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You’ve gotten a taste of the photos, now it’s time for the article! One of our visitors, Laura, shared a link with us, where you can check out the True Blood Season 5 article in Entertainment Weekly. Thanks Laura! We thought you might be interested in finding out what it says.

Be careful…there’s a few spoilers in it. If you don’t want to know – don’t click on the images below!


Hmmm…there’s one interesting line in this article that really popped out at me.

What’s next for Eric?
Eric’s certainly not going to lick his wounds now that Sookie’s given him the heave-ho. “His way of dealing with it is by shutting down all of his emotions. Like ‘All right. It’s my fault. I opened up, and this is what happens when you open up,” says Skarsgard. “He doesn’t dwell.”

While this spells bad news for us…it means no Eric and Sookie lovin’ from the sounds of it. It’s good too. This fits in with Eric’s character. He’s not the type to dwell on things. He’s not the type to sit in a corner and cry. He’s an alpha male. Even though his heart has been broken, he won’t let something like a broken heart bring him down. Sookie will come to her senses eventually.

What are your thoughts? Share ’em below!

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  1. Yes. It does fit Eric that he would not dwell on her rejecting him and probably after all this Russell and authority stuff ends, he will go to sookie and give her back her house to break any ties he has to her but and if that happens then we will see if she still has feelings for him. This reporter is stupid with the words she says about Bill …..like there is no one for sookie like Bill, please makes me wanna barf! People that don’t really watch TB and don’t know the characters and things they have done …..get caught up in Paquin and Moyer being married so therefore they are soulmates and the characters are too.
    Alcide and Sookie will be boring but they the writers wanted her single for them to hookup so that picture of him in sookies room with his shirt will happen I am sure but the Debbie thing will come out probably very shortly after that and Soocide will end!

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with their marriage, but has more to do with being misinformed about the show, the characters and everything. EW are not die-hards like us. The person who wrote this, obviously is a BL. I think if Mandi Bierly (one of their recap reporters) had written this article instead, it would be a different story. She’s always pro Eric. :)

    • but the writers on the show and the actors talk the same way. they think bill and sookie are true love. It is so annoying. some might be influenced by the marriage of the two lead stars but I think it has mainly to do with Alan ball having a crush on Moyer and the bill character, he is his leading male character.

  2. My thought is that I must run out and see if there are any of these left on the magazine racks at my nearby WalMart right now…

  3. Well, we knew there likely wouldn’t be any Eric/Sookie this season, but I just don’t get how these people could be so blinded by Bill. They obviously haven’t watched the show beyond season 3.

  4. I’m with you Erika, I really didn’t like the article too much, as they really downplayed Eric a lot and all that Bill stuff….Yuck! I know that AB set up Sookie and Bill to be soulmates, as he has been saying it since the beginning of the show. That’s why I didn’t have any faith in him to bring us a verbatim version of SVM. Only AB’s fanfiction it seems.

    As you’ve said in the past the only reason I watch this show still is because of Alex and I still have hope for season 6 for Sookie to grow up and realize that Eric is the vamp for her!!!! (Fingers and toes crossed)

    In the meantime, I will continue to watch and see what happens.

  5. On the horrible bromance, I am thinking that the season finale will have it ended by either Sookie choosing to be with Eric or lord help us Bill….or more likely Bill double crossing Eric to do what Bill always does ……which is whatever he thinks best benefits him.

    • We already had that last season, I’m honestly so over this love triangle. It doesn’t make me interested to keep watching, but I wouldn’t put it past Alan Ball since he’s writing the finale, therefore we all know who she would choose.

      • I agree with you Tammy, that going down that road again is disgusting but with Alan Ball it would fit…..I don’t understand why he doesn’t see that making Sookie choose Bill would make her seem like a dumb ass person that doesn’t care about how you are being treated and would make her more unpopular than she already is…..she is suppose to be the heroine? It’s sends a bad message to men and women that actions doesn’t matter because we are “soulmates” treat me like garbage its all right ……Alan Ball is a genius they tell us.

  6. I don’t know what to think about this show anymore. You can’t even buy TB related stuff in magazines, because its always bill they talk about always. Is it in moyers contract that his character always needs to be the centre of attention. But now I think we can all agree on that the writers don’t seem to care about fan opinions, because other way it wouldn’t have turned out like this.

    and there are coming out more and more reviews of the first few episodes (at least they say if its good or not) and all of them say that Pam is great, but the rest not so much, I am still pretty sure that ERic is bills sidekick this season, just look at all the promo shots, the camera is always focusing on Bills face.

    • Bill’s face is horrible with lines on it and his hair is bad too for a vampire …..Moyer is aging pretty badly and every year his face gets worst for wear.

      • He’s not aging badly, but he does look a lot older now than he did in season 1. The only time I found Bill even remotely attractive. He’s supposed to be their favorite, yet they continue making Bill look horrible while Eric just keeps looking better. I think they know who we’re watching for, they just like to continue living in the land of denial.

