HBO’s True Blood Episode Recap: “Turn, Turn, Turn”

Not wanting us to forget each episode from the next (as if we could ever forget?), True Blood HBO released a video recap from Episode 01: “Turn, Turn, Turn” ! I’m going to assume that we will be seeing this right before Episode 2 too.

In case you don’t want to watch the whole show, here’s the highlight reel!

Watch it below!

As for our thoughts, we will be posting our own review of this episode shortlystay tuned!

Until then, what did you think? Share your thoughts below!

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20 comments on “HBO’s True Blood Episode Recap: “Turn, Turn, Turn”

  1. I liked the episode but was disappointed that Ball had his fingerprints all over the Bill-Sookie-Eric triangle. Bill showed his undying love (hopefully unrequited!) for Sookie when he ran out of the mansion to leave Eric saying something about the Authority already being there. If actions speak louder than words, Bill showed more care of Sookie:( Dang it Alan Ball! Not what we want!! I know Eric is hurt but Sookie could have died! Book Eric would have beaten Bill out of the house. So glad Ball is on the way down!

    • He doesn’t know that she could have died. They only felt her distress, they couldn’t have really known what was wrong. Luckily Bill didn’t make it there, so Sookie will hopefully never know that he even tried.

  2. I am beyond distressed that on True Blood S5E1 – Eric gets ‘it’ on with his vamp sister only hours after splitting with sookie! Loved the Steve Newlin storyline – so funny! Surprised at Pam turning Tara though. Eric and Bill seem too pally too soon and bills easy acceptance of Eric f***ing his vamp sister practically in front of him was just not in his character. He would have called Eric out in it. Loved it but hated it at the same time.

  3. I started cringing like a maniac when Eric said ”I won’t leave you” ever so passionate to Bill after the car explosion… I mean… GAG. Eric’s character is being raped without mercy.
    I understand he’s hurt that Sookie just put him aside as simple as that, but banging Nora like that practically the next night AND right where Bill so convenienly is witnessing it (what the hell, the perv is waiting right there? someone will tell this to Sookie when it will suit him, wonder who?) made this episode so bizarre to me.

    What also annoyed me is how damn passionate the kisses and sex was between Eric and Nora, I’m sorry, obviously more passionate than with Sookie… His mouth was almost swallowing her whole when he kissed Nora, not as shallow as when he kissed Sookie.
    I probably need to rewatch the episode, but I don’t remember why Pam comes to the house anymore? I don’t know.. the whole episode left a sour taste in my mouth… :(

    • Well, he’s known Nora for a long time. They have a history, and Eric wasn’t exactly his full self when he was with Sookie. I still thought they had a lot of passion. I just wish we could see them together now that he’s back to normal, but I don’t think it will happen at this rate.

  4. I enjoyed Eric and Nora together. I thought it was hot. I’m also not suprised. He’s Eric, male, hot and a vampire. A horny species. Sookie rejected him, so what’s he supposed to do? Never have sex? What fun is that? I also don’t understand why people honestly believe Eric was “waiting” for Sookie in the book world? I also like TB Eric way more than Book Eric. I used to love the books, but I found the last few boring. Back to topic, don’t worry Eric and Sookie lovers, they’ll find they’re way back to each other. In the meantime, sexy, charming Eric is back!!

    • He can have sex all he wants, but it didn’t have to be the next night. He’s showing that what he felt for Sookie never even happened. No one can turn their feelings off that fast, not even him, but this is Alan’s Ball’s world after all.

  5. Very interesting first Episode for Season 5.
    We met Nora, Eric’s sister by Godric, even Bill Compton is impressed by her.
    Knew that Tara was going to be Turned, and am not suprised that her Maker
    turned out to be Pamela, it made the most sense.
    Looking foward to the rest of the Season’s storylines.

  6. I think the sex was so passionate with Nora is that they are both single and in real life he doesn’t think of Anna Paquin that way and her husband Stephen Moyer, works with him. Just my opinion though..
    I heard Alex say in an interview that he thinks of Anna as a kid sister. so no passion for the kid sister but lots with the pretend vamp sister, Humph…
    I love Pam, nothing else to say except that.she is fantastic.
    Just knew something would be off with Tara’s turning.
    Pam came to the house @Anja, because she was looking for Eric.

    • Sorry, but I thought his scenes with Anna showed more passion. It had nothing to do with him seeing her as a sister, they’re all professional.

