The One Where Eric and Pam….’You Know’

Well, I simply do not know where to begin when it comes to this episode, but I might be able to manage a few things. Are you ready for it? Tighten those seats belts because you may or may not be in for one hell of a ride. It depends on if you like my snark and sense of humor or not. I think I will start with the stuff that I found to be a snooze-fest and these will be in no-particular order.

Andy Porn on Facebook

There was a picture of Andy’s ass(ets) posted on Facebook by Holly’s teenage brats and this lead to a conversation about the two of them ‘going steady’. Now, come on you know it was important that we know this bit of information! HAHA. I know you could care less…NEXT!

The case of the missing were/V addict Debbie Pelt

Who cares? I know I don’t….NEXT!

The Tao of Terry

Why did I even bother giving it a title? Well,Terry deserved something good so it might as well be a great title. Poor Terry Belfleur cannot get a great story-line even if his life depended on it. I think this is a down-right shame as Todd Lowe is a great actor and could do so much with the character he portrays. It is really painful to watch anything involving Terry as the story-line makes no sense to me at the moment but hey maybe it will get better. As it stands right now, it is B-O-R-I-N-G! Moving on!

Arlene, just shut up okay! Okay! Enough said. Can you tell I am not a fan of Arlene?

Jessica Smells a Fairy

Jessica smells Claude in a little boutique aptly named ‘Tracey’s Togs’. She chases after him like on girl on a mission or a girl high on a fairy trying to get a fix and tracks his scent to a clearing (can you say another portal? Rolls eyes). She gets frustrated because she can’t get her ‘fang on’ and play with him. I am so over her spoiled character and her ‘daddy’ comments. She redeems herself (somewhat) later in this episode (which I will get into later elsewhere) but not enough for me to like her.

Bill has a heart? Bite your tongue Salome!

I could have done without these following scenes but I will admit to them being a little amusing. Salome takes Bill on a ‘hot date’ in what I consider to be either a dark and dank basement or a subway tunnel. How romantic!

She skillfully feeds his ego by telling him that he has a heart and wants to help him. If Bill has a heart, I think he needs to be going ‘Off to see the Wizard’ to receive a new one. Just saying! How can he prove himself to her? Well by having sex against the basement/subway wall ala Nora and Eric but it does not have quite the same effect if you know what I mean? I am sure you do! As it turns out, Bill was much easier for her to manipulate than Eric (which I will get to in a minute) but it is not because he has a heart. It was simply because she fed his ego and he might have actually thought he gained an ally. The master manipulator got played and it was a thing of beauty. He really should not be bragging about Eric getting his sloppy seconds.

The Viking is having none of it

Miss Salome was very busy in this episode as she moved on to the seduction of the Viking. I think she found that manipulating the Sheriff of Area 5 was not as easy as manipulating Bill. She had to take a different tact with him and even then it did not work as he had her number. Eric: “Are you lonely? Is this how you make friends?” Eric was no fool, he knew what she was up to and he played her game. Plus, he got some sex out of it. He was not at all surprised that Bill had sex with her as well. The Viking is no idiot. Salome, you will have to get up a little earlier in the evening to get one up on Mr.Northman. Just saying!

Never mind that Eric knew she was up to something, it is still:

If that was not enough, after Salome was done with both Bill and Eric, she gets it on again but with Roman this time. She clearly has some major stamina, well she is a vampire after all!

Now for a story-line I am not sure how I feel about yet, it all depends on where it goes!

Oh no, not the GUMBO!

After getting an earful from the nagging Arlene, Lafayette pours a whole bottle of bleach in the gumbo! Back away from the Gumbo Lafayette or I will sick Pam on you! Don’t mess with the Gumbo!

Alas, we soon find out that it is the freaking demon inside our La La that makes him do it and he comes to his senses and pours the gumbo down the drain! Shew! That was a damn close call! I will keep mum on this plot until I see where it is going.

Now on to the things I really liked/loved in this episode.

Hot for teacher…..15 years later!

Jason slept with his old high-school teacher who taught him all he knows and then immediately had regrets. Jason feels ashamed and won’t have sex with Jessica when she comes over with a fang-hard-on, wanting to party after smelling a fairy. Speaking of which you would think she never smelled a fairy before….Sookie anyone!? I digress.

Jason had one of the best lines in this episode with his comment of “I’m not some mechanical bull you can come and ride on every time you feel like it” WAY TO GO BOI! It’s about damn time Stackhouse, about damn time! Finally, at least something came out of that God-awful rape scene from season 4. Granted, the ‘something’ I wanted to happen and what Alan Ball wanted to happen are two different things. I won’t go there again as I have already been down that road. I can and will give credit where credit is so I will say that Jessica stepped up to the plate and acted as a true friend should, instead of the spoiled little brat that she normally is. I don’t know how long this will last though. Lord knows Jason could use one right now.

