True Blood Entertainment Weekly Covers

Ok it’s now official, Alexander Skarsgard is trying to kill us today. That cover photo is just SO Eric Northman it makes me want to break down and weep (until I remember he is back in 4 days time – yeah!).

Entertainment Weekly has released 11 new True Blood covers, and yes I do mean 11 .

Naturally they include our leading lady, Miss Sookie Stackhouse.

And this rather awesome one of Eric’s awesome progeny Pam, looking completely awesome.

They also have some new stills including this one from Fangtasia.

You can check out all the 11 covers here

And if you’re feeling flush you can even order the whole lot right here

And don’t forget to let us know which are your favorites and which one you will be fighting in the aisles to buy.

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16 comments on “True Blood Entertainment Weekly Covers

  1. The Eric Northman cover is so coming to my house as soon as I can find it! Totally HOT!

  2. Oh, I subscribe to EW, so I hope that I get the Eric cover. I can’t believe that there are 11 different covers…… With the kind of luck I have, I’ll probably get the one with Beehl.Blech!!!!! I. want. Eric.

    • I subscribe as well and I am hoping that we will get multiple covers (they do that sometimes) BUT I was not willing to take my chances…got my Eric cover today! I like the Eric cover (obviously!) and Pam looks fabulous. I never write letters to the editor but I just might have to in this case…aren’t journalists supposed to be unbiased? Who ever said that Sookie and Bill were meant to be together? That’s just a matter of opinion and not ours right? :)

      • Not even close, that’s the opinion of delusional people who probably haven’t watched the show beyond season 3 or read the books. I didn’t care to read the article myself, there’s no point when I already know how ridiculous it is. I just like to look at the pictures.

    • Oh you guys, I’ve cursed myself… I just got my EW in todays’ mail and I did get the stupid Beehl cover (sob) so now it looks like I’ll have to go out this weekend and try and find a copy of Erics’ cover…..Oh boo Hoo, I’m a bit sad now.

      Just had to let ya’ll know!!!

      • omg. I would destroy it and throw it away. I already thought that they might use the bill ones for the people who get it delivered, because no one would buy it in a shop lol

  3. the best ones are Eric; pam and jessica and sookie, the other ones not so much. And of course Alcide has to show his muscles again lol, and the Bill one made me crack up, whats going on with his mouth and his hair?
    peopel who subscribe to EW might have not the luck to get the eric one but the beehl one, so better buying it in a shop.

  4. I want them all . They are all beautiful covers . Alex cover looks yummy !!!

  5. Eric’s is the best, then Pam, Jessica’s and Sookie’s covers in that order …..Bill’s is the worst one with all that blood dripping from his mouth ……Alcide’s is only about his body as usual.

  6. Go the Viking! Bills one scared me LOL. Sookie looked great as did Pams

  7. someone on trumblr posted some scans of the magazines: most of the characters have one site talking about their characters:
    what is so bothersome again is that the author of the article says that Bill and Sookie are true love “eyeroll”

    • Thanks for the link Laura! :D

      As for what the article says…yeah, they don’t know who the fans really want and they sure don’t have great taste either.

      • If these people would visit the right sites, they would see just how much their precious Bill is loved.

  8. Yeah, and have you seen the pictures inside this magazine yet? Some people on tumblr have posted them already ( I’m not undermining the admins of this wonderful site just to make clear, I’m glad you guys have a life! ;)) there’s one pic of most cast members together… and listen to this: they put Eric next to bill in some corner, bill standing on something again and looking way taller than Eric (pretty much as if they switched heights). Eric is almost tucked away on that picture, I had to SEARCH for him, I saw boring Alcide and Tara before I discovered Eric.

    This pisses me off to no reason. It’s like they want to show: Eric might be taller and stronger and effing million times hotter and nicer, but bill is still the lead and the ”soulmate” of Sookie. FU TB!!!!

    • yes. This is so annoying. I can never buy any magazines with TB because they always have to mention in some way that sookie and bill belong together, and there is always bill propped up in some way:( they treat ERic fans like idiots:(
      and in interviews somehow all the actors on the show say they are team bill, and sookie and bill are true love…. really?= I think some of those guys got influenced by ball…

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