Deborah Court Does Deadlocked

You remember our old friend and author, Deborah Court, don’t you? Well, we’re happy to tell you…SHE’S BACK!

Unfortunately, she’s not posting a new fanfic for you. Instead, she will be doing a review of the penultimate 12th novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series, “Deadlocked”!

Yes, you read that right! Deborah is going to share her thoughts on the book – from an author’s point of view. We thought you might find it interesting to find out what an author thinks about the book, and maybe even getting inside Charlaine’s head a little bit ( in a round about way).

WARNING: If you haven’t read the book yet, this may contain spoilers! If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

A Writer’s Thoughts on “Deadlocked”

By Deborah Court

When my friend and favorite blogger Erika from EricandSookieLovers.com asked me to give her my opinion – from a writer’s point of view – where Charlaine Harris might take Sookie’s story after “Deadlocked”, I believed that this wouldn’t be too hard a task.

But that was before I actually read the book.

(Warning! If you haven’t read “Deadlocked” already and intend to do so, please stop reading right now, if you don’t want to spoil the fun.)

I carefully avoided seeing any spoilers or reviews of Charlaine Harris’s newest addition to the Southern Vampire Mysteries to be able to enjoy this story uninfluenced. Now that I’ve finished it and spent some time thinking about it, I must say that this book was one of the darkest of the series, angst-ridden and sometimes even despairing. I am well aware that Ms Harris’s stories are most of all mysteries, featuring a very unusual girl whose view of life is turned completely upside down, and her way of growing into a stunningly strong, badass woman who learns to adapt to all the hardships, all the madness she encounters. Sookie’s love encounters are only meant to be the icing on the cake, but fortunately for us readers, the author managed to create a vampire character so intense, charming, clever, cunning and mindblowingly sexy that he just couldn’t stay in the background. We all fell in love with him – hard and gracious plenty, I might say. ;-) And of course, we’ve always yearned for Sookie to have her happy end with him – turned into a vampire or not, as his wife or human lover, well in any way Ms Harris could make this possible.

William Erasmus Compton. Vampire Bill.

Hey gals, just kidding! Please don’t hit me. I just wanted to cheer you up with a lil’ joke after that sinister finale of “Deadlocked”. Of course I’m talking about Eric. I want nothing more but for Sookie and him to end up together, believe me. If you don’t know me yet and would like to know how I feel about him and Sookie, please read my first and second fanfic here on Eric and Sookie Lovers. ;-) But well, I’m not Charlaine Harris, and this is her story, not mine. And what I’ve learned about her writing so far, is that she isn’t an author who can be easily categorized. Her books can’t be reduced just to the romance; both the plots and characters are multi-layered and cleverly planned. She once said in an interview that the world of Sookie Stackhouse is her own universe, and she can do whatever she wants with it. And she does, shocking and surprising us over and over again. If I could say one thing about her, I’d guess that she just isn’t predictable. And as much as I’d love to predict how the story might end, I just can’t because I don’t know what she will do. I’d believe her capable of anything, even of letting Sookie end up with Sam as happy owners of Merlotte’s and parents of a mind-reading, shapeshifting bunch of children, or having Niall open the portal to Faery once again and giving her a “happily forever after” living with her fairy relatives.

Having said that, I won’t give you an in-depth review of Deadlocked, since others already did an amazing job of that. All I can do is try to view this story as a writer, not a reader, and speculate a bit what an author who planned to bring a long, much-beloved series to an end might do to plan the grande finale.

Gosh, Deadlocked was depressing when it came to Eric and Sookie’s love story (if you could call it that anymore), wasn’t it? Their first encounter was when she caught him greedily drinking from another woman who definitely seemed to be enjoying herself. The end was … Eric’s absence after he left, probably shocked and angry that Sookie didn’t use the cluviel dor to get them both out of an extremely difficult situation. The in between was pretty frustrating too, apart from the vague mention of sex, and Eric’s hilarious comments about Bill and Pam when they came to visit on Sookie’s birthday.

