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There is plenty of excitement in the air as the clock ticks closer to 9 pm EST for the premiere of the 5th season of True Blood. It has built up so much that even the folks at HBO were affected and … “accidentally” posted certain videos that were extremely spoilerish onto their website. These videos were pulled down very quickly by HBO, but not before they were captured and reposted by various folks.

Under normal circumstances, we here at E&SL love to share all the news as we hear it. Since posting these videos would diminish the pleasure of watching the first time and would be a copyright violation as HBO has pulled down the content from their official site, we will NOT be posting them until officially released. There was just waaaay too much info even for us die-hard spoiler junkies… and that says a lot

But we will have them up at “vamp speed” as soon as they are live again :)

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  1. I saw both videos and while much with the spoilers, it was nothing we didn’t already know.

    • Did you see the recap too Tammy? There were actually 3 videos HBO released. And you know how much I LOVE spoilers, but these were too much…even for me! :shock:

      Anyways, we have them saved as “draft” and have programed them to publish 5 minutes before the show ends in the east.

      • Hmm, no, I must have missed that one. I only saw the Inside the Episodes for the first two.

        • I was wondering why they were releasing them so early…lol!

          • Okay, I’m nosy and just saw the recap, that does reveal a hell of a lot. But for me, it helps to know exactly what I’ll be expecting before the episode airs. Like last season’s finale, I read pretty much every spoiler for that so nothing came as a surprise. It made it somewhat more bearable.

  2. Your site i trust the most and go to for the first hand news so thank you for showing respect like that! Enjoy tonight!

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