My favorite line of the episode goes to a newbie character and it belongs to Nora (yes she beat Jason lol), let’s give her some applause shall we for this little gem:

The new Nan Flanagan-Steve Newlin

I think most everyone thought that Steve would be the new Nan so it really was no surprise that this turned out to be true. I love how Steve tries to spin his normal preaching manner to Roman, who was not having any of it. It was funny to see him squirm a bit under Roman’s fierce stare. I cannot wait to see more of Vampire Steve in action with his new lot in life for he is a real treat and born for this!

Sookie’s microwave ‘fingers of fail’ actually worked!

I love how Sookie FINALLY used her fae power to fling Pam across the room, not happy that it was Pam but so glad that she finally used her powers without being upset or angry. I cannot stress the term ‘FINALLY’ enough but let’s hope this stays the course.

There an App for that…don’t ya know? iStakes anyone?!

The Authority has outfitted Eric and Bill with a contraption that will automatically stake then in the heart should they do anything wrong, especially attempt to remove them and is controlled by just the push of a button on a cell phone. One cannot accuse the Authority of not being up on technology.

The Authority, the Vampire Bible and their agenda.

While I am not altogether sure where this Authority plot is going, I am willing to give it a chance. So I am not in love with it yet but I did not hate it, which is why I am posting it with things I liked/loved. Of course, that chance can only go so far, if it turns out to be a big boring snooze-fest I will let it be known big time. The reason I am not keen on this particular plot is due to massive inconsistencies where the Authority is concerned.

I am just not understanding Roman’s motivations for he is basically going against what is in the Vampire Bible to live among humans and do this so-called main-streaming. He has to have an agenda too and an actual plan. His sole purpose cannot be to live among humans in peace and harmony. B-O-R-I-N-G! I need something more than the Sanguinistas are against the Authority’s main agenda to mainstream and they want to adhere to the Vampire Bible. If True Blood makes it to where this is their only agenda then that is not satisfying enough for me. The show needs a constant villain for the humans and the Authority would fit that bill perfectly. It is of my opinion that the Authority was up to no good based on everything we have learned about them in the previous seasons so this whole mainstreaming agenda seems a little hard to believe. I am still thinking this is all merely a facade. I guess we will have to wait and see. For me, the jury is still out on the Authority and I dare them to try to put one of those iStake contraptions on me! ;)

Eric knocks Bill down a peg or two

My favorite part of the episode was the fact that a number of us called this moment: the moment when Bill and Lorena were draining one of Pam’s prostitutes! It was priceless. Eric, after having saved Pam from a knife-wielding maniac in the previous episode, stopped by her brothel to sample the ware’s and not just anyone’s either, but Pam’s. He was pretty intrigued by her. She normally does not compete with the merchandise and Eric tells her that “a good customer knows that everything has its price”. Pam recalls all the dead prostitutes in her brothel and accepts what the Viking has to offer in exchange for ridding her of the murderers in her midst! Guess who those murderers were? None other than Lorena and her ‘bloody’ sidekick Bill Compton. I know I was not surprised.

Now we know why Eric and Pam were so mistrusting of Bill’s claim of main-streaming.Eric throws Lorena against the wall and Bill comes to her rescue and actually attempted to stake Eric. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

Bill: “Who are you?” (Except he tried to say it all menacing and shit) Thanks Thomas Galvin for the inspiration!
Eric: “Eric Northman, but to you the True Death” (Except he did say it all menacing and shit)

Lorena, after stopping Bill from attacking Eric further, explains that Bill is young still (even though he was sixty vamp years old by that time) and basically cannot control himself. Eric sees that he is strong and is a promising vampire so he lets him live but Lorena better keep him in line and teach him how to respect his elders. Now, we all now that is two things that never happened as Lorena loved the ‘killing for sport’ and the ‘Mendacious’ Mr. Compton has never had any respect for his elders or humans at any time in his life, it all just a facade to his character. Lorena was told she should be apologizing to the lady and Pam also wanted 500.00 dollars for every lady they drained. Eric looked like a proud papa!

I am going to go off on a small tangent for one brief moment to say that we are given little tidbits like “Bill is the one with a heart and his humanity intact” while “Eric lacks heart and his humanity” but yet that is not what we see on the TV screen. We see Eric as the one with humanity and a heart in respect to Pam and Sookie, in most instances and Bill is the one with the careless regard for human life. Is True Blood a walking, talking contradiction? What are they playing at? Moving on!

When Eric turned Pam

I loved all the flashback scenes between Eric and Pam before he made her.It was one of the best flashback scenes I have seen in a while. It showed the amount of humanity Eric had for humans as well as serving to remind Pam that being a maker is a huge responsibility.She asks him to turn her in order to give her a life worth living. Eric says she does not know what she is asking and that if she knew what kind of responsibility it was to become a maker, she would not ask. She says, “so make me and leave me; I can take care of myself as I always have”.

Eric: “Would you toss a newborn baby in a gutter? Abandoning a new vampire is no different”

Pam gets upset and starts crying while Eric is getting dressed and it turns out that she is cutting her arms. When she turns around and Eric sees the blood, he asks her “What did you do Pamela?”

