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If like me you just can’t get enough True Blood at the moment, and are particularly foaming at the mouth over the Eric and Pam flashback, then the good folk at E! Online have got the ultimate in juicy spoilers for you.

WARNING: Don’t cross over if you want to stay spoiler free!

According to E!

No Biting the Merchandise:As you will soon learn Lorena (Mariana Klaveno), Bill, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam have a very long, sordid and interesting history. Bill and Lorena were out sowing their wild oats when he and Eric clashed before. This fun flashback also explains why Pam isn’t the biggest Bill Compton fan.

So Bill and his crazy-bitch maker Lorena were “sowing their wild oats”, perhaps in Pam’s brothel? Could the dead girl Pam discovered in Room 3 be just another one of their many, many victims? I’d say that’s a very interesting development, and of course we don’t need to be too concerned about Pam as she already has a certain mysterious viking vampire on her side to protect her.

E! also gave a little snippet on one of our favorite returning characters, the vampire Steve Newlin.

The New Nan Flanagan: Reverend Newlin (Michael McMillian) isn’t just showing up in Bon Temps to make himself an unwanted party crasher, he’ll have a whole new role at the Authority. He’s the best person to take over the old face of the Vampire Authority now that he’s a vampire and a smooth-talking religious nut spokesperson.

Steve Newlin, the new face of vampires in America? Well he’s certainly more fun than Nan ever was, and he’s already appeared on television to talk about his life changing re-birth. The more Steve the better we say!

Original source – E! Online

Let us know what you think about this possible latest developments? Any thoughts on Bill and Lorena in 1905 San Francisco?

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19 comments on “E! Online Juicy Spoiler

  1. My guess had always been that Newlin is Russell Edgington’s new love but…if he’s being used by the Authority and I’m right…does that mean he’s a potential double agent?? Could he be both Russell’s and the Authority’s??

    Hmmm…to be honest I never expected Pam and Bill had a long history. In fact I thought that Bill was younger than Pam. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was assumed as TB has never been big on continuity. But this is way too convenient. But hey? If it’ll put Queen Beehl in the bad light he really deserves then I’m all for it.

    But will AB, Beehl’s devoted follower, allow his precious Beehl to be put in a bad light?? Hmmm….

    • He’s been put in a bad light several times before, unfortunately, they of course made Bill older than Pam on the show. I should have known he would ruin their flashback.

      • He will be put in a bad light but it will look like lorena made him do it……probably did something to Pam where Eric had to turn her similar to Tara……

        • I am not sure about that. Pam did not look very happy with her life so she might want to be a vampire and that decision will be her own.

    • of course beehl has to be in the flashback because ball has to destroy everything that has to do with eric, all the eric scenes have to be with bill. I want to enjoy the flashback, but that really makes me pissed. I wanted to see at least the eric pam flashback being bill free:(

  2. BTW…I LOVED Pam’s dress in the flashback scene (the second one, the one she meets Eric in). And her hair? Pam ROCKED. IT. last night. I can’t wait to see more flashbacks!

  3. I saw this and I am royally pissed off that Eric and Pam cannot have even their flashback in peace without Bill’s stink all over it… don’t care what happens and if Bill will be in bad light …just pissed of they had to bring Bill into it….

  4. I love this and quite of number of fans have been speculating on this for a while now. I always knew that Eric and Pam did not trust Bill and I have been wanting to know why. I thought we would get it last season but it did not happen. When Bill first showed up at Fangtasia with Sookie in tow, both vamps were suspicous of his motives for ‘mainstreaming’ and did not believe. People can say what they want about Eric but he only feeds on the willing and does not want to control humans. Not saying Bill does (yet) but Bill just screams sinister. I thought it would be something like this and I cannot wait to see exactly what. Either way, it points Bill in an even worse light than before and IMO there is not explaining it away!

  5. I just knew it!!!! Ever since they showed that darn pic of Steven in period clothes!!! Wouldn’t you just know the AB (that A-hole!!!) would do this and have Bill and Lorena horn in on Eric and Pams’ story. It really gets me peed off!!!!!!

    I don’t care if it explains anything about Bill, I DON’T CARE about him. I just want Eric and Pams’ story with NO Bill in it please……………. Whata rip. Now I’m not even really looking forward to the rest of their story. Its’ bad enough that Ballsack had to totally ruin Eric and Sookies season 4, now hes’ ruining Pam and Eric too. I say, BOO.

  6. I Effing knew it! (runs off screaming)

  7. Stay in your own god damn flashback bill!!!! :@

  8. This flashback sounds wonderful to me,it will show us why Pamela hates
    William Thomas Compton so much and how Pamela & Eric got togehter.
    We saw their first meet last night, his saving her from a “jack the ripper type”.
    Alexander looked wonderful in very elegant evening clothes.
    And Kristin looked wonderful in the gowns she wore,

  9. Once again AB and Company is giving us a story with no surprises. Of course AB would make sure Bill horned in on the Eric/Pam backstory. Most of us knew way back when we found out about a flashback of Eric and Pam they would have to include Bill since Bill is what drives AB and HBO by association.

  10. This is ridiculous they have strayed so far from the book, this is not how Eric and Pam got together at all. Not even close, she didn’t work in a brothel. I still watch to see Alexander Skarsgard. If you want the real story and much much better story, read the books!!!

    • Most of us have, you should know by now this show will never be anything like the books. This season is going to take it even further away from them.

  11. Well, hell! I keep trying to believe there is some reason to still give a crap about this show but this just about does it for me. Sunday night’s episode showed a little promise although Bill had to be shown as the man with the plan and that bothered me more than a little. I loved these books long before this show ever thought of being and have patiently waited through 4 seasons to see some semblance of the stories and characters I love so much on the screen. Season 4 and the total muck up of the Eric/Sookie beginning peeved me off so much I swore that was it! Then again, teased with some more dangling the Eric/Pam flashback got me to watch the first two episodes this year. Once again….bait and switch! Think we will get one thing and end up with another! UGH! Yada yada yada…wait, wait, wait…promise, promise, promise a long and twisty tail is being told…..! Two episodes in and I am totally sick of Eric’s accessory and NO LIKE where this is going! I guess I’ll just shut up as I’m sure you all get the point and my words are failing me for once! What to do with Sunday nights this summer?

  12. What to do with Sunday nights this summer? Everyone just chill. Relax in front of your television with a cold adult beverage ( frozen margarita is my choice) and drool over what little time we do get with Askars. It is better than nothing in my book. Most of us love the books and wish the show was more like them. I’ve come to realize that ain’t going to happen and I will be watching just to see Askars ass. What a fine one it is.

  13. So far i am not excited about this season i thought i would be . Bill is all over it Less Eric now even in Eric & Pam flashbacks you still have to stomach Bill somewhere . This show is going down hill from the last previous seasons . Love Chris as Roman though . i just don’t get the concept to all these plot lines . Love Alex parts when we do get to see them .Sad start on season 5 i only hope it gets better .

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