Season 5 Premiere Breaks Social Media Record

The season premiere of True Blood generated almost 242,00 comments on Facebook and Twitter last night, meaning that it is now the “most talked about  premium cable season premiere ever” according to Mashable Entertainment.

Critics had predicted True Blood would dominate social media conversation this summer, and now statistics from Bluefin Labs show their forecasts were spot on.

The episode’s performance surpasses showings for premium cable premieres of Game of Thrones (58,845 comments), Dexter (23,935), Eastbound & Down (13,672) and Boardwalk Empire (13,616).

Scenes like this one will no doubt have got everyone talking!

Jason and his number one fan Steve Newlin, and Tara jumping out of her grave were certainly popular too.

For those of you into the facts and figures, here are the statistics that matter:

The 65% neutral is a little weird, I don’t know anyone who is neutral about True Blood. It seems to be a show that people either love or hate.

Original article on Mashable here

So did any of you contribute to True Blood’s record breaking social media figures or were you too busy concentrating on what the heck was going on in the show itself?

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9 comments on “Season 5 Premiere Breaks Social Media Record

  1. I’m glad that the show got that kind of social media buzz, although I didn’t tweet or anything during the showings last night. It moves too fast to take your eyes off the screen once its’ on. I watched the show 4 times last night and still missed a little of the message bits here and there. I also recorded it so I will be watching it several more times before the next eppy.

    I have mixed feelings as to last nights’ eppy and I am still formulating most of my comments on it………. I’m sure I’ll arrive at my final thoughts soon.

    • Opinions seem to be mixed. I really liked it and will definitely be watching it a few more times before next week’s episode :)

  2. I watched and burn the episode to disc so i can watch it over & over again . Cause it will be next year before you will be able to buy the discc set once the show is finish . so i am doing that with every episode . I love it all . Especially Mr. Northman , Body looks just like the Straw Dogs film all buffed . excellent can’t wait to see more .

  3. Regardless if I like the show or not it bothers me when the majority of the public take this type of story lead as an indication that the public in general “liked” the show. No where do those numbers reflect the percentage of those tweeting and posting on FB who “liked” or “did not like” the show. Just another annoying stat that really tells us nothing.

  4. I tweeted last night. I was using Tweetdeck and it crashed because there were so many people tweeting. LOL The tweets I saw varied from shock, laughter, and to ewww. (When the weres were eating Marcus.) I agree, I don’t think the positive/negative comments are accurate either. Especially AFTER the show ended.

    Thanks for posting Evie! :)

  5. I didnt get to watch it but I posted a lot about it on facebook. I heard that it was good. well someone please tell me how it went… I love this shoe to death , i been watching this show from the beging and i didnt get to watch the begin of the 5 season that is sad.

  6. I can’t imagine watching that more than once, my interest just has gone way down. I didn’t hate the episode, but I definitely didn’t love it.

  7. I was studying for my Java II final. This show has fallen so far down on my priorities that I still haven’t watched it and I probably won’t even after all my finals are done. True Blood has essentially done everything I thought they wouldn’t and that makes me, well, not interested.

    Hell, I haven’t even had time to read Deadlocked. Why am I gonna bother with this? Still debating on Deadlocked too. I have 9 months of backlog because of school. True Blood just can’t complete with that let alone any shakey E/S shaningans from CH.

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