    • I do have to completely agree with you, all4eric, on everything you said. I don’t think it has anything to do with professionalism, they’re all top notch professionals. so no offense. But I did notice the passion being of a total different level with the actress playing Nora.

  7. I just felt that Eric and Sookie made love and Eric and Nora just F*cked that’s all it was. Yes o I would love to see real Eric with Sookie their sex would be a lot hotter than AE….I also didn’t like the f*ck Sookie attitude that came out of Eric’s mouth it was disturbing that he was acting like an asshole and I thought he emotionally was better than they the writers wrote him to be …..I am very disappointed in how Eric acted in this episode.

    • It seemed about right. That was the first time he developed real feelings for a human and gets shot down, it’s understandable he would be acting out. I just wonder how things will go when they see each other again.

  8. It just wasn’t the Eric they have portrayed for the past 4seasons as far as Sookie goes.the worst thing of all was the ” fuck Sookie”. He knew she was in intense distress, she could have been being raped or killed for all he knew and he did nothing. Yet he’s all sweet and not gonna leave Bill? No way! I can buy that if he refuses to leave Bill , helps him, then has some snarky comment about it, but not that love scene with Bill! And he has sex mere hours after Sookie’s tearful goodbye when he has only had sex with Sookie in 4seasons( not counting the banging of Yvette). It was gratuitous sex from the writers! And so many inconsistencies in the story. Why did Pam not feel Eric’s distress, why did she go to Sookie’s when he wasn’t even there and she would have known that? How could Eric not know Norah was in the car? Did Sookie not once wonder why Bill nor Eric came to her aide? Didn’t Nan last episode of S4 seem to know Eric has some connection with the Authority, yet he said no one knew. I hate sloppy writing, do they think their viewers are that dumb? Hopefully this will all be explained, but I’m not counting on it! Sorry for the long rant. It’s therapeutic ! And all these Bellefleur story lines?? Who cares!

  9. Plus it is so stupid that just few episodes ago he was ready to sookie for her kneeling in front of marnie, he raged at pam trying so hard not to hurt her-HER -HIS PAM because of SOOKIE and now all at the sudden he doesn’t even care if she lives or dies – cause that fu*k sookie sounded just like that… *bitch please*

  10. They need yo kill Nora pronto. Don’t like her!!

  11. The hot sex between Eric and Nora is Ball and company telling us all that the story of Eric and Sookie is over. They want us to get over it. Now it is going to be right back to the Stehen Moyer show.
    Anja, the way I see it. It will be Beehl that tells Sookie that Eric had moved on mere hours after Sookie dumped them both. And don’t think for one minute that he (Beehl) won’t enjoy telling her.
    I’m just going to sit back and enjoy seeing Eric’s ass. It’s pretty much all there is to look forward to this season

  12. I agree with ALL of ya’ll. I was happy to see my show back, of course, but the indifference and downright unconcern for Sookie when he felt her distress was not what I expected or wanted, for that matter. A part of me can somewhat understand his initial reaction (‘Fuck Sookie.”) because he just got his heart broken by her and that’s just human nature to hold some bitterness towards the one who hurt you. However, this isn’t some lovelorn schoolboy….this is Eric Northman. True, he may not have been 100% himself during their time together, but he remembered and thus came the realization that he was in love. They ALWAYS got to make Bill out to be the hero; being the one to voice and show concern for Sookie. With that said, I would like to add that one of the most interesting aspects of the book series was the time in which Sookie and Eric weren’t together. I don’t have to point out that both characters are going to be pursuing or be pursued by others. We’ve seen this, we know this, we’re just waiting to see it all play out and pray that the writers don’t fudge it up. Eric and Sookie will be thrown back in the mix together again later in the season, as the trailer suggests. Will he know about Alcide’s pursuit of Sookie? Will Sookie give in and will Eric show some jealously towards it? I hope so, that way I know that the writers did at least SOMETHING right in letting us see that Eric still very much cares. We’ll have to just wait and let it all play out.

  13. luvvamps: yup, exactly. beehl wil love telling Sookie Eric banged Nora, how fortunate for him no one knows he banged his own g-g-g-g-g-great granddaughter though ;)

    So i just rewatched the episode… I totally forgot, JESUS! WHERE did he go? Lala left him in his house like he was, now he’s not there…Ideas?

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