True Blood Review: “Turn, Turn, Turn”

Welcome to our first Eric & Sookie Lovers’ True Blood Season 5 Episode Review!  Myself, Evie, Nymerias and B will be taking turns recapping the episodes for you each week! We hope you enjoy reading our reviews this season!

After nine months of waiting for its return, we finally were reacquainted with our favorite characters, Eric and Sookie on True Blood. Albeit, they were not in the same scenes together, but at least we have a continuation of their story in new episodes.

On June 10th, True Blood returned with their premiere episode titled, “Turn, Turn, Turn”. In this episode, we learned that Pam is a ‘team player’, Steve Newlin is a lover – not a hater, vampire ‘siblings’ really do love each other, Weres eat their dead, and Guitar Hero is a game vampires play too. There were things we already knew (and was reaffirmed in this episode); Bill is still a creeper, Alcide’s ego is still as big as his body, and the rest of the storylines put me to sleep.

If you haven’t watched the episode yet – I highly suggest you do before you read this because I WILL be sharing some spoilers!

You’re either brave or fucktarded (my new favorite word, thanks to this episode) – my review is below.

Let me start off by saying – that as Eric and Sookie lovers, you will feel many mixed emotions over this episode. You will love it and hate it. I’m not going to force you to think the same way as me, but I hope you like reading it from an Eric and Sookie lover’s point of view.

The most interesting character’s storylines in the episode (for me) were; Eric, Sookie, Pam, Tara, Lafayette, Bill, Nora and Steve Newlin. The rest of the episode was just…blah. We’ll get the boring shit out of the way with first.

When the King’s away, the baby vamp will play

Bill left Jessica free reigns to the house. You know what that means to any young girl – let alone a baby vamp. P-A-R-T-Y. I love a good party, just like anyone else, but Jessica’s idea of a house party really sucked. Guitar Hero, seriously? Who were all those people anyways? Of course, Jessica and therefore Jason, decided to play a little love-game; by pretending they’re-just-not-that-into-each other, and hitting on other people at the party. This must have hurt for Jason, especially since Jessica had just helped him out when Steve Newlin confessed his undying love and devotion to him. Jason showed some smarts (for once) by deciding not to sleep with a girl at the party, and drove her home instead. We don’t know what Jessica will do with the guy she was making out with in front of Jason, but I have my suspicions that he’s number 1 on her list for a bloody midnight snack.

Were have all the good storylines gone?

Sam is approached by someone in Marcus’s pack, who wants to know what happened to their leader. They suspect that Sam knows the truth, and after some bribery (Luna and her daughter’s lives are threatened) Sam confesses to killing Marcus. Luna, of course, wants Sam to tell the truth, but he doesn’t. Sam meets some Were named Martha, who seems like the interim pack leader. He eventually agrees to lead the pack to their leader’s body, where they proceed to dig him up. Alcide arrives to confess that he is the guilty party, with Luna by his side. The pack (suddenly feeling hungry?) eat Marcus like puppy chow. Ewww…gross. Did I really have to see that? I guess I do, because Alan Ball loves to gross people out or shock them, so they will talk about it the next day.

Only US Marines have house fires

What are the odds that all of the ex-Marines in Terry’s platoon have had house fires, where some have even died? After watching this episode, I’d say the chances are pretty good. Too bad I find this storyline one of the most boring of them all. I love Terry and Arlene, but really…is this the best Alan Ball and his writers could think up for them? Let me guess…what happened in the past, is coming back to light a fire under their ass in the future.

Look kids…no clothes!

 When Holly’s teenaged sons meet Andy, in a compromising position no less, for the first time it could only be called…AWKWARD. I’m sorry, but Andy looks better with clothes ON. Only brain-bleach could help take the images away. And WTF is up with Holly and her sons living in a tiny hotel room? Andy later on meets Judge Clements, who wants a free pass for one of the members of his family. Of course, Andy gives in, and lets the kid get away with it. If only we all had a judge in our families – maybe we wouldn’t get punished either?

I’m falling asleep while writing this. Let’s move on to the stuff that we REALLY care about. This part will be in deeper detail.

