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Once again, our friends at Our True Blood Fan Club has posted their ‘Trubie Question of the week’ for us all to answer! The Question for you all this week is: “If you could erase any ONE scene from any season of True Blood, thereby also erasing its consequences, which scene would you pick and how would it change the show?”

Well, we obviously cannot make a decision ^^that way^^ so we better get our thinking caps on!

What do you think of the question of the week? Do you find this question easy or difficult? Sound off below!

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33 comments on “Trubie Question of the Week!

  1. Easy question. Sookie never meets Bill in 101 and meets Eric first! That would take care of all our problems!

  2. The whole jason getting rape in Hotshot. I feel as though that was pushing the story a bit too far… I firmly believe him and jessica would have bumped uglies without that whole experience.

  3. the 3-some from hell, Jessica

  4. How to choose, such a target rich environment. I guess a pivotal change would be the one that Alan Ball & team made to the Long Shadow staking. That change from Eric in canon seemed to be the first indication that he was going to twist Eric’s role and make Bill the end game. So I would have Eric save her, not Bill and consequently stop the cascade of Bill-centric behavior designed to sway Sookie and AB’s vision that they are soul mates.

  5. When Sookie said she still loved Bill last season, there is no logical explanation for that.

  6. I’m waffling between the whole maenad fiasco (I know, too big a season-arc) and agreeing with Kylie about the Jason rape fest. Could have done without anything concerning Andy, too.

  7. Once again, there are at least 100 scenes that can be fit to be erased. Its’ hard to pick just one. The one that comes to mind for me is that Beehl was never made King. Therefore it would have stopped some of the BS that developed because of it and Eric will still have the upper hand to a certain extent.

    As I said, there are really a whole lot more, but that was the first that came to mind for me.

    Long live Eric he will ALWAYS be the ONE in my heart and the only reason I still watch this show that long ago jumped the shark……..

  8. Sookie deciding not to be with Eric at the end of season 4. If she had chosen him without hesitation, maybe he would have been at the house with her when Debbie arrived and no one would have had to die.

  9. I’d erase every scene after the end of S4E6. I’d end the series there, with Eric & Sookie having sex and Bill looking sad.

  10. I agree with everything on here . So true

  11. Makes Eric comes to sookie’s rescuse in every scene & ditch King Billy. I think they should take replace Marnie & Maryanne w/ younger actresses to draw man viewers. they should makes Tara as the book than a whiny b**th.

  12. honestly the whole thing with Murella because it makes no sense unless they are going to bring something of that up later this season.

    • I have wondered for a while about your avatar and user name. It is curious and a little confusing and I was wondering if you would mind if I asked about it? And please, please don’t think I am being critical, just nosy :)

      • i like both bill and eric lol…..waiting for more eric lmao and i like bill still even though he is a total douche lmao.

        • Well, at least you admit to him being a douche. To each their own, but I really don’t know how anyone could still like him at this point. Luckily, I got over it. I just want more Eric because with him, you can never have enough.

  13. Can I pick two?
    * the scene where Sookie meets Eric in Fangtasia and Bill says “Sookie is Mine” I’d change to her saying “No I’m not” and watch the pretty consequences
    * the flashback scene when Bill holds a stake to his heart and asks Lorena to release him I’d change to her saying “No, stake yourself”. End of problem!

    Other scenes I’d like to change involve Bill……………….to many to list but he would die in all of them.

    • Yeah, because the book version never would have let him claim her like that. She would have said right away that she didn’t belong to anyone, but this Sookie needs a man to survive.

  14. I will definitely erase the scene of Sookie telling Eric that he loves bill and therefore she wouldn’t have to choose, and let them be together this season too!! Eric and fuck up one would have gone to her aid and the authority would’ve grab them anyway! But Sookie would be worried about him while the Tara incident!!

  15. The first that came to mind was the end of S4 where she says she still loves Bill and chooses neither but after reading all the comments, there are so many others to choose from! LOL! We could probably go back much, much further, like the Long shadow scene and fix a lot of what went wrong. And, yeah, hated the Jason/Hotshot crap.

  16. Awesome, we’re loving getting all these answers! I’m saving mine for the video…(evil laugh).

  17. I have given this a lot of thought because there are so many things to choose from but I have to choose two things 1. When Bill said Sookie is mine I would have loved her to say, No I’m not because her independence would have been there from the jump and 2. this is the biggie now because I believe the whole dynamic of the show would be different, The Longshadow staking done by Eric instead of Bill.

    An honorable mention would be that Bill never be made King, the reason being is that I think he could have been given something juicer that than, it was boring and really made no sense. They could have done something better with his character than that of Nan and the Authority’s puppet.

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