Pam:“Let me walk the earth with you Mr.Northman or watch me die”

His fangs come out and he rushes to her and the rest is history. Seeing as I am a bookie through and through, I was on the fence in how I felt about this but after watching it over again, it go with the essence of TB Pam as it was clear she was not happy with her lot in life and wanted a new one! I am okay with it but other things that happened on the show, not so much.

Tara can see clearly now….the sun is gone!

It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day, oh hell scratch that, she is a vampire now so no more sun for her. The only UV rays she will ever see again will be from the inside of a tanning bed but I am getting ahead of myself where Tara the newborn is concerned. She is not too happy about being a vampire and she is hungry to boot. She ran away from two people that she will never forgive for turning her into a monster. Of course they run after her, silly kids, like they can catch a vampire!

I actually found myself feeling sorry for Tara in this episode because the two people she trusted most in the world betrayed her and she is starving and all alone in this new life. She almost bites a lady on the side of the road and is able to stop herself which is amazing because she is only a day old. For this reason and many others, hearing the “Bill was weak because he was weak and could not help himself” when he nearly drained Sookie will never fly with me. Tara goes to Sam for help and at Merlotte’s, she drinks a ton of True Blood and promptly passes out close to sunrise. Sam sticks her in the freezer. When it is time for her to rise, she tells everyone it is taking all she has not to eat them all and she leaves before she does just that. She breaks into the local tanning salon and proceeds to give herself the ‘True Death’ via a tanning bed.

Pam: “Stupid Bitch” LMAO! *End of Episode*

Well, that is enough of my long-winded thoughts. Tell us what you though of the episode! Don’t hold anything back!

*some screencaps courtesy of skarsgardfans and the rest by me*

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

82 comments on “The One Where Eric and Pam….’You Know’

  1. I totally agree with your assessment of Eric’s and Bill’s characters. Bill is presented as having all this “heart”, and truly he might have had craploads of heart before he was turned, but…not so much thereafter. He seemed just too willing to fall in with Lorena’s blood-bath spree, and he seemed all too fine with the Queen’s orchestrated seduction of Sookie. I do believe he tripped into accidental love with Sookie, but…meh. Mr “Heart” leaves me cold. (Bill = All mouth, no action.)

    But…the more “aloof” and “cold” Eric has heart to SPARE. He might not be all overly-emotive with it a la Bill, but it’s much more evident that his heart is warm and true. We see evidence over and over again of how caring he is (his family, his buddies as he’s dying, Godric, Pam, *ahem* SOOKIE! *ahem*…) He’s just much smarter and shows much more discretion with his actions, but when he shows his tenderness, you sense that it’s much more honest (Pam, Sookie). He also has a better sense of humor. And ass. (Eric = All action, little mouth.)

    Course, that’s just my opinion, lol.

    I have to say, Jessic’ho surprised me, as did Jason. Can we move on now, though? Terry and Arlene? Ugh. Can’t they move to Coney Island and be done with us already? Andy and Holly…they were cute. Andy’s ass is nicer than I’d thought. They can move in with Terry and Arlene, though…sooner than later would be fine. *yawn*

    Tara showed remarkable restraint…then got all emo in the fryin’ coffin.

    I liked Pam. Drama-Pam, though, is getting on my nerves. She just needs to get over her jealousy over Sookie already! Gaaagh!

  2. Brilliant review, Nymerias!! Pretty much what you wrote in your review, sums up what I thought of the episode. :) Frankly, this episode was the best (so far) this season and it’s mostly to do with Eric and Pam. And I loved the fact that Sookie gained control over her hands, though I was disappointed that Sookie seemed like she was barely in the episode.

    Since I have an iPhone, I would love to get the iStake. LOL I would use it on Beehl for sure. ;)

    Thanks so much!! :D

  3. Basically, you summed up my thoughts exactly. It’s funny how we’re always told one thing on the show, yet are shown the complete opposite. For someone as ancient as Salome, she really sucks at reading people.

  4. Claude was not hot like in the books.

    I am over Tara, Arlene, Terry, Holly and Andy

    I’ve never liked Jessica and her my daddy is the king comments are highly annoying

    Not enough Sookie at all, isn’t it suppose to be about her

    Having Eric turn Pam out of desperation from trying to commit suicide was horrible, Pam is not a desperate women nor should she be depicted as one, and I am sure that didn’t happen in the books( its been so long I can’t really remember)

    The authority stuff annoys me as well, and I think Salome has bad intentions and is going to kill Roman

    and finally I wish they stuck to the books more

    • We all wish that, but it’s never going to happen. We have to see them both as two entirely different things now, this season especially has taken a huge turn away from them. Nothing is similar at all. Yes, it was bad how Pam was turned, but with the situation and life she had, I could understand it. I don’t remember exactly how it happened in the books, but it was definitely not like that. I could care less about Salome, she’s just creepy and I already want her off my screen. She can take Bill with her if she’s stupid enough to believe he has a good heart. As for Sookie, with how annoying the TV version is, I’m glad to be seeing less of her. If Jessica calls Bill her ‘daddy’ one more time, I will seriously heave. So over the spoiled brat routine, she doesn’t see herself as a baby vamp anymore, but still manages to act like a child.