Eric, Nora and Bill

When the episode first starts, Eric is cleaning up the mess left when he and Bill killed Nan and her storm-troopers, while Bill was slacking off on the phone with Jessica. They both hear/feel Sookie’s cries for help, but Eric is still too hurt to want to help, while Bill wants to run to Sookie’s rescue. I know many of you (myself included) were bothered by this, but after watching the episode again, I realized that yes, WE NO LIKE, but at the same time…Eric is still hurt and angry at Sookie. Why would he go help her, when she just told him that she didn’t want him?

As for Bill being the first to run out of the house…it only proves what we’ve known all along. Bill is impulsive, reckless and doesn’t think before he acts. This can only spell trouble for Sookie’s health and well-being in the future if she ever chose to be with him. Wouldn’t you much rather have someone who had a plan? Or, someone who is at least cares enough to proceed with caution? I know I would. We don’t know whether or not Eric would’ve gone to Sookie’s aide eventually, but Bill and his dumb-ass move got them caught. Eric knew the Authority was there. You would think that Bill (since he’s Queen King) would have at least thought about it before rushing out of the house…oh wait, that’s right. Bill doesn’t think. Rest assured, I think Eric was the real target and not Bill. (I’ll get more into that later.)


Eric and Bill are in the trunk of a car, which is the first time we see Nora. From what I’ve seen online, Alex and Stephen had a lot of fun while filming this scene (see image above). Too bad they didn’t keep certain lines in it, I think it would’ve been hilarious. Oh well…we got what we got instead. Eric and Bill stab a hole in the gas tank and proceed to light it on fire. KABOOM! Bill gets a piece of schrapnel in his shoulder from the explosion, then tells Eric to run. This part kind of pissed me off…since when is Bill the type to sacrifice himself for others? Of course, Eric follows this up with “I’m not leaving you…” mumbo-jumbo. Um, excuse me? Since when has Eric Northman cared this much about Bill? Is it because Bill is King and it would be considered treason? Or, is Eric returning the ‘favor’ from season 4, when Bill was going to execute him and decided not to? I really hate how they have Eric always bowing down to Bill, when Eric is older and wiser, and Bill only gained his throne with the help from Nan.

I was as surprised as Bill, to see Eric and Nora saying ‘hello’ with their lips and tongues, instead of words. We find out she’s Eric’s sister, who was turned by Godric too. It seemed strange and very weird to hear her talk about Godric. She didn’t seem to have any kind of emotion whatsoever to me. Nora explains that she had a plan to get Eric away. I think that Bill was added as an after-thought, because he would be the first person to blab it to everyone else including the Authority. You know the saying…keep your friends close, but your enemies closer? Hence, the bromance has begun. UGH.

Here is another thing that bugged me. Eric kept Nora a secret from Pam? REALLY? What was the point of that? I can see Eric not telling her that Nora is the Chancellor of the Authority, but not the fact that Nora is another child of Godric’s. I guess this vampire family never had very many family functions together. Or, the writers are making shit up again to suit the plot-of-the-moment’s needs.

When Eric and Nora have sex in the shipping container; I think it caused the highest amount mixed emotions out of any other scene within me. Call me shallow, but any excuse to see Skarsporn really makes me happy. They had great chemistry too. IT WAS HOT. I admit it. BUT, the shipper in me…the one who believes Eric belongs only with Sookie HATED IT. I hated the dialogue between them during this. “I’ve missed you, sister. I’ve missed you, brother.” YUCK. And my ever favorite puke-worthy line, “We fuck like champions.” I know Eric was trying to brag about his prowess to Bill, but it just came off as being ‘cheesy’. Who talks that way? You would think the writers (who have come up with great lines in the past) could come up with better lines than those.

I have to say, I love how Bill was listening right outside while Eric and Nora were having sex. I wonder if he was jealous, or getting pointers from listening to them? For once, Bill didn’t bother me as much as he usually does. Maybe it’s because it was obvious that he was playing second fiddle.

The Eric/Nora sex was too soon in the season, IMO. We know nothing of Eric and Nora’s history, so we don’t understand WHY they would be having sex this soon after being reunited. I understand why Eric did it. It’s not that he loves Sookie any LESS than he did before. He’s heartbroken. He’s on the rebound. He is reverting back to his old ways. While I do think Eric and Nora truly love each other, I don’t think Eric loves Nora on the same level or emotional depth as he does with Sookie. What’s between Eric and Sookie is deep…it’s real. Through Sookie’s love, we get to see what’s hidden beneath the layers. All I’m saying is to not hate Eric or Sookie right now. We really don’t know anything. I already feel that Nora is only a temporary diversion and that (hopefully) Eric and Sookie will be reunited by the end of the season.

