From Twitter, With Love

Saw this on Twitter and wanted to share it with you! This is good for a laugh!

Some of our favorite True Blood actors (and characters) had their picture taken and shared it – along with a special message.

@McMillzz aka. Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin) tweeted this below;

This is the image he shared…

Who’s behind the hat?  Love how Michael is looking at Alex! LMAO I love these guys…they’re so funny! Hahahaha.  I’m glad they appreciate the fans by sharing pics like this with us!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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7 comments on “From Twitter, With Love

  1. The one in the hat has the build and shape of Ryan. I bet its him.

  2. Askars of course ;) Michael really loves him, he posted many pics of them together.
    And he says he’s Team Eric, so he’s good in my book! :D

  3. aaaaaaaand Alex is being his big ol’ goofy self once again!!!! I really just loved that pic, its’ so like him to do something like that. I missed seeing his beautiful eyes however the look on Michaels’ face is priceless.

    Thanks for sharing with us!!!!!

  4. Love these guys, love the pic…makes u think…hey, I could just go sit down, have a beer, & chat for awhile, so how ’bout those Kings? :)

  5. Michael so has a crush on Alex if that dreamy expression is anything to go by, and who could blame him? I adore this picture.

  6. this is too funny for words~ the only way I know that it’s Alexander under that goofy hat
    is that his watch is on his right hand!!!

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