    • it’s like the complete opposite of the books. TB is showing Bill as the Eric who has more heart in everything than Eric. Bill running when he sensed Sookie in danger, Salome saying he has a heart..Eric on the other hand, well..it’s far from everything from Sookie and most importantly how he is portrayed from the books. It should be Eric not Bill. I understand TB is different from the books, but it should emanate the each character traits from the book. Yes, they could change incidents but changing the story line, especially with Eric and Sookie and replacing it with Bill. Well, they shouldn’t copy the characters from the book and use them. They should have started a different series. That way no expectations, no disappointments. Not to mention Claude. I’d say, really?! I expect to be so scrumptious and over the top good looking. But with the guy playing right now..come on! Don’t let me get started with Arlene. I agree, shut up!! Each episode this season is slow and annoying. This is how TB falls…Then again, this is just what I think..

      • That is why I threw in the part about Tara being only a day old and she managed not to drain the girl by the car. So Lorena’s whole ‘he is young still and cannot control himself’ is bullshit. He loved killing for sport and so did Lorena. Yet we constantly hear about how Bill has a heart and feels things deeply, this is in direct contrast to what we are shown. All the build-up to it and no reward is why True Blood is failing on so many levels.

      • well thats just all of alan balls bill boner but we know that already, Ball always wants moyer to be the lead, my goodness, they even made him king. Its really hard to like this stupid show anymore, I don’t even watch the whole episodes anymore, just skip through it because ball just fvvcked it up.

  5. nymerias…You get it, really you do and that makes me happy. Some fans totally don’t get that you can’t pay much attention to this talk about Bill having a heart and Eric is cold, Bill is Good, Eric is Bad thing. Because no matter what kind of dialogue they put in, they SHOW US something different. Eric is the one with honor and kindness and mercy and Bill is a creepy killer. This has been happening since season 2 really and I am surprised that some still get so upset with these words about Bill when they always show us something good and noble about Eric. So thank you.

    I also believe that the AVL is up to no good, I just haven’t quite figured it out yet.

    Great recap!

    • I totally get it and so do others but the problem is that it goes nowhere. A lot of fans are still wanting to reap a reward that seems to never come. Your welcome and thank you for the kind words

  6. Brilliant review! And go Salome! Girl has definitely got some skills *shakes my pom poms*

    • If those skills are being a huge slut, the more power to her. I just don’t see any appeal with that character, it’s like having another Lorena and one of them was enough.

  7. Maybe Salome has a “heart detector” in her vagina?

    *I’ll close the door behind me as I leave…

  8. Have to admit I was prepared to hate this season because of the way season 4 ended. But so far, I’m enjoying it (you describe perfectly the plot lines that are boring and the ones that are interesting). I am a fan of the books as well, so wasn’t sure how I would feel about the changes TB made to Pam’s turning. And again, you nailed the fact that they caught the essence of that relationship even in a different setting. Eric was intrigued enough with Pam to first save her in that alley, and then come looking for her later. And I thought his comments about being a maker and the responsibility of a maker to a newborn were telling. I’m expecting that Pam will save Tara and finally take being a maker seriously. I guess there are two things I’m missing right now, Eric & Sookie being together (recognizing at the same time they are both dealing with some pretty serious shit right now) and the friendship that Pam & Sookie had in the books. Not sure if that will ever come to pass on TB..

  9. I’m tired of the TB’s routine: “We will by a main character in danger but did not really have the courage to kill him.”
    If Tara wanted to kill himself is just use a stake in his own heart: easy and quick.

  10. I can’t get over the fact they’re always trying to prop Beehl up (without success) : in their mind in the flashback he’s like brave, fierce vamp willing to fight agains Eric aka True Death protecting his maker and won’t even apologize to him even though Lorena asked him too . Well, that’s still not working on me and everytime they try to make him look brave-ish or like someone who deserves respect it only has an opposite effect on me- makes me hate him even more!
    And as if the couch scene and the matching robes weren’t enough, again in the elevator – they had the same shirts… Well they can keep dressing Beehl up the same as Eric – the joke is on Beehl which remindes me how silly he looked next to shirtless Eric being shirtless himself…I bet he rushed off at the gym after that!
    And if matching clothes wasn’t enough now they’ve also been fu**ed by the same woman! Come on! And btw Beehl really needs to work on his “bed-skills” cause that scene, that poor attempt of passionate sex cracked me up! He looked so silly and lost, like he has no idea what he’s doing! And those moves only reminded me of rabbits tryin’ to do it! LOL

    • All those flashbacks aren’t showing how ”brave” beehls is, just how stupid and ignorant and disrespectful he is to someone well over 800 years older than him. He looks silly and dumb, like a mouse trying to hurt superman. I personally laughed very hard at that staking attempt :P so did Eric ;)

      And yeah, as I said before… that ”sex scene” with Salome and beehl was rediculous and made it look like beehl had the tiniest pecker and Salome wasn’t even aware they had already begun LOL!
      Also look at the parallels: beehls sex scenes throughout the seasons, all dark and rough and quick, and Eric’s are always light and bright and beautiful, taking time and touch and kiss a lot. Glad they got SOMETHING right from the books.