When Nora told Eric and Bill they will be having new identities; it had me bustin’ at the seams, it was so funny! Eric is now called, Ike Applebaum and Bill is now, Marcellius Clark. LMAO What’s even funnier, is the fact that if you take IKE and the last initial A. It spells out, IKEA! Hahahaha. I wonder if the writers planned that or are even aware of it? I wonder sometimes…

Sookie, Lafayette and Pam

Meanwhile, over at Sookie’s house…Debbie is dead, while Tara’s brains were scattered all over the kitchen. Sookie was calling for help at the top of her lungs. I have one question before I continue on. HOW IN THE HELL DID LAFAYETTE NOT HEAR SOOKIE SCREAMING BEFORE THE GUN WENT OFF? He must have been in a very deep sleep.

Pam enters the picture (very conveniently I might add) in search of Eric, so she can apologize to him. Her message received, she goes to leave, when Lafayette (of all people) asks her to turn Tara. Call me, SHOCKED. While I knew Tara would become a vampire, I didn’t think Laffy would be the person to ask Pam. I figured that Sookie would. But I’m happy about this. I would hate it if this had been Sookie’s idea, because we know she’s a creature of sunlight, not moonlight. For once the writers got it right…hopefully that will last, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

I’ve also decided Lafayette is my new hero because of how he got into Alcide’s face, when Alcide was trying to offer Sookie his protection from King Russell, who it appears has been released from his cement tomb, and is coming after Sookie.

Um, hello…Alcide? She’s got a secret you should know, but for dramatic purposes, she can’t tell you. She doesn’t need you as a her protector, because she has microwave fingers, does she not? If only she knew how to use them, but hopefully the writers will get into that later on in the season.

Why was Sookie surprised to find out Russell was alive? While she might have assumed he was dead, because Bill said so…I found this to be a glaring continuity error because Bill told her in Season 3 that Eric was dead at the same time, only to be proven it was a lie when Eric showed up at her door. You would think she wouldn’t assume anything Bill said was the truth after that, especially after she found out about his betrayal. Regardless, CONTINUITY FAIL.

I was really looking forward to Pam’s “Walmart” line, which I’d heard about through spoilers. I was happy to see she didn’t disappoint. She really has ‘team spirit’, if she agreed to suffer the indignities of wearing something like that. Gotta love Pam! I completely enjoyed all of her snarky grumpiness in this episode. I can tell she and Tara are going to have a beautifully funny maker/progeny relationship.

All in all…this episode had a lot of hilarious moments, and we get new screencaps and images to devour, and I can’t wait to see what happens next with Eric, Sookie and Pam. It helps to look at the show and the books as separate entities (which I’ve realized you have to do to be able to enjoy it from an Eric and Sookie lover ‘s perspective). However, there were too many storylines, and some of the acting wasn’t stellar. Maybe it was the writing? It was hot and cold in this episode. The continuity will be an ‘issue’ again this year, and part of the problem is there are too many cast members. Not enough Eric (but hasn’t that always been the truth?), and no Eric and Sookie interaction (at which I say BOO). This must happen every episode.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this season progresses.

Remember, this is just my fangpinion, what about yours? Feel free to share them below!

Screencaps courtesy of SkarsgardFans.com

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39 comments on “True Blood Review: “Turn, Turn, Turn”

  1. I liked the addition of Nora and how it was just shoved in our face with the container sex scene…it was a snap to get us off Eric and Sookie and back onto another story line. I actually believe there is more to Nora than we think, I think the Eric is playing Bill too. Im NOT happy about Tara returning, I think its forced as is the Terry story line…and we didnt need the Andy/Holly story.

    This is what I posted on tumblr:

    Can’t get Nora’s choice in music out of my head, ‘Silly Love Songs‘…nothing wrong with a Wings’ song.

    I liked how you saw her thinking about something and touch her necklace/amulet tenderly…because she was possibly thinking of someone fondly in the trunk/boot of the car (or someone else, Godric, another lover)? Her expressions and lyrics of the song matched up so well.

    Some nice editing.

    I’m a Nora fan already.

    She isn’t just a bonk in a storage container.

