Opinions Are Like DOT DOT DOT…

Well, it is once again time for one of my lovely fang-pinions and it might not be pretty so there is a caution warning attached to this post! Read at your own risk.

As most of you know, I am pretty damn vocal about my opinions and will stick to them like glue. However, with that being said, that does not mean I am not open to hearing other people’s opinions. I will not sit idly by though while the ones who offer up their ‘negative’ or otherwise opinions where True Blood is concerned are being labeled as ‘haters’ or ‘hate-sites’. Do people not realize how this sounds to others? It sounds STUPID and pretty damn hateful in and of itself is how it sounds. It sounds even more ridiculous to hear that the ‘sites’ that have these opinions are mostly ‘book’ sites and lovers of the ‘SSN’.

I hear this all the time and I quite frankly am tired of reading it wherever I go. It makes me feel really stabby and has me lashing out with a resounding

The last time I checked EVERYONE was entitled to their own opinion as well as to VOICE it. I appreciate hearing all kinds of opinions, even if it goes against my own. This is the way of the world and there is another option if you do not like my(or other(s) said “OPINION’ and that is you do not have to read it. Hearing another person’s point of view helps to see things in a different light, and to come out with maybe a different way to look at a situation. It is why debates were made to happen in this world because there is a better understanding of a scenario to be had and it is how we all grow as individuals. Why can’t people feel free to express what’s on their mind, whether it be positive or negative? Food for thought, people, food for thought!

So my FANG-PINION for this upcoming season of TRUE BLOOD is to not label people as ‘HATERS’ simply because they do not share your opinion. This whole fandom will be a much better place without all those kinds of comments! With that being said, a person can always stick to the old adage, ‘OPINIONS ARE LIKE… in that everyone has one, so let them have it without all the immature backlash and the reposting of their opinion on TUMBLR so that everyone can get their knickers in a twist! I have one word for those kinds of immature tactics:

*DISCLAIMER: We here at Eric and Sookie lovers are not a hate site, we are a shipper site and it goes without saying that anything that we dislike in regards to our favorite couple, we are going to voice it. Just like if there is something we love about our couple, we are going to share it too. We are fans just like you, and we know how you feel. We feel like this is a give and take kind of relationship. We enjoy sharing and reading your comments, while we hope you enjoy visiting and voicing your opinion(s). We all have one thing in common and that’s how much we love Eric and Sookie together as a couple.*

Poster of this site are allowed to share their thoughts both negative and positive because 1. they need to feel free to express their opinion(s) and 2. that we can’t be positive or negative 100% of the time and 3. it opens up discussions and debates that we love having here at this site.

If there is something that we did not like in the book series, that will be discussed as well, although those are very few and far in between. At this point in time, there just happens to be more happening in the show that most of us DO NOT like and WILL NOT like so until there is something to comment on about that we DID love, negative comments are to be expected about a show that used to hold so much promise, if not for the continuity issues.

Feel free to sound off on my/our FANG-PINION below, just remember that if you bite, I/we are sure to bite back, TEN FOLD! ;) JUST KIDDING!!!!

From all of us at Eric and Sookie Lovers…DOT DOT DOT!

About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

20 comments on “Opinions Are Like DOT DOT DOT…

  1. I am looking forward to Season 5 and to Book 13. It seems like things on TB are never what we think they will be. I will reserve judgment for now. Bring on the Northman, because hell he is the best.

    • There are some things that I am looking forward to seeing as well and I am willing to wait and see what happens. We shall see what happens, you know I will give my heart-felt opinion….lol!

  2. This season is going to be great! Don’t judge the season from just clips. The clips may deceive you.

    • I would never say that I have always been happy with AB or CH has done with our favorite characters but you are absolutely correct. The promos are edited together in such a way to mislead.

      And for viewers who are really watching what AB is up to, I am still convinced just keep watching. I remember the whole soul mates comment by AB, and people are still livid about that. Step away from the ledge folks, Sookie is Bill’s redemption to a higher level. They are not the end game.

      Bring it Alan Ball, I am ready for your drama.

    • I can’t wait for this season because I’m really interested in The Authority stuff and King Russell! And yes, AB LOVES to deceive…LOL

      • I too am interested in the Authority and I hope they make it really good, something needs to redeem the show and the ‘bromance’ will not cut it for me. Eric and Bill work better when they are mortal enemies, it is more fun for me!

  3. I just wanted to sneak in here and kind of give my two cents…

    You can add these to the numbered list in the post.
    4. As much as it pains me to say this, we can’t all agree 100% of the time. Some people are going to feel differently than others. All we’re asking is for people to not judge other people based on their opinions. They are entitled to them, just like you.