  11. I totally agree with your summary. I really don’t have anything to add to it, as you’ve summed up my thoughts as well as yours! Good job!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  12. I agree with every thing you said about the episode. I just can’t get into the show anymore. It’s turned into a boring not so good anymore Alan Ball fan fiction. We were sold on the show in the beginning as based on the SVM by Charlaine Harris. I realize it can’t be just like the books and it shouldn’t be. It just shouldn’t be what it has turned into. In my opinion they lost the spirit of the books back in season two. What they have turned all the characters into is just sad. I used to look forward to Sunday nights, not so much any more. They have butchered Eric and Pam’s story. Sookie and Tara’s too. There is a reason the books worked. They are good. The show isn’t. They should have gave Stephen Moyer the part of Eric and Alexander Skarsgard the part of Bill and stuck more to the books. That way the show would still be worth watching and we would be getting to see our favorite books come to life. As it is them trying to make Bill the hero wouldn’t be necessary and AB could still have his Moyer fantasy.
    Sorry for the rant but I’m just pissed off after the way they did Pam’s turning so wrong. I do not believe that Eric would ever call Pam a whore like he did in Sunday’s episode. I guess I’m done for now.

    • Mm, I think back in the day being called a whore almost only was used when you were actually doing that as a profession, which was much more accepted. And whores didn’t get too offended being called what they were. To them it was like a baker being called a baker.

      • Eric loves Pam (at least in the books he does) not so much on the show. He never called her a whore. I don’t know of any time in history where being called a whore was a good thing. It’s just AB trying to make Eric and Pam look not so good.

        • Nobody says that being called a whore ever was a good thing, but it used to be less negative back then, and *whores* aka prostitutes were used to that name of their profession, and accepted it more. Just saying.

          Eric does love Pam a lot on the show (Alex and Kristin always talk about how their characters love each other and what a great relationship and bond they have) but we get to see less of it, espcially since last seasons disaster of the ‘fight’ between Eric and Pam over almosrt killing Sookie, well it’ll be resolved, you just wait and see! :)

          And we all want Pam and Sookie to have that special relationship they have in the books, unfortunately Alan Ballsack sees it differently…*sigh*

  13. 1) This show suffers from SERIOUS cast-bloat. It’s an ensemble cast of what, now? 30? They killed off Jesus and Tommy last season, and gave us Salome, Roman, and at least 4 other vampires (who all sit at the table), plus Patrick AND all the weres. This is ridiculous.

    2) Maybe I’m just a disillusioned, pedantic bitch here, but you know what? The Authority’s iStake? ACTIVATE THE THING. You know why? The Authority is apparently full of morons. iStake, as pictured, would jack a stake directly into the vampire’s sternum, probably rebounding and blowing itself up. THE HEART IS ON THE LEFT OF THE CHEST, MORONS. Not only are they completely reeking of PLOT-BY-FOUR, they have no idea how to stake a vampire. o.O;;


  14. I believe that AB could have stuck to the books more also. He has been known to say, You would’t want it to be just like the books as then you’d know what was going to happen. Sorry but we would, At least I would like to be closer to the books. Don’t hit me for this but… Twilight was almost word for word and it made millions so why not TB?
    Arlene, Terry, Andy, Holly, enough already! BORING!!! Not sure if I like Roman yet. To much of a contridition with Vampire communion one minute then We must mainstream the next. Can’t figure it out. They hate the sanguanistas, but follow the vampire bible?
    Bill’s sex scene, Yuck yuck yuck! he makes the strangest faces, LOL. And he has a heart? Please! The look on Salome’s face when he pushed her against the wall… It was like oh no, what have I done and I hope he’s quick about it.( which of course he was.)
    Pam and Eric, Love them together, but if memory serves she was turned after sneeking out for a romantic tryst with another man and Eric caught her.
    So not so happy about her trying to kill herself.
    all in all I will continue to watch, but not have much expectation. Liek you said it is really just Alan Ball fan fiction, Sigh… It could have been so much more.

  15. Loved your take especially that the humanity and heart are definitely still inside Eric and escaped Bill long ago.

  16. Hello, I’ve never posted here, but I really enjoyed what your take on the show…I have a theory about Mr. Compton and wanted to bounce it off you all–as long as it doesn’t wreck being surprised by developing plots on the show…so please don’t read this any further if you want to be surprised by who did what–namely, who dug up Russell…

    Because I believe that BILL DID IT. Yes, if you go back and watch the 1st episode this season and look at his face when Eric speaks to Alcide. He knew what Eric was hearing and he was smirking! And all these flashbacks, and what he did to Sookie in season 1, and how he has this dark side that the show purposefully reveals…yes, they are deliberately being hypocritical BECAUSE we are supposed to look beyond what characters say, we are supposed to look at their actions. Like we really believe what Salome is saying to anybody or what Nora said when she confessed to protect Eric..I think it would be brilliant to ultimately make Bill the big baddie of the show and I’m starting to hope that’s where it’s going…It is no accident that they are constantly showing us the depth of Eric’s feelings and hurts, but then describing him the opposite way. Especially facinating that in 1905, Eric was the true “mainstreamer”, not the completely full of pompous poo Mr. Compton…they wouldn’t show these flashbacks of Bill for NO reason.