  2. I agree with most of what you wrote. Eric, Nora, and Bill storyline: Sookie, Pam, and Laffayette segment: and Steve Newlin was a hoot but Jason not so much were the only parts I found interesting. This is an adults only show so not feeling the teen party vibes. I like Jessica and all, just not really what I watch the show for. It seems like every year they are grabbing at straws to come up with stories for Jason. Of course that was pretty much Jason for me in the books also. The wolfs, shapeshifters, etc have always bored me, and Alcide just smacks of no substance rube. He has no personality he just hangs around. I’ve always liked Terry, but not with any major story to take time away from my main interests Eric, Pam, and Sookie. I loved the Eric/Nora relationship. Of course it was not too soon, they had not seen each other in a very long time, and it was obvious they had had a similar relationship before, not romantic love like Eric has for Sookie, but really healthy lust. I for one found Eric’s remark typically Eric and fun.

  3. Awesome job Erika! In the Eric/Nora poll I voted no but only because I don’t understand their dynamic since we know nothing about their history. It was hot but with a question mark because it would have been hotter if we knew more about the history. As a result it felt disjointed. I wrote a post about True Blood not living up to its previous awesome standards and it can be found at http://trubookiesreview.wordpress.com/2012/06/11/oh-true-blood-where-art-thou/

  4. I have to day I totally agree with you about mixed feelings for the sex scene. I hate seeing Eric with anyone other than Sookie, but I can not deny the hotness of the scene. Plus I do think it is in Eric’s nature to distract himself with women and sex after a rejection so I was not all that upset about it. Although there were no Eric and Sookie scenes at least there were no Bill and Sookie scenes either. As far as I’m concerned The Authority can keep Bill as long as they want. Just get Eric back to Sookie.

    I loved Lafayette so much in the episode. He was a truly amazing friend to Sookie not only with the yelling at Alicide scene (which I agree was amazing) but also with helping to clean up Debbie’s body after he had already been through so much.

    Great review. I love your sense of humor.

  5. i agree that the eric/nora scene was a bit forced, its just too damn soon! call me pathetic but i can’t even get myself to watch the skarsporn yesterday. i recorded it though, something to look back on, once i get my eric-sookie fix. don’t get me wrong, i hated sookie last season for breaking eric’s heart, but i guess my fascination with sookie rooted from the fact that, aside from her telepathy and microwave fingers, she’s a simple southern lady — not drop dead gorgeous, or has the body to die for — attractive and sweet like most average ladies, so she represents the majority of us ladies. and yet she has managed to catch the interest of a thousand-year-old viking. don’t we all have the fantasy that eric will find a sookie in us.

    so my point is, nora doesn’t appeal to me, because she’s too much like eric, i already have a BAMF in eric, thankyouverymuch!

    i hope to get my eric-sookie fix soon.

    ps: i know i sound like a whiny brat, but this is eric and sookie lovers isn’t it? who else can understand my ranting but fellow wishers? ta!

    • ICAM more with what you said, eys! That was also why I had mixed feelings about this. I too think Nora is too much like Eric and vice versa. And I have had a hard time re-watching the episode because my Eric/Sookie lovin’ heart can’t take it. Even though I was angry and disappointed at the way Sookie ended things last season, I also think that it’s still too soon in the season for us to get worried about the state of their relationship. I’m sure there will be Eric and Sookie scenes some time in the future, just because of the promos we’ve posted. Keep the faith! :)

  6. i read somewhere that the sex scene isn’t a hello is in fact a GOODBYE SEX,not the start of an affair.Eric says it himself “Jag kommer att sakna dig, min syster” (I WILL miss you my sister) and she replies “I’ll miss you too my brother”. Eric is off to start a new life and they will never meet again.but perhaps that’ll change now that they are at the mercy of the Authority?

    • I think the reason why they were saying “goodbye” was because at the time, all plans were set on Eric and Bill leaving the country – along with new identities. Now, everything has changed…I think Nora will be more involved with Eric and Bill.

  7. I think Holly and her kids were in that motel room because her house got damaged in Arlene and Terry’s fire.

    WHY won’t the writers admit they screwed up Tara’s character beyond redemption? They better stake her. Zombie Vampire Tara is going to get old real fast.

    So, where did Jesus go?

    Also, is Hoyt just going to be in the wings calling Jason names all season? I’m hoping we don’t see too much of him either.