    5. If you DO have a different opinion than others (and we’ve noticed that there has been a lot of negativity lately in our comments) we encourage you to speak up if you feel positively about something. Who knows? Maybe you’ll turn their frown upside down? I know I find it a welcome to relief to read comments that are positive, instead of negative. Negativity weighs you down and it’s not healthy.

    6. Speaking for my staff…we are excited about TB too! We wouldn’t devote precious time writing interesting posts to you, (and in my case, money) if we didn’t. We are not looking to pick on things in Season 5, but we aren’t afraid share our opinions with you either. Just like there’s many of you, there are many of us. Some of us love the show (even though Eric and Sookie aren’t the same way they are in the books), and some of us are in a wait and see kind of mode. We’re open to many different points of view. :)

  4. AMEN SISTER! It’s like you’re in my head about all this. I have been the victim of a drive by tumbler beating by the petty (bitches) that call themselves Bill fans on another site. I have been literally driven out of The Nest by the nest of vipers that frequent that site. I firmly believe that the vast majority of ugliness out there is precipitated by this (small but very vicious) fandom of Bill/Sookie shippers. These women hang out in the strangest places and make every attempt to either hog every conversation or shout down anyone that dares to differ with them. I have run into them on Charlaines website, HBO True Blood talk pages (ridiculousness that it is) The Nest, The Vault and Facebook. That being said…you are also dead on about Eric/Sookie fans of both show and books having very little to look forward to according to what’s out there in the spoilers/sneak peaks so far. I would love to be proven wrong on this and will gladly stand up and admit my mistaken cynicism loudly and publicly! Any self respecting fan of SVM, pre-True Blood could take no position other than the ones found on this site and my other favorite, Sookieverse! We are not the crazies here and suffer no delusions regarding the bait and switch fed to us by AB & Co in an attempt to keep us watching. This is SOOKIE’s journey not Bill’s! Sookie’s journey has, for the majority of this series included Eric (My lover) Northman. Bill has no place in this other than a former lover, and recent friend and neighbor. The travesty of force-feeding Bill down our throats as a viable suitor and KING FOR GOSH SAKE is deserving of a revolt by book lovers and book writers everywhere. It is also to the detriment of Bill’s real life actor SM, who is by all accounts a lovely man undeserving the venom often spewed his way. But then we didn’t create this mess, didn’t fan the flames of the team wars and certainly didn’t ask for the wonderful books and characters created by Charlaine Harris to be gutted, twisted, whored out and made unrecognizable, did we? Allan Ball did that and the sad part is that he is laughing at us all the way to the bank! RANT OVER!

    • wow peecan that was a mouthful and agree with what you said, especially about the mess that AB created with the suitor war.

      • Thanks, been saving that up for a while due to the limitations of my clumsy fingers on my iphone while travelling! Also, love FUBAR! My military mom heart sings to hear this personal favorite description of messed up things in the mainstream!

    • Hear, Hear Peecan!!!!!! I wish I could express my feelings like you do. You’ve said what I’ve felt since the beginning of TB and couldn’t put into words. Thanks for expressing yourself, and in extention, me. You go girl!!!!

  5. I’m only excited to see Alexander Skarsgård and as long he’s in TB I will see it despite the things I don’t like.

  6. Hear hear – great post Nymerias. I try and limit my negative comments cause I just end up as “angry poster #75″ but sometimes its good to vent especially after the disaster of S4. And its good to vent with likeminded people. But, I am looking forward to seeing Skars (I don’t say Eric because they are still screwing this character over for bill) in S5 and can’t wait for Russell and Rev Newlin.

  7. I so agree that we all have a right to our opinion, and it would be a pretty boring world if we all agreed. I’m looking forward to season 5 and my all time fave character Eric. I have nothing against Bill both in the books and on the show. I just think he is a dull character, and I just hate the way AB try’s to canonize him.

    • Yeah I agree I find Bill boring and dull as well. He just does nothing for me nor does he bring anything to the table. What bugs me most about this show is that it has so much potential to be GREAT but all we get is stupid plots that make no sense. We shall see what happens though.

  8. I admit, I have never read the books, but I do plan on it. I am completely addicted to the series & even got my boyfriend interested as well (although I think it’s cuz he has the hots for Jessica & Pam, but he’s watching with me…I’ll take it). That being said, I think when you really get into a story like True Blood, Vampire Diaries (my other Fave…even though i’m not a teenager…) or any soap opera/serial type show, the characters become somewhat real to you. And if you don’t have a best friend to discuss and analyze the latest episode with, a fan site is an awesome place to do this. We tend to talk about these characters as if they are real living breathing creatures and not just the figment of some very creative writers imagination. I think we should be able to do that without negativity or use, what my grandmother use to call “positive criticism”. We don’t have to like and agree on everything. If we did, we wouldn’t need a fan site to discuss the latest episodes, or the “faerie” tale couple that we love so much.

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