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Ask Sookie: True Blood Premiere Party Tips

Are all of y’all excited for tonight’s premiere? Finding yourself a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of hosting your own premiere party?

Well, y’all are in luck! I have some tips to help you have the fangtastic party that will have your Truebie friends talking for months.


There’s no bigger task when having guests over than cleaning. Now I know it’s tempting to sweep the dirt under the rug or even just close off a few choice doors, but nothing makes me feel prouder than knowing my house is clean.

With guests coming over, you need to make sure you have three main rooms appropriate for use: the bathroom, the kitchen and the room you are entertaining in (i.e. the living room, if you are viewing the premiere there).

Put a little extra elbow grease and make sure these rooms are looking great and you’ll never have to worry about it while you are busy being the perfect host.

The Menu

Catering to people is just as difficult as if you were hosting your very own mixed supernatural rendezvous. You have to be mindful of people’s tastes and allergies.

If any of your guests happens to be a Fae, it would be rude to serve lemonade or a lemon meringue pie. After all, the purpose is to keep people at your party, not kill ’em, right?

And what to do about those picky vampires?

Let me just tell ya, creating a menu that is easy enough for you to handle and allows everyone a variety of choices, is no easy feat. Nonetheless, I suggest with going with Pam’s KISS or Keep It Simple, Stupid.

There’s no need for a four course meal (unless that’s what y’all want to do, then by all means get all fancy with your Truebie self). Finger foods, such as a fruit platter and vegetable trays can go a long way without insulting someone’s taste.

And for those picky eaters (such as vampires), there’s no shame in purchasing something that fits their need. There’s a great bakery on the outskirts of Shreveport that happens to offer decently priced and widely varied options for blood foods for the vampires in your life. So there’s no need to try to do new recipes (especially if you get queasy around blood), ordering a tray of blood cookies, cakes and other snacks can make your party a fanging success.

If there’s something we Southerners enjoy doing, it’s grilling. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of a beautiful summer evening and fire up that grill. Hot dogs and hamburgers are an easy enough fix and by providing the right condiments and toppings, you can all everyone to fix their food the way they like.

To Drink or Not to Drink

Now, I’m not one to tell someone they can’t drink (with the exception of minors, of course). So if you are looking for a way to provide a little True Blood-themed beverage, here’s a few you can try:

The Infamous Vampire Kiss Martini


  • 1 part Vodka (chilled)
  • 1 part Champagne
  • 1 part Chambord


  • Pour vodka
  • Top with Champagne.
  • Finish off with the “blood”: pour some of the Chambord over the back of a spoon to make it float.

The Classic Vampire


  • Vodka
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Chambord


  • Mix vodka, cranberry juice and chambord to taste.
  • Garnish with a cherry or two

Sanguinous Sookie Slammer


  • 1 bottle of Tru:Blood (type of choice)
  • 3 oz normal saline
  • 3 oz Dextrose


  • In a large glass container add ingredients and cover, then gently agitate ingredients over an open flame until 100 degrees, stir with a virgin’s finger (when available) and serve promptly.
  • Garnish with 1 piece of Sugar cane that has laid in the hot sun that very day

Vampire Slammer


  • 2 bottle of Tru:Blood (1 A+, 1 O-)
  • 1/2 shot vodka
  • 1 shot tequila
  • 1 glass red wine


  • Mix all ingredients in a blender then heat to 98.6 degrees over open flame for 30 minutes
  • Garnish with two drops of human blood

Not interested in mixed drinks?

Stock up on easy substitutes, sweet tea, sodas, bottles of water (and Tru:Blood) and allow your guests to bring their own alcohol of their choosing. Just be sure you inform your vampire guests not to bring their own snacks, that can really kill a party (hardy har).

Unannounced Guests

It’s no surprise that you may have one or two people show up, who you didn’t invite. There’s no need to panic. If you’ve prepared properly, there should be more than enough for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, if the guest is truly unwanted, all you need to do is rescind their invitation or ask for one of your fanged guests to help assist you to (gently) remove the person (or supe) from your home. And if all else fails, feel free to use your microwave fingers to send them on their way.

Now, I know I haven’t covered everything, but this is a great start for all you Truebies who are looking for a fangtastic True Blood premiere party!

I hope y’all enjoy the Season 5 premiere and remember if you have any questions you would like to Ask Sookie…feel free to drop me an email here!

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I'm not your average telepathic barmaid, straddling the realities of two realms can be confusing at times and yet, somehow I always seem to make it through.

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  1. the recipes for drinks really works well with our drinking game! LOL I might have to mix my drinks!

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