    Eric and Nora were hot. I loved the bickering and I think that’s completely in Eric’s character. But I think its also inconsistent to to say Eric didn’t tell Pam about his sister. That was a throwaway line to to jam to force that storyline in when she could have just been Bill’s sister because he actually DID have a sister in the books. But like you, I do my best to separate the show and the books.

    Best acting of the episode went to Nelson Ellis.

  8. After this first episode, all I am looking forward to is seeing Askars Ass! I really hope to see it a lot. It is the only thing that is going to keep my attention. That being said I will probably be let down on that front too. It seems to me Ball and company do strive to disappoint, unless you also believe that Beehl and Sookie belong together. You have to realize they will be back together before the season ends. I feel it in my bones.
    Eric and Sookie is a book reality, Beehl and Sookie is a True Blood reality and the sooner we Eric and Sookie Lovers get that , maybe we can squeeze another season out of Askars being on the show before he moves on to bigger and better things

  9. I have a whole other take on the Eric situation in this episode. The fact that Bill is portrayed as Sookie’s “Hero” again is Ball shoving it in our faces that she will NOT be with Eric again. She is meant to be with Bill. And then he punctuated that with the Nora sex. I believe that is the intent with those scenes. For book fans and for E/S fans to know that on this show it will always be about BILL & Sookie. The only reason we got what we got in Season 4 was so we’d shut up about it since at every ComiCon people asked about it.

    As for the other stuff, I couldn’t care less about Terry, Arlene and his war buddy. They work best as secondary characters. Same with Terry. There are just too many storylines running around that take up time for the things we actually WANT to see. They need to keep the secondary characters in the background.

    The whole Tara thing makes me think that LaLa is going to end up having to stake her…..at least I hope so.

    Steve Newlin is obviously going to get with Russell. Why else have him come out now?

    The werewolf eating thing was just sick. And I LOVE my gory horror but that seemed just pure shock value instead of necessary to a storyline. I think some kind of ritual with a passing of the torch to the new leader would have been better.

    Anyway, if things don’t start to get better than what it is now, to me anyway, a giant clusterf**k of a show, I may just bow out from now on. It’s very disappointing because I used to LOVE this show. Now I find it annoying. I love Chris Meloni and want to see King Russell again, but if by episode 6 the show still sucks, I’m done.

  10. The ‘Werewolf eating their dead leader’ thing reminded me too much of Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake books. I don’t know if that’s common in the were mythology or not. Now that absolutely nothing is following the books, I can watch it as just a weird vampire soap opera, with no continuity editor.

  11. Erika, after reading your review I will say that I agree with you 150%. Sure hope that this season is a great one!

  12. The whole ‘Werewolves eating their dead leader’ thing reminded me too much of Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake books. I don’t know if that’s common in the were mythology, or if they asked before they borrowed it?
    Now, with nothing even resembling the book story line, I can just watch the whole thing as a vampire soap with no continuity editor.

  13. I agree partially with your review. Some of the secondary storylines are just plain boring…wolves…sorry…fastforward. I like Terry and Arlene but want my vampires on screen more. Steve Newlin was laugh out loud funny…Love Michael McMillan. Pam…OMG again, she had some of the best lines of the night. Also agree with whomever said Nelsan got the award for best acting.

    Now as for the rest…Bill running out to save the day…he’s always been the puppy dog, always will be. Gag! Who really can stand that, wants that? He’s just happy she forgave him, so he’ll probably be playing the nice guy from here on out…again Gag. Eric is just hurt and why wouldn’t he be? Just had his heart broken by the only woman (as far as we know) that he’s ever loved. He’s going to revert back to bad ass, don’t care about anybody but myself, Eric. I’m okay with that…for now. You want him to act like Bill and be all like “please take me back?” not in a million years! I’m also okay with the Nora sex…hot, hot, hot! My feeling is that, that is not going to be a “relationship”. Just sex. These are vampires, not humans, they’re violent and passionate and possessive. And to reiterate what Erika said, we have to separate the books from the show. I’m just along for the ride and as long as Alex is on the show…I’m there! Hoping but not betting AB will see the error of his ways!

  14. Loved Season 5’s debut episode and can’t wait for the rest of the Episodes.
    Loved Eric & Nora’s sex scene, it was really hot.