    Any thoughts?

    • Thank you for the compliment first off. Wow, I never really seriously thought about Bill being the one to dig Russell up but it does kind of make sense. He is a double agent with a double agenda. Sookie a means to an end? let me think on this some more. You posed an interesting theory indeed ans welcome to the blog!

      • Thank you so much, I feel quite at home here, w/ all the Eric Love! I’m so excited that you agree that’s a possibility. Bill is so much more interesting when he’s not playing the tragic gentleman…and I do mean playing. To me, that would be the most exciting twist in TB history…and they’ve been setting it up since they showed him slaughtering that innocent couple w/ Lorena way back in season 2. Can’t wait to read your funny recaps going forward!

        • We take turns here writing them as it takes a lot of work so the next one will be done by someone equally talented and won’t disappoint. I do think it is a possibility but with that being said, I can’t get my hopes up just yet. I have been burned badly by the Rattray reveal to do that again. Would it be awesome? Hell yeah but waiting for it to happen is getting boring and makes me not so excited to watch the show when I do not get the payoff I deserve. What we get told and what we are shown are two different things, like Bill having a heart when we know better. Nothing good comes from it, I am still waiting for Bill to get his just desserts. I am trying to be hopeful but it is hard you know?

        • Kristen – I would love that to be true, and you are right, we keep getting these snippets of Bill being anything but the great guy he’s made out to be, and I’m sure that as an actor Stephen Moyer would relish it. I’m just not sure after last season if they will ever be willing to go there. I’ve learnt not to get my hopes up with ideas like that on this show.

    • Oh, how I wish that was true, but I have my doubts. Every other misdeed he’s done gets forgiven, if this does come to be true, it’s something they would likely forget soon enough. It’s like he can’t do anything wrong, I don’t have any faith in these writers.

      • That is also sadly a fair point, but the theme this season seems to be characters going off in brand new, unimagineable directions–like Terry, Hoyt, Tara, Sookie, and LaLa, finding their inner darkess…and other characters finding they are more vulnerable and open than maybe they would like–Pam, Eric, Nora, Sam (sacrificing himself for Alcide), and especially Jason…all the characters are being REvealed in new and shocking ways….who would ever think Sookie would say, ” I WANTED to kill her”…?

        Then again, it could be wishful thinking, you are right. It still makes me insane that Sookie apologized to Bill at the end of season 4–I guess cuz she took the Rattray beating too well and didn’t decide she was back in love w/ him fast enough. BARF.

        Anyway, watch the first episode when Eric gets Alcide’s phone call and watch Bill’s face…here’s hoping they do something that interesting w/ his character! The actor would probably be thrilled to not have to play Mr. SobbyRomanceSuckySookiePants anymore too…if we are bored, maybe they are too.

      • That’s my problem too Tammy. Last season they were setting him up as a villain and then it went full circle to Sookie forgiving him for everything. So it’s almost as if it doesn’t matter what he does anyway. I think AB is much more interested in the concept of forgiveness and his “tragic” characters, than the apparent hero being totally evil.

        • Another great, and depressing point well made. I have another theory, that the writers take a lot of time and energy on the break, writing the first half of the seasons well and thoughtfully…then when they are filming the show they get rushed and lose the attention to detail and commitment to the story…for instance, how last season there were HUGE plot holes toward the end of the season (how did Bill get out of the silver in the graveyard to grab Sookie out of Alcide’s arms and how the hell did LaLa get bil and Eric up on that pyre?)…I really think that Sookie kissing off Bill and Eric and giving him a pass was just a means to an end, to set the stage for season 5….it was a rush job. That’s why it grated on everyone’s nerves so bad because it made no sense to the characters. It’s hard to wait 9 months b/w seasons, but I wish they could find the time to be truly thoughtful about each episode beforehand.

          Wow, when did I decide I know everything? :)

          • I agree with you. It’s like they lose their way, and can’t do two things at once. Lol

            No worries…we’re enjoying your spec! :)

          • Good point, because the first half of the season was nowhere near as bad as the last half.

    • I love this theory, can you please write for the show? Lol Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen, not with the way season 4 ended. :( But it would make for a great story! :)

      Glad you found us! Hope to see you more around here. :)

  17. Here’s another thought…the arcs of the show sometimes take forever to reveal where they are going…like how just now they revealed in the 1905 flashback the original tension and hypocrisy b/w Bill and Pam/Eric. And how long it took to show why Rattray was strangled by that chain–over 2 seasons, right? What IF they have deliberately misled and frustrated the audience all along about Saint Bill? I think he fell for Sookie despite himself, but other than that–he is a villian. She just slowed him down a little. And I’ll tell you–it’s the show, NOT THE BOOKS that painted him that way…his behavior is much worse on the show….the question for me is why? Has it been leading us somewhere all along? If they wanted him to be the hero-why would they ever have him do deviant behavior at all? Why would they show Eric regularly being the better man, which they have done since season 2? If the writers loved Bill so much they would never have shown the audience reasons to despise him. They would have written him as the true hero…..right?