        • in that one picture with both vampires kneeling down Bill looks like an emo. they do such a bad job with his hair, I think this is the main reason why he always looks so weird. I just find it funny how they always talk in magazines about bill being so miserable and hot blah lbah lol, don’t see it. he was only attractive in season 1 but then it went downhill.

          • Bill is the Edward Cullen of True Blood, except he broods more than sparkles. I just don’t find that look sexy at all, and his hair does keep getting worse every season.

        • Shows do have a idea on what they want and who their lead is and then someone or a character they Introduce into their tv show overtakes all the other other character’s and become the lead…and then the writers and producers adapt the show in a new direction around the new lead and favorite character on the show…..that’s true blood problem they Alan Ball and the writers don’t know how to adapt to Eric’s popularity on there he is not a supporring character…..he is the main reason majority of the fandom watches True Blood…..Bill is the supporting character now …..no matter how many story lines they prop him up in ……he is not that interesting to the fans …..no matter how much they want it to be like season 1, again it wlll never go back to that.

          • Yeah, the same thing happened with Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was never anyone’s intention for a lead character. He was supposed to show up for a few episodes, and then get killed off. They never expected his popularity to become what it did, after that they had no idea what to do with him…lol! But with Charlaine’s books, Eric’s popularity should not have come as a shock at all. Maybe they should have cast someone other than Alex if they didn’t want people to love him.

          • Word. Eric is sort of the Pacey to Bill’s Dawson at this point. Once Joey realized it was all about Pacey, it totally became Pacey’s Creek, and Dawson’s storylines were just so bad, and no one cared anymore! Also, as Tammy mentions, Spike in BtVS. I just rewatched the last few seasons, and it’s SO obvious that Buffy really IS in love with Spike, but the writers and even the actors refused to really believe that and write the story that way even though it was totally and utterly conveyed even after they never even kissed again in the final season. I hope they don’t do that with Sookie and Eric, and they way they are finally focusing so much press attention on Alex, I have a feeling they know what we want and they won’t screw us like they screwed Spuffy shippers!

  7. there is something that i wrote on an older post and that’s why i doubt anyone has read it so i’m gonna copy/paste it because i really wanna share it with you cause it makes me sooooo * madly screaming*

    …another “situation” that additionaly proves that TB team has no idea about public opinion when it comes to their show: i’ve watched Stephen’s interview when he was asked about Beehl and Sookie’s relationship (it was season 3 then, so that was pretty much long time ago but i still can’t forget how delusional they were and they still are) when he says (talking about Beehl and Sookie reuniting) that you get what you want but only for a little while – like that’s the thing with TB! ( and you probably know what was he talking about – yes, you’re right, about that sex scene after she kicked Debbie’s ass by herself when also Russel was there but went back because Eric killed Talbot blah blah- i mean you know what scene and “time” was he refering to even though we would all love to erase that image and everything about that out of our heads permanently) So my point is: when i heard that – my jaw hit the floor and i was litteraly speechless!!! I mean how can they think that Beehl and Sookie being together and having sex is what people want?! yes there are people who want that but they are minority not majority of viewers – it just shows how delusional they are…

    oooh and just one more thing: i know, this is terribly long post but i can’t help it: there’s also another interview with Anna and Stephen and they were talking about Lorena and that head-twisting scene and her death and stuff like that and than Anna said something like :”Lorena had to go! Yeah, she had to go!”
    I mean they’re proffesionals and if Stephen doesn’t bother about her scenes with Alex that are much more…well everything… what was that?! I know she was joking and that they’re great and all… but still .. my little Eric-Sookie heart hurts when gets that feeling that Anna and Stephen have the control over this show :-(

    And this interviewer: we should hate anyone that gets in the way of B/S love

  8. I think another thing that we have to consider as E/S shippers is that in any given show they can’t and won’t keep people together, because as dramatic storytelling it just doesn’t work. Things get boring real fast. Couples break up a bajillion times and get back together, but they can’t give you the happy ending too soon, or else the show suffers. So, my feeling is that they’ve already overplayed that card with the B/S love story, and now it’s Eric’s turn. I highly doubt they would put them together for one season, have the majority of the fan base love it and then never put them together again. We just have to be patient, and I think we will be rewarded eventually. Sookie needs to see a change in the real Eric, and I believe she will. She also need to see Bill for what he is, and take him off his pedestal. Basically, Bill is no better or worse than Eric in terms deeds, and his supposed “humanity”. They are both vampires with moral grey areas, so hopefully that will sink into her thick skull somehow!

    • this is wishful thinking, in season 4 they didn’t even let eric and sookie have like 5 minutes alone without bill, he always has to be included, and then this horrible threesome dream. Bill and sookie always have the complete season 1 and most of season 2 constantly being together. its obvious the writers don’t make the same effort ith the eric sookie pairing.

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