  15. Loved the epi,love all the stories but hate sitting through them to see me some Eric! I found it telling that Eric asked Nora if she thought they could be heard in Louisianna, He definately is not over Sookie

  16. Whew! First peek in since Friday and still haven’t watched the episode. First….get Kleenex to keep wiping the drool dribbles off the iPad. Holy crap those are some HOT pics of Eric and this Nora vamp. Love your recap and hope tonight’s the night I can find 60 minutes to watch and join the conversation!

  17. I really like Nora and i’m looking forward to her story (if she gets decent one because there are too many Andys in this show) however didn’t we all at some point think Sookie doesn’t deserveEric and he needs someone better? Well this might be the gal (btw she’s so hot) but i’m affraid i’ve read somewhere that she wont have love interest (sex scene came a bit as a shock to me after reading that but hey – it was sex not love and this is AB’s True Beehl so everything is possible which gets me to my point: From this episode on, i believe in…EVERYTHING! Fairies are real, vamps are real, weres…everything is real and possible because if it’s possible that Eric says to Beehl i’m not leaving you (all friendly and caring ughhh) after ditching sookie and her distress – than how could i not believe?

    Let ” Eric’s personality rape continue” !!!! Yeeey

    PS Sometimes i wonder doesn’t Alex get a say in anything about his character or he just doesn’t care (but who could blame him anyway)? I remember AB saying (i think it was PaleyFest) actors sometimes came to him when not satisfied or want explanations blah blah so they change things, (maybe that’s why Stephen hangs with him LOL) so complaints could be a possibility if only he wanted! You know that Eric had sex scene with Talbot, but when Beehl was supposed to at least kiss Sam – conviniently the phone rang! (when Sam drank Beehl’s blood after whole Maenad thing and had sex dream about him) – maybe that was the case of “complaint” ….

    and just one more thing i might have finally realised the point of Andy/fairy sex: remember when Beehl was explaining to Sookie in season 3 how she was half-fairy /half-human and he told her that sometimes fairies “mate” with humans (and sometimes even against their will so she asked something like are her people rapists etc….)so maybe they want a little baby fairy ;-)

    This is kinda turning into a habit but still once again: I’m sorry for my too long post! :-)

  18. My opinion of the sex scene? I enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, I don’t understand why anyone who watched that excruciating scene with the bathrobes would deny his right to do as he pleases right now. Sookie rejected and humiliated him, so I think he should have gone for it. Doesn’t mean that him and Sookie will never get back together.

    But having said that, I really believe Eric is playing Bill and plans to take him down and Nora is part of it.

    I suspect that the f*** Sookie conversation was to try to keep Bill from running off to Sookie. Because we know that Bill will not miss a chance to feed Sookie his blood. I think that Eric saying “I won’t leave you” is also part of that. Eric wants to keep Bill by his side to keep him away from Sookie.

    Plus, I do think Eric has plans for Bill. To me, it is too much of a coincidence that Nora just happened to show up to help Eric and has everything planned and Eric didn’t know she was in the same car as him.

    Yes, Eric is too calm about all this, there has to be more to it than what we have been led to believe so far.

    Right now I have to believe this, or else believe that HBO and AB ruined the best character ever. May we get the real truth soon.

    • I really wish I could believe that, but I have a sick feeling that he’s not acting. A part of me doesn’t want him to because that would just be another reason for Sookie to hate him, it would make her precious Bill seem like the scorned party.

  19. Great review Erika – and I agree re Eric n Nora. Its weird because everytime I let myself enjoy Eric’s scenes, I kept getting pulled back out of my disbelief by, well, disbelief! I could have bought a “fuck you” fuck from Eric if TB had at least led up to it somewhat. IDK, what about at least the second epi? But FFS, it was 30mins in and Eric’s banging his vamp sister. Huh? I can’t deny the hello kiss was hot, I think Skars is the best screen kisser out there *fans self*, but after the initial flush, its all just a bit bewildering.

    I live in hope that they don’t continue with their assassination of Eric Northman’s character.

  20. Am I the only one that thinks Eric didn’t want to leave Bill behind because he was afraid Bill would pin it all on him? That would be just like Bill. They’ll have to trust each other to a certain extent here in order to get out of the mess, but I don’t think Eric dragged Bill away due to any sense of loyalty on his part.

