshee. You’re acting like there’s no hope for Eric & Sookie,but I believe it is. We have to wait at the end of the season. Let hope Gay Al didn’t kill Eric the last ep he wrote.

        • And calling Ball Gay Al all the time is so much better lol.
          well don’t cry out loud when nothing is going to happen or sookie forgives bill once again; keeping your hopes up after season 4 is so lol

  5. Thanks for posting this Evie, I really enjoyed the pics of them all. I know you where kidding about Alex, ’cause he doesn’t in recent memory at least take a “bad” pic….LOL
    The pics must have been taken a little bit ago, as Anna isn’t showing at all in these.

  6. They look great! Thanks

  7. Beautiful photos..thanks for posting and for all the hard work you guys do!

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