2 New Episode 3 Clips

HBO are again treating True Blood fans to two short clips from the upcoming episode. Today they have released these short spoilers from “Whatever I am, you made me”.

The first shows what looks like a continuation to the Authority discussion at the end of episode 2, about whether to do a deal with Fu*k Up One and Fu*k Up Two. And the second clip shows Sam finding a rather pitiful looking new vampire hiding in the bushes outside Merlotte’s.

I never thought I would hear myself say this, but I’m really looking forward to finding out what happens with Tara, and how Pam is eventually persuaded to help her new-born progeny. As for the dynamic duo, I think we can be pretty certain that Roman will decide to let them go after Russell. He damned well better do, I need Eric Northman back in Bon Temps with Sookie and Pam, and his new grand-baby!

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the new clips.

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7 comments on “2 New Episode 3 Clips

  1. I want my boys back, dammit!! Can’t wait for them to be sprung from the joint… I MISS THEM! Yes…BOTH of them…never thought I’d say THAT.

    Ugh, now I gotta be all caring about Tara!?! When did THIS happen? DID NOT WANT! But…*sigh*…ok. I really do feel bad for her!

    • I want Eric back, but he can leave Bill behind for all I care. I still don’t find it in me to really give a damn about Tara, it would have been nice if Sookie or Lafayette would have warned people about her being a vampire since she’s not exactly stable. I don’t think Tara would hurt Sam, though.

    • bill should finally find the true death.

  2. lol Tara with fangs reminds me on how Sarah Newlin looked with those fake fangs in that mini play with Jason xD

  3. I agree, let them out of jail so that Eric and whatz his name, can start hunting down Russell and start getting the Bon Temps group back together for the hunt.

  4. I just loved Eric’s eye roll!

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