Oh, how much I missed the sexy, delightful Eric/Sookie scenes of the first books of the series, and I bet you did, too. But it all seemed to be quite hopeless, didn’t it? There still isn’t any doubt that Eric and Sookie love each other (although she starts to doubt that his love is strong enough to fight for them being together). However, at the end of “Deadlocked”, I was so disappointed I felt like throwing my book against the wall. While I wholewheartedly agree with Sookie’s choice to save Sam’s life, using the cluviel dor’s magic, for our favorite couple there seems to be no way out but to break up and live separate (vampire-)lives, with Eric marrying Freyda and Sookie probably ending up in Bon Temps, with whatever supe love interest at her side. Would we even care? Who could ever compare to Eric, anyway?

Ok – to put it simply, my point is that everything points to Sookie ending up with Eric, just because Ms Harris took great efforts in throwing huge, insurmountable obstacles in love’s way, using two whole books to slowly build up to this final climax (no pun intended!). I also had the impression that she tried to gather up all loose ends when it came to Sookie’s fairy relatives and Alcide and his were pack, so my guess is that she’ll concentrate on the vampires in “Dead Ever After”. There will be murder and mayhem in Bon Temps, as always, blood, intrigues and vampire politics, and I can’t wait what the final chapter will bring. But when it comes down to the core of the story, the story arch that lead us through the whole series like a red thread (or should I say “stream of blood”?) is the question if Sookie will have her happy ending, and with whom. We all know that Sookie loves only one man vampire. Do you think that Charlaine Harris will allow her heroine to find true happiness? And if so, will it be in the way we all imagine, we all hope it will happen?

As much as I’d love to, I can’t tell you either. But whatever “Dead Ever After” holds in store for us, damn – this series was a helluva ride so far! Dear fellow romantics, let’s hope that it will lead into a blood-red sunset, with our favorite heroine in the arms of her immortal Viking. Go grab him, Sookie, and kick this Freyda b**** back to the hole she crawled from! This is all I’m sayin’.

* * * * * * *

Let me be the first to say, thank you Deborah for taking the time to review the book for us! I’m sure you’ve been very helpful to those who may have their doubts on who Sookie will choose at the end. But I have to say, your cruel teasing with the mention of Bill Compton, was like a swear word to me! That’s blasphemy! LOL SHAME ON YOU! I’m just kidding…you know I have the same dry, witty sense of humor as you; so at least I’m laughing at your joke! ;) I’m sure all of us hope Sookie ends up with Eric in the end too. The only question is; will Charlaine give us what we want?

Now it’s your turn. Please tell Deborah what you thought of her review in the comments below!

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11 comments on “Deborah Court Does Deadlocked

  1. Very well written. Thanks Deborah for your views, which I share by the way. I am so hoping that Sookie and Eric are the final end game for the SVM series. In a way, I am dreading this last book, as I have been reading the series from the beginning and its’ going to be kinda like losing ones’ family. I will be lost without Sookie and the gang.

    Therefore, I hope that Charlaine at least gives us a HEA in the final book.

  2. I agree with Deborah on the point of wanting to throw the book at the wall but I will go one better I got very depressed and I even wondered if I wanted to read the last book. In alot of ways a found the book disappointing. There was still so many unanswered Questions and so much up in the air that I have to wonder if the last book will really have and ending or just and open ending like alot of authors like to do nowadays. My one and only worry is Can Sookie really have a happy ever after?? Because she is so far inside the supe world they won’t want her to live also if she is not with Eric her life is in danger due to her fairy blood, if she is with Eric he can’t protect 24/7 and knowing her she won’t want him living with her all the time, so she is in danger that way so I can’t rally see a happy ending for her unless miss Harris thinks Sookie dying is a happy ending?

