Alex In The ‘Bullet’ Video

A good friend shared this video of Alexander Skarsgard from the ‘Bullet’ magazine photoshoot! Guess what? It is awesome and Alex really rocked that video/photoshoot (was there any doubt of that?). Here are some pictures from that video, some we have seen and some we have not! Better check your blood pressure after you view them!

Do you want more? Sure you do! :)

Now without further ado, here is the video, ENJOY!

*photo credit to:skarsgardfans

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10 comments on “Alex In The ‘Bullet’ Video

  1. That was very cool!!!! I love that even the clothes that were so out there, looked great on Alex, although he could wear a fig leaf for all I care, he always looks wonderful….(fans self, whew, its’ very, verrry hot in here) Thanks for posting for us to see, we all appreciate it it very much.

  2. Yep, I’m officially dead now.

  3. Thank you Nymerias .Alex is fine in all his glory . Love the pictures . I am wrong for this Nice seeing the SkarsPeen . You made my day .

  4. have we ever seen Alexander in anything bad?
    I don’t think so?. He only gets better looking as he gets older!!!
    Thank you Nymerias for the video!!!

  5. Seriously, that man can’t look bad in anything he wears! I love seeing him in photo shoots!

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