3 Days To Go – Promo & Reviews

Another day nearer to the new season of True Blood, which returns in just 3 days time (not that anyone is counting of course).

Another day means another promo, this time introduced by Ryan Kwanten.

WARNING: There may be a kiss in this promo that you don’t really want to see!

As we move ever closer to the season premiere those who have been lucky enough to have seen the show in advance are starting to put up their reviews, and we have a couple of recently posted ones to share with you here.

Firstly a reviewer who actually remembers which character is  at the center of the story, and it’s so refreshing to read some positive thoughts about Sookie Stackhouse for a change.

Assertive Sookie makes welcome return in ‘True Blood’ season 5

Or at least so says  The Detroit News

Sookie Stackhouse is a strong woman now.

She screams less, fights for herself more and when the highly anticipated season-five premiere of “True Blood” airs Sunday, Sookie (star Anna Paquin) will knock fans’ socks off as she takes charge of the latest gory and tragic scene at her death-prone house.

In case you don’t recall the carnage from last season’s finale, Tara (Rutina Wesley) took a shotgun blast for Sookie when Debbie the werewolf (Brit Morgan) tried to kill Sookie. And then, Sookie killed Debbie. Now, Sookie is fighting to save Tara’s life. Whether or not Tara can be saved is something fans have been dying to know; and thankfully, the complicated answer will reveal itself in a very satisfactory fashion in the opening episode.

But let’s go back to Sookie.

It’s refreshing to see her be assertive again. This is the Sookie fans fell in love with in the first season. Instead of relying on her vampire lovers Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), her werewolf buddy Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and all the other supernatural men in her life, Sookie is taking stock of her situation, bravely making choices. She even lends a hand to Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis).

As a result, “True Blood” is fun again. Like Sookie, the writers have regained their mojos by inserting comedy in brilliantly unexpected ways. Expect droll lines from Pam (Kristin Bauer) and the Rev. Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian), of all people.

Meanwhile, newly dejected Bill and Eric have their own problems to work out now that they’ve executed vampire bigwig Nan Flanagan (Jessica Tuck). Then there’s that whole Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) conundrum.

How will it all shake out in season five? If the first installment is any indication, wonderfully.

Let’s hope they are right about Sookie!

Meanwhile over at The Kansas City Star

Sookie Stackhouse is taking a break from love. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

You can read their article in full here. Like many of us fans, they were not too keen on the way Sookie forgave Bill last season and also noted

She’s terrible at her job, when she bothers to show up. She takes her friends and family for granted and puts them in harm’s way. She rushes headlong into danger again and again.

No love lost there then, however they did conclude

If she stays alive without a panting, lovesick supernatural safety net, Sookie will move even further away from Bella Swan territory. When she finally shot conniving weretramp Debbie Pelt with Pelt’s shotgun after Tara took the slug meant for Sookie, a different Sookie began to emerge. She’ll need that toughness to survive what’s coming for her this season.

Only 3 days to go until we find out which Miss Stackhouse will finally emerge in Season 5. Let’s hope it’s one we can all rally behind.

(Thanks to Monica for the KCS link)

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9 comments on “3 Days To Go – Promo & Reviews

  1. Let’s not forgot that Sookie was decent in the beginning of last season, too. She was actually someone I could respect, but we know how that ended. I still don’t have much hope for her this season, as this preview shows, she obviously can’t be single for long.

  2. As long as sookie will be kick ass again
    What happened to the that chopped off peoples heads with spades??

  3. I don’t think that she will be badass, just take a look at the trailers, all she is doing is screaming, complaining and whining. I wished they would have made her more like book sookie. and if she is going to hook up with alcide, its even more ridicolous because how much time has passed since the amnesia thing?

    Pams storyline seems to be good though. I don’t like this eric bill bromance, and its always like bill will get the upper hand.

  4. I don’t know if she will be a badass but my thing with TB is she is never being portrayed as a strong woman who is not a man’s Muse or sex toy……We know every season Sookie will take off her clothes and have sex…..if no one else does have a sexual encounter on there she will….this season would have been one where they could’ve bucked the trend so to speak…..but we all know they wouldn’t
    Bill is not interesting and will be boring, Alcide is boring at best, Pam will be great as usual and Eric will shine even will that albatross named bill stuck to his side….season will be okay not great from the looks but the vampire politics are very interesting ….

  5. Well, I’m just as skeptical as the next gal. Sookie back to her badass self? I would love to see it, but as stated above, the trailers really don’t show that side of her, but, then the trailers can be misleading too. So will she or won’t she??? I guess we’ll just have to watch the story unfold starting Sunday nite.

  6. I’m going to steal this from ericsw45 and say yes that is what Beehl is going to be for Eric this season, an Albatross. It fits him perfectly.

  7. I also don’t think she’ll be a bad ass, true blood Sookie has nothing to do with book Sookie, i hate it of course but I’ve come to terms with that by now, another thing that I’m not happy with but I’ve learned to accept is, the “,bromance” and you know why? Because Bill has always been front and center in every story line and has been given more screen time than Eric has over the last 4 seasons so then being together all the time this season will mean we’ll get more screen time of our precious Viking and that’s always good news. Also what Alex said about Eric not dwelling on things and shutting down all emotions gives me hopes as of what to expect from Eric this season, bad ass Eric is always the best Eric and Bill who? When they both are together on the screen we will be ogling at the viking even if sometimes he’s just in the background right?

  8. I dont like how Eric is suppose to have a love interest in salome or whatever her name is, I wonder if at the end of the season or next season is when Eric and Sookie come together again, I know in the books it takes time, but I remember Sookie having a few flings before they got back together but I dont remember if eric did

  9. Kristin, I wish I could be as optimistic as you about Eric and Sookie getting back together, but I think as far as TB is concerned the Eric/Sookie ship has sunk and they are history as far as the show is concerned. Too bad though they would have made the best baddest couple ever given half a chance.

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