  3. This made me feel a bit better as I was actually re-reading Living Dead in Dallas recently (CH said that she kind of knew the ending since then so I just wanted to read it again to see if there are any clues)…have to say that the scene in Sam’s office earlier in the book scared me a bit….he kissed her back after menead injury, then they end up kissing, and Sookie liked it but stopped thinking about it (in her typical way) as he was her boss and she was going out with Bill at the time, bla, bla…it drove me mad and I am really worried about Sam again…but then when I read some good posts it makes me feel better…so here’s to that…thanks for a nice review

    • I still think if it was always supposed to be Sam, she wouldn’t have had anything with Eric at all. What’s the point of having all that build up if it wasn’t supposed to lead to anything? I like to think CH wouldn’t want to disappoint her readers that much, but you never know.

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your review Deborah. I wish I could be hopeful for an Eric/Sookie ending, but what I got from Deadlocked was Sookie yearning more and more for the simple normal life without all the supe chaos. She yearns for children in this book far more then any other, and seems to be the most content when all the supes are absent. I may be wrong, but I see her settling for a life with a friendship kind of marriage rather then a romantic kind of ending. I’m pretty sure she will end up with Sam and a semi normal life in her childhood home in her childhood town with the children she craves. While Sam is not completely normal neither is Sookie, but they are both creatures of habit and seem to like it that way, and Sookie cannot hear his thoughts like she can a human’s. I dont think she will be alone in the end. What I simply do not see is her ending up with any Vamp. It makes me sad because I love Eric more then any character in any book I have ever read, and believe my that is thousands of books over my 70 years. For that reason I will probably skip the last book and daydream the ending how I would want it. If for some far fetched reason she ends up with Bill or Alcide I will destroy all my SVM books both in print and iPad and try to wipe the entire series from my mind.

    • See, I didn’t get that vibe about her needing kids. Sookie doesn’t seem to me like she would take the easy way out. A life with Sam would be way too boring for her, she may think she wants that now, but I don’t think she really does. As for Bill or Alcide, the ship has sailed for both of them. I’m not worried about her choosing either. If the book does end in disappointment, I guess we’ll always just have fan fiction to get what we want.

  5. I would give everything up if it meant to have the love of my life by my side!!
    In Sookies case, children, she can adopt!! Her little cousin loves Eric!! My human life to trade it for an eternity with the vamo I love!! And I will fight to get what’s rightfully mine!! We will fight together to get rid of Freyda!! Like they did w Vic!! she can’t give up on Eric!! You only meet your true love once!!

  6. I also see her ending up with Sam. Sigh… not what I want , but more than likley.
    I for some reason see an ending with Sookie being really old and in bed in grans room dying when Eric shows up one last time to see her. She is still thrilled to see him and knows she always loved him but has no regrets. because she had the family she always wanted and Sam was good to her ect. I know , very angsty. Just seems like thats how it would end . Hope I’m wrong though and she ends up with Eric.

    • Well, that’s depressing, I don’t see that being the ending for Sookie. Whether she ends up with Sam or not, I don’t think CH will show her on her death bed.

  7. All4Eric…I have actually pictured a similar scenario happening, in my lowest moments with these last few books. But what gives me hope is that CH has said that Sookie will have her HEA at the end of the books, and the fact that it is so established that Eric and Sookie really truly love each other, it seems a betrayal of her character for her to throw that away and say no, she really has been in love with Sam all along. I don’t think the Sookie we know can be ‘in love’ with two people, and I don’t think it would just change like that, night to day. If she were to leave Eric, she would be better off by herself…taking the time to recover and heal from that deeply layered and intense relationship…no rebounding with Sam, that wouldn’t be real love. So if, in one book, we are indeed going to see Sookie with her HEA, it has to be Eric as it has always been him, even in this book it was him despite both of them having hit rock bottom. These dark times will show what Sookie is made of, just as Pam says, and the Sookie we know doesn’t settle or take the easy way out – especially not now, after all she has gone through and how much she has grown throughout the series.