    Ok, I’ll shut up now, but this is fun! Thanks again!

    • lol! Keep discussing it, we love it! It does make sense what you say in fact it makes perfect sense. We are all just a little leery is all. I hope the character of Bill does come crashing down hard, it would be so worth it and damn satisfying

      • I think we need a score board – all Bill’s (known) evil behavior versus his good deeds as compared to Eric’s evil behavior (and, yes, there is some) and good deeds.

        (I’m still angry with Eric for tossing Sookie into his dungeon to use against Russell no matter what the reason or his assurance that he wouldn’t have let Russell drain her…but at least Eric is honest to Sookie’s face about using her…unlike Mr. Two-Faced Bill!)

        • This is already going on in my head, just need to put in a doc! :)

        • I always thought Eric put her down there that way so that Bill would sense her feelings and come running, so Pam could silver him and Eric would have “control” of the confrontation w/ Russell to sacrifice himself and save everyone. If he’d called Bill and told him the plan, he knew what Bill’s response would be….then of course, even after Eric was going to DIE to save Pam, Bill and Sookie, Bill still tried to bury him later in cement.

          I would never argue that Eric is the hero, he is the anti hero–a guy who doesn’t know or maybe want to be the hero he’s buried inside. And that makes him fascinating.

          Again, I am hopeful that Bill will be ultimately revealed as the villian because that will make him fascinating and watcheable. It would explain what we have seen and change the way we look at everything thus far too.

          I remember way back in season 3 after Bill nearly drained her and Tara told Sookie, you are like a battered wife. Maybe the writers are too–or maybe they are every bit as crafty and manipulative as the used car salesman of a vampire compton they created.

          I look forward to chatting w/ all of you again! I’ve looked at other web sites and it’s not the same, this is great here!

        • I think, because vampires can sense emotion..and I think they even sense each other’s, that Eric and Bill had to act as if Sookie didn’t matter to keep her safe. For the record, I don’t like/trust Bill. Eric has always been quiet, contemplative, brooding…his humanity is intact and I think he hides it. Godric was a better maker than Lorena, lets face it (as far as we know at this point). Lorena taught Bill to be cruel and unfeeling..he learned his lessons well. If Eric had told Sookie how he planned to use her, Sookie would have been frightened, Bill would have sensed it. If Sookie was scared when Eric carried her to the dungeon, Bill would have felt that too. Sookie was PISSED!

          and I love how we all talk about Vampires like they live next door. Or maybe…they do!~ :~[

    • You have many of the same questions all of us here have! ;) I hope we get answers to those soon.

    • You have given me a lot to think about…lol! I agree, and once again really hope you’re right.

  18. a random note: I should rewatch that part right after Sookie told Alcide she killed Debbie, but she was saying something like ”.. I had to, you even forgave her for EVERYTHING!…” I felt that was so damn hypocrite! (her forgiving beehl everything in the season finale of season 4, as if we can forget that…) You *forgave* beehl everything too, so let ALcide stake him to be even lol!

  19. Great recap as always! I finally caught the episode last night and you really summed it up perfectly! My feelings are mixed and still HATE the bromance! Loved Eric and Pam but sad that they are still not together. Not liking the way they contrived her making- so not what I wanted to see with the suicide attempt ( OOC much). Sookie is missing from the story of Sookie and has been really marginalized to show us instead the story of bill! The whole Salome banging everyone, blech! I sure hope her suite has a bidet! Her sexy time with bill was unbelievably lame and I am glad no clothes were shed during this quickie! Istake was DUMB! The AVL is less scary and more silly than I expected. Jessica, meh! As for the thing I was most dreading and tantruming over-bill and lorena in the flashback-really, really silly looking! As if anyone could see anything there but Eric shining like a bright star, along with Pam showing her super cool self before pathetic acting Lorena and her child the super twit! Not worth the energy I spent being upset over this. The rest of it, other than an increasing interest in Pam and Tara’s story unfolding, about what I expected-boring! Still watching but no words to eat yet!

  20. Another impression I got from this episode was that Bill already knew Salome and their conversation was for the benefit of anyone listening. Obviously Roman knew what she would get up to when he asked her if she had fun. I’m sure everyone has the impression she’s doing double talk, but what if Bill really works for her and she’s really the sanguiwhatever? Now I’m getting silly.

  21. Jessica is a spoiled rotten teenager who needs her adopted Daddy to reel her in and let her live life as a “normal” teenager, while teaching her what she needs to know about being a Vampire. Even though he made her unwillingly, she is his progeny and he needs to stop being a deadbeat neglectful dad. I love her character. I think she has to potential to become a very strong vampire. Future Queen of Louisiana??

