Episode 4 Sookie Spoiler

In response to a fan asking about any possible future Sookie and Eric love action, E! Online have provided a little spoiler about Sookie and a different suitor for this Sunday’s episode, “We’ll meet again”.

Don’t read below if you don’t want to know.

lorrainecollins: So not feeling this out-of-nowhere Eric-Bill bromance, any Eric-Sookie action coming up on True Blood?
OK, how do we put this nicely? Ummm…No. There’s not going to be any Eric and Sookie lovin’ in this week’s episode, because little miss mind-reader is getting hot and heavy with someone else! Yup, you read that right, but this hookup may or may not be alcohol induced. Of course, we can’t tell you who it is, so please stop sending chocolates to the E! Online offices, we’re on a sugar overload right now. And speaking of sweet things, get ready for the most adorable scene between Bill and his teen vamp, Jessica. In fact all of the makers have some truly touching scenes with their protégés this week. Awww

Hmmmm, wonder who this mysterious “someone else” might be?  NOT.

So Sooicide is going to be alcohol induced – why exactly? Silly me – don’t ask questions the True Blood writers can’t answer. I still cannot picture this hook-up going all the way, it’s going to have to be one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” scenarios for me. E! Online also noted,

True Blood fans, start preparing yourselves now: Two people who have never kissed before on the HBO hit series will be sharing their first smooch come this Sunday! So who’s locking lips?

So perhaps it’s just a little kissy kissy after all, or could it be the big cliffhanger episode ending – will Sookie let the wolf into her bed?

For those of us who perhaps need a little something to help us with this season’s plot developments, what with Eric’s recent  vamp on vamp  indiscretions and this possible Sookie romance heating up, just remember the golden rules for every Sookie and Eric shipper – purchase plenty of alcohol

and try to remember scenes like this.

Original source E! Online

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20 comments on “Episode 4 Sookie Spoiler

  1. I too am guessing they don’t go all the way, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking?

  2. “Sooicide” very apt.

  3. Uh Oh Evie, I think I’ll need to make a batch of Mojito’s for Sunday Nite…. Sure hope that Sookie doesn’t take Alcide all the way. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch that at all. Even tho’ Erics’ been “vampin” around, I don’t want to see Sookie “do it” too. Of course, as all of us E&S lovers, I’m hoping Sookie can get some sense knocked into that stupid head of hers and she finally gets back with Eric. I know it won’t be this season tho’. I know the writers don’t follow the original storyline anymore, but even in the books they were apart for awhile in book 6, so I’m hoping that Eric will eventually forgive the fairy and take her back.

    I just hope I don’t get too hung over after watching this weeks’ eppy………

  4. I don’t think I hit the “notify me” button at the bottom, so just to be sure, I’ll do it again. Sorry……

  5. I don’t so much have an issue with Sookie doing the deed with Alcide (I mean c’mon…Eric hasn’t exactly been celibate in his grief), as I do with the timing. Just after admitting to a guy that you killed the love of his life, no matter how justified, is NOT the time to be bumpin’ uglies with him! My prediction is that they won’t let it go all the way or it’ll just be a dream.

  6. I also don’t think they will go all the way as well…..but sookie is the one female character that has sex every season at least once so since she won’t be around Eric or that little imp Bill so I believe she will have sex with Alcide if not in this episode then upcoming one …I am not interested in seeing it at and hopefully it won’t happen at all.

  7. I don’t know, I feel like this is another tease or something. He seemed to get over the fact she killed his ex really fast, but if more does happen, it would be just her luck to have Eric and Bill show up when Alcide is still there.

  8. All I can say is: at least it’s not Sam.

    Yeah, like I’m gonna stop there. AL? Ugh. He’ll hurt her with that huge head of his and I’m not even talking dirty, either! It’s just WAY too soon for him to be skrewing the killer-o-the-wacked-out-girfriend…so it’s gotta be a drunk dream. Please??

    But even if she DOES do him, it’s not like dumped-Eric (or, *sigh*, dumped-Bill) is doing without over there…so I don’t see any reason for Sookie to do without either, in all fairyness.

    • This is true, and they both need to experience other things right now. She needs to realize that while his thoughts aren’t as clear to her as a regular human, I don’t think she can manage to be with someone who she still can read. And it’s funny how everyone thinks Sookie will end up with Sam in the books, yet he’s not even in the running on the show.

  9. Lots of alcohol will be needed this Sunday!

  10. I’m going to be ready (barf bag handy, blanket and pillow – because this WILL be boring) and prepared (rob liquor store and get shit faced drunk myself) to face this ballshit. The bright side is that Sookie HAS to be drunk to do Alcide. And I agree with those who said that this is too soon, and after finding out Sookie killed Debbie too? I guess Alcide really didn’t care for Debbie after all. I hope this is a one time thing. I’m disappointed they are making Sookie have sex with ANOTHER guy on the show. AB is turning her into a slut, IMO and that makes me mad.

    • Stop with the slut talk… That actually burns me, but for not the reasons you expect.

      • I actually disagree about her being a slut, three guys no matter when they happen doesn’t make you slutty. We know she had that same limit in the books, she would only be slutty if she was with a different person every episode. Salome is someone I consider to be a slut, three different guys back to back. I hate that Eric was one of them.

  11. At least in the oft-mentioned books Sookie spent enough time, generally, to actually develop some sort of feelings for the man-of-the-book. AB is making her sound like “Oh, I’m alone and here’s a living/dead, breathing/non-breathing, hairy/not hairy, vamp/vamp/shifter/wolf! I MUST HAVE HIM!” (Or at least have strange/really good/I-dread-it-if-it’s-Al dream sex)

    I can see why AB is leaving after this season. He’s skrewed up, therefore, it’s time to go.


    *just really REALLY really hoping it’s neither sex nor dream-sex with Sam…

    • Why would Sam be involved? I’m pretty sure the show won’t go in that direction with them, it’ll likely be Alcide and then back to Bill. If that is the case, I really will need a barf bag. I can handle anything else, but watching her sex scenes with Bill, or any sex scene involving him makes me majorly disgusted. The man makes the worst damn faces, I don’t know how anyone could find him sexy. The dry hump with Salome was seriously laughable.

      • OMG, that dry-humping scene gave me SUCH a case of the giggles – it was that ridiculous!! I kept “hearing” the phrase “humpity! humpity! humpity!” through that whole scene, lol. I really needed a peep at Eric’s ass to help clear my brain afterward.

        I think Stephen Moyer himself is actually kind of hot, just, when you compare him to Alex Skarsgard, the two of them shouldn’t even be on the same show. Plus, Bill is such a deceitful, horrid ass…there’s just no way to develop anything near a fine appreciation for him, no matter how good/crappy the actor himself is.

        • I think Stephen is hot to me mostly because of his accent, but I cringe whenever he talks on the show. It’s just the character I can’t stand, there is no competition with anyone when Alex is around.

        • I think that Moyer is ok, but never found him hot, but with the vampire make up (which makes him look so old) and the weird haircut I found him totally unattractive… And on the show all the time I see him I always think that he looks to old for Sookie, when you look at her and the kind of clothes she is wearing (she is looks like 16).

          • They really didn’t do a good job with that character at all. I remember liking him in the first season, but not much beyond that.

  12. At this point I’m so fed up with Sookie, I feel myself kind of wanting her to be with Alcide. He’s dumb. She’s dumb. Let them fail miserably together with their unchemistry. They need to complete the circle of slaps in the faces of fans by having Eric sleep with practically every other female on the show excep Sookie this year. So over the love crap for now. This season is clearly not about love at all

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