  8. I have to say that I completely agree with this post on the eric and sookie matter, for several reasons. I have been waiting to post about this until I could get all of my thoughts together and really decide what I wanted to say. This is in fact my first post regarding these books, as I recently discovered them. Graduating college= more time to read material other than text books.

    I would like to start my argument by debunking the Sam is Sookie’s HEA red herring. like Ms. Court I wholeheartedly agree with Sookie’s choice to use the CD to save the life of Sam. He is her best friend and her rock, but nothing more than that. Many people have stated that he will be the one she ends up with because she wants children and a normal life. Charlaine Harris herself has said that she doesn’t like traditional happily ever afters. It is this belief of Ms. Harris’ that proves why she would never allow for Sookie and Sam to end up together. Ms. Harris has even stated that: ““I don’t write absolutes. I don’t write the kind of “happily ever after” that romance readers enjoy. I’m not saying that “happily everd afters” are a bad thing, and I’m not saying Sookie will never be happy … but she’s not going to settle down and start a family and have the white picket fence.” – Harris, Huffington Post (June 2010) The only person in the stories that could possibly give Sookie this lifestyle is in fact Sam. How many times in the books is Sam’s trailer referred to as his version of a house with a white picket fence? It is literary clues such as this, that gives us a look into the head of the author and the direction in which she is taking us. While he will always remain a great influence in Sookie’s life, Sam will never be her HEA.

    Now that the Sam matter is cleared up, on to the real reason for this post, Sookie and Eric. Am I the only one that has noticed Ms. Harris’ fascination with Gone With The Wind? Not only does she reference Rhett and Scarlett every chance she gets, she even named one of the characters Tara. I could write an entire post on the character parallels, but seeing how long this post is already I will stick to the main parallel, Eric/Sookie and Rhett/Scarlet. While Sookie and Eric are not carbon copies of the two star-crossed southerners, the way their relationship is built and how they react to one another is certainly a parallel. Sookie falls in love with Eric while trying desperately to hold on to the man she thinks she loves (Bill) the same way that Scarlet thought she loved Ashley. (I would like to take the time to thank Ms. Harris for not dragging that relationship out the way it was in GWTW, condensing it down for our benefit and sanity.) Furthermore Eric and Sookie, while madly in love, are never comfortable enough in the other to completely let their guard down. Truly telling the other how they feel and opening up completely, causing all of the problems that the two will encounter as a couple. Even the breaking of the blood bond, and Eric’s rough treatment of Sookie mirror the classic story. In GWTW, the death of bonnie, severs the ties between the two lovers in much the same way that the breaking of the bond does. Both Rhett and Eric seem to feel that without these external forces keeping their lovers bonded to them, they will not stay. The two men are so insecure, being newcomers to love, that they do not trust that their women will stay without any external force keeping them there. The two men start to shut down and push the women away feeling that their love is no longer enough to keep them there. In GWTW, this insecurity comes to a head during the large fight between Rhett and Scarlet, in SVM this is manifested in the distance Eric puts between the two of them during the final books, and the painful bite that he inflicts upon Sookie in the aftermath of the battle with victor. Both men choose to allow their pain to become physical manifestations in their relationships instead of becoming more vulnerable and allowing themselves to open up to the women they love.

    I don’t want anyone to despair upon reading this because Rhett and Scarlett do not end up together, I highly doubt that Ms. Harris will end the books with Sookie lamenting that “tomorrow is another day.” Ms. Harris has assured her readers that Sookie will end up with someone, and while the character’s interactions with one another parallel GWTW, SVM is not a retelling of this story. By ending the books with Sookie and Eric together CH will achieve the same level of uncertainty that GWTW ends with. Instead of wondering wether Scarlett ever gets Rhett back, we will be left wondering if the Human/Vampire relationship works out, and how the issues of aging, mortality, and death affect the two characters.

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