    I don’t really see Pam as fierce. She reminds me of something my boyfriend once said. “you can kick me, punch me, abuse me…physical scars will heal. Emotional scarring never goes away.” I think Pam tries to put up the facade of being a cold-hearted bitch to protect from being hurt. It’s obvious her life before Eric was not an easy one…the story line is interesting. I always thought that her and Eric’s relationship seemed more Father/Daughter (Maker/Progeny) than a sexual one. I think he made her cuz he had to. He could see her pain, and he had experienced a lot of loss himself. Pam’s biggest weakness, I think..her love for Eric.

    Which brings me to Tara. Pam doesn’t know where Eric is, and he told her if something happened to him, she needed to make herself a companion. She needed her own progeny. I don’t think she turned Tara just because Sookie talked her into it. I think…and I’d like to know if anyone agrees with me. I don’t believe that Pam really hated Tara. I think she saw a kindred spirit in her. Another wounded soul..beat up and abused, acting as if she is tougher than nails while breaking on the inside. She made her, then walked away. Her walls went up. If something were to go wrong..and Tara did have half a head…I believe Pam would have felt bad about that. I think (and hope the writers do to) that Pam and Tara should develop a relationship that bonds them. I like Pam…she’s an M&M. Hard candy coating on the outside, soft and melty on the inside.

    • I agree w/ you about Pam. It’s so intriguing what is being revealed about every character and I do think that the story of her turning in 1905 shows how vulnerable and tender she is about Eric because she backed him into a corner to do it. Also, her human life showed why she is so cynical and guarded, I’d always assumed she was jaded because of being a vampire, but no, early life taught her to be that way. Being a vamp gave her POWER. What a parallel that is to Tara’s story thus far. Always hurt by the whims of someone stronger and more powerful.

      BTW, to those who are upset about how Pam became a vampire, I would argue that Eric absolutely didn’t have to do it, she is NOT pathetic because she knew she was risking certain death if he was more a vampire like Bill or Lorena–she was hoping that he felt for her what she felt for him. And obviously he did.

      I’m hoping that this plot will help Tara FINALLY evolve out of finding her victimhood in everything that happens to her and allow Pam to develop and show feelings to someone besides Eric. Tara needs to learn that life doesn’t happen to her, she makes choices that have consequences, Pam just made hers w/ her eyes wide open. I think you are right about where it’s all going.

  22. I think Tara and Pam are gonna make one HELL of a couple! I hope they do become BFF’s! or BFFwith Benefits…LOL

    • God, I hope not. Pam is too good for her, I’m still hoping Tara won’t survive this season. She never should have become a vampire in the first place, worst person ever to get turned.

      • To be honest, I thought Tara got herself into situations where she ended up being the ‘victim”. She didn’t have to go see the “Voodoo” priestess, go with Maryann, go with Franklin..so in that respect, I agree with you…Tara issues were brought on herself. But I look forward to seeing how she changes..will she become as cold as Pam or will she become a stronger individual? I’ve enjoyed watching Jessica change from the frightened little girl made against her will, into who she has become. I still say Bill needs to Step Up to the plate and be her Daddy…after all, she never did get to be a human teenager. She was a victim: of her abusive father and the vampires.

        • I think Jessica just keeps getting worse, Bill hasn’t done shit for her. And it still creeps the hell out of me when she calls him her ‘daddy,’ she just seems like a spoiled little princess. I think Pam needs to forget about Tara and take Jessica under her wing, at least she’s someone who likes being a vampire. Whether Tara gets better or not, she’ll never be happy with this life.

          • That’s what I mean by Bill needs to step up. He (supposedly, but I am starting to doubt his true character) made her unwillingly. He hasn’t given her any guidance and she is basically a teenager gone wild…being a Vampire has nothing to do with how spoiled she is acting. I like the idea of her calling Bill “Daddy” (given that we have been told that her biological father was abusive), but he should start acting like one. And I think, having had children in his mortal life, that Bill should get the picture: his “adopted” daughter is out of control! Maybe the writer’s will see this and get the hint. Let’s see Bill interested in something else besides Sookie, who he’s f**king, himself, his ego…If they want us to see his “humanity” (i don’t…) then let’s write some in!

          • I saw one spoiler for tonight’s episode that Bill’s takes pride in Jessica’s behavior. Proud that she was having basically a frat party in his home and spending his money like a spoiled child. That is exactly how she is acting

          • Figures, Bill would be proud of that. Just more proof that he’s a horrible father and maker, Jessica would be better off with anyone else.

          • I don’t care for Jessica as I think she is a spoiled brat and they could have done so much with her character. I started not liking her last season when she started with the bratty shit.

          • Yeah, that’s when I started to dislike her. I only liked Jessica with Hoyt, but now she just gets on my nerves. I hated the whole hook up with Jason and basically everything that’s happened since then.

  23. It would be amazing all on its own if he actually gave a damn about anyone other than himself.

  24. Bad Dadddy! “Birth Control” for Vampires, maybe? If ya can’t raise ’em, just stake’em! (that was meant to be humorous, I hope no body takes offense…sarcasm can’t be heard in a text)

  25. Hahahahahahaha. Alcide and Sam are both so fucking sexy. I’d bang them both.

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