  21. i’m not that pissed with the eric-nora sex, i actually saw it coming since vampires can be overwhelmed by blood lust especially after a brush with death. what i hated were the cheesy lines like “i’d do anything for eric” topped of with eric’s “and i’d do anything for you” matched with his puppy-dog eyes. its like gimme a f*ckin’ break! i’d find it more appropriate if eric threw a lustful comeback like “oh really?” followed by his trademark smirk and eyebrows waggling and then nora will punch him in the shoulder or throw him a dirty look that would equal to their so-called “friction”

    i think eric’s “we fight like siblings but we f*ck like champions” comment to bill, is just his way of showing bill that he’s over sookie and her bull, whilst trying to cover his pain for being rejected by a human, albeit a part-fae human.

    i can only hope that the eric-sookie scenes that will follow will at least drop subtle hints that eric still cares for sookie and vice-versa. subtle hints, like longing glances or softened features while looking at each other are all i’m asking for. with the way the plot is going, i am only grasping for straws here.


    • What bugged me about the “And I would do anyting for you,” line is that I don’t think he would. If she came up with some kind of plan that ending up harming Sookie, broken hearted or not, I don’t think Eric would do it. He’d find a way to do what Nora needed without that part of the plan. He may be “pissed” and on the rebound, but he wouldn’t hurt her.

  22. Is it possible to say you like Nora and the idea of her with Eric without getting all those dislikes? What’s gonna happen when i say i really really loved their sex scene ? :-)

    • Katy, people are Eric and Sookie fans ….so to say you like Eric and Nora sex scene is like your cheating on Eric and Sookie. This season sookie gonna have a sexual encounter with Alcide, Eric will or might have sex with Salome and.Bill will have sex.with Salome so when.the season ends will they have sookie leaning towards Bill or towards Eric? Which we are dreaming that the writers will do.

      • I think it’s okay to say you like the sex scene with Eric and Nora and not betray king and country. At this point in the books, Eric and Sookie were not together and I think its safe to assume Eric was having sex with other women as Sookie got together with Quinn. The scene was well played, well shot, and there was chemistry between the actors.

        • Yes, but what makes it different is that in the books, Eric had no recollection of what he and Sookie meant to each other. He knew something happened, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. On the show, he claimed to love her only like a day before he’s boinking his ‘sister,’ which makes the situation pretty sucky. I know he’s hurt, but there are better ways to deal with pain and for that I can’t get on board with the scene, whether it was hot or not. I just found the whole thing really disturbing, and Bill being a creeper while he waited for them to finish didn’t help any.

          • I totally agree with everything you are saying Tammy, your are staring how I felt as well because it irks me that the writers love to make Eric a asshole or unfeeling guy and Bill is the caring one, and we all know that bill is a liar and is all about himself…..I am tired of seeing that on true blood season after season.

  23. Don’t let it worry you katy. I got a thumbs down and I was on the other end of the issue (LOL).

  24. Finally watched the episode last night and took all day today digesting what I saw. Here’s what I WANT to believe:
    Eric is playing a long game with Bill. Pam was secretly sent by Eric to watch over Sookie which would place her at the scene to do the turning and allow Eric to say what he did and act like he did. Nora was in on it, as a vampire “family” they know when one is in trouble or nearby. If this is not the case then everything we have been told about vampires up to this point was a lie, right.
    Here’s what’s probably going on:
    This was all contrived, all prior mythology is tossed out the window and history is being rewritten (as it was for S4 allowing Bill to become King at such a young age). I think this is called RETCON. That being the case it felt contrived, rushed, made up and requires a huge suspension of belief and a huge “wink, wink” at everything we’ve been told about these supes up until this point. Nora’s character was brought in to toss E/S shippers a bone thinking we are shallow and stupid enough to only care if he’s naked and banging someone! The biggest character assasinations being carried out are against Sookie and Eric. If that’s not the case then we are meant to turn on Eric and become sympathetic to Bill. Well, I certainly won’t fall for it, if this is the plan.
    Now for the part which is kind of mean but it is what I felt when watching; Eric/Nora were smoking hot together! Chemistry and hotness was just oozing off them! I never felt that kind of heat in last seasons encounters with Eric/Sookie and I think it is because of a certain real life pairing. It really sucked the heat and the soul out of S4 sex scenes and any future pairing. I don’t mean any personal attack here as the real life actors are wonderful people, I just believe the relationship that developed into marriage/babies destroyed any chance of an Eric/Sookie arc (if there ever was a plan for one) to have the heat and passion it should.
    While waiting for a chance to watch the episode I was peeking in various places to get tidbits and heard lots and lots of Sookie hate going on and a strange, creepy silence from the usually rabid Bill fans. This led me to believe that poor Sookie may be joining Eric under the bus in an attempt to elevate and feature a Bill-centric story. So sad!
    Finally I am curious to see where they are going with this. After waiting 9 months to see what they had to offer this season I found my mind wandering away to chores waiting, what I wanted to eat, etc. during the rest of the storylines. Yawnfest! I didn’t hate it but don’t feel like I should break out the big bottle of BBQ sauce to accompany the words I’m willing to eat just yet! And please sir, can I have some more popcorn-my bags been empty for many episodes!

    • I honestly thought Alex and Anna had more chemistry than Alex and Lucy, that whole thing just felt way too forced. It was goodbye sex more than anything else.

  25. I some people are right saying that E/S are pretty much over on this show and it’s so hard to let go :( The moment Eric said f..k Sookie and Bill rushed to her no matter what said it all for me – that in this show it’s B/S who are the main couple….. I know it’s still early to say but I am just trying to prepare myself … the next big thing will be the actual e/s scenes and we’ll see some dynamics between them… if there are no obvious sparks there, especially from Sookie’s side – it’s farewell my friends … thank God we have the books (for now, I hope CH won’t let us down as well – that would be too much

  26. I really hate that tara is still in the show. i dont like her anymore. and i really really hate NORA!

    • She’s a little easier to tolerate as a vampire, but I still say they should have just left her dead. Nora I have a feeling will get hers soon enough.

  27. So, I’m quite behind everyone else here! I just started watching the show last week–and I’ve watched the first four seasons in the past 5 days. (True story! Luckily it was raining, but I seriously need to get back to my life) Pretty much only left to see Jason Mraz Friday night and managed to get away with HBO Go 24/7 due to thunderstorms and it because my Hubby finally got some Xbox time. I digress……. I am in LOVE with Eric–I dream of him at night–so totally hot. I absolutely adored all of season 4, but did miss the bad boy in him a bit. Considering that I’ve bombarded my brain with the first four seasons back to back the Season 5 opener tonight has completely thrown me off my guard. I haven’t had enough time to digest Sooki leaving both Bill and Eric to see him screwing his “sister” yet. I also have not read the books, but will be buying them this week because I’m too hooked not to!

    Here are my thoughts (bare with me, I’m a newbie and have not read the books): Tara clearly had her head BLOWN OFF, there would be nothing there to bring back to life with vamp blood. She was DEAD. Pretty much had to be dead conisdering well–she was missing HALF OF HER HEAD. Pam in the yellow sweatsuit was, however, pricless and well worth the ridiculous “twist.” Lafayette is amazing! I adore him, he’s always been my favorite. I think he’s the best actor out of the bunch, and I am so glad his character has gotten more depth over the seasons. I love Arlene! I think she’s so funny, I don’t mind the extra bit of story. I used to adore Bill and Sooki, I just don’t know what happened along the way, but if I ever see them together again I’ll hurl. Still sad Jesus died in season 4, I thoroughly enjoyed that dynamic. Bringing back the Church of the Son preacher and gay at that–hilarious! I really thought poor Jason was going to get raped again, glad he caught a break.

    I could have done without the Jessica/Jason bs. She has always been a fun little sidekick, but I don’t need to see guitar hero–lame. Love Alcide, completely disgusted with the entrail eating. Alcide is a sweetie, glad Debbie got shot last season. I do have one complaint about the werewolves–why, oh why are they made to be such redneck trash?! Can we at least give the were’s a little semblance of dignity and throw a powerful less country pack in the game? As always, Sam is a little cutie. I would’ve liked to have seen he and Sooki give a go, oh well. Love Luna! However, how did Luna every hook up with that redneck biker Marcus or that crowd?! No way–they should’ve made Luna more like Debbie to make that one believable.

    Now…Nora. She’s gorgeous, I didn’t like the sex scene. Extremely hot, but I was super jealous it wasn’t Sooki. It hurt! I have the same questions about Nora that I do Godric….if they were all a family, and vampires nest–why did they all go their separate ways? If Eric and Nora meant so much together, she’d be with he and Pam, correct?

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