Episode 4 Recap – The one where Sookie has a bad day

Straight up confession before I begin, I’m still a bit of a trubie and there are still things about this crazy show that I really do love. So with that in mind, let’s get started on season 5, episode 4, “We’ll meet again”.

First up is Miss Sookie Stackhouse, who seems to be having a really bad day. Laffayette is giving the unfortunate waitress a piece of his mind. Not that he can afford to give much away, as like most other characters in Bon Temps, he seems to be slowly losing most of it. “You the fucking angel of death” is his parting retort, I’m pretty sure that even Joan Rivers would find it hard to think of a come back to that one.

Never mind, at least Sookie will always have her big brother to run to, and when she turns up on his doorstep and announces she’s turning herself in, and his first reaction is “into what?” you just know it won’t end with her spending the night shivering in a police cell. Thankfully Jessica is hanging around and later manages to glamour Sheriff Andy into forgetting all about the missing Debbie Pelt.

Eric and Bill are delivered back by the Authority, dropped off, advised not to fuck it up and left with a waiting car. Only 4 people knew where Russell was buried and if we are really lucky the dynamic duo will remember who the other 2 are. Bill says he’ll drive, of course he does.

Back at Authority headquarters a naked Roman (now sponsored by Apple) is getting his kicks from watching Nora being repeatedly tortured. In slides Salome, and if I was him I’d trust her about as much as a 3 year old in a sweet factory. They are going to use their powers of persuasion to find out who Nora’s traitorous allies are. After another threat to Messers Northman and Compton, she finally gives them a name. The traitor is the boy vampire, and Roman stakes him, thank Godric for that.

Finally we get to Fangtasia and Pam’s mistaken assumption that Sookie “fucking did it” when she sees her viking vampire god maker back on his throne, looking menacing and broody, and in full panty melting mode. All Pam cares about is that Eric is back (and I’m so with you there girl) and hopes that he will in return “let bi-girls be bi-girls”.  It’s a little hard to gage exactly how Eric felt when Pam broke the happy news about him now being a vampire grandfather, but certainly there were no enthusiastic offers to baby-sit just yet.

Bill and Tara retire to the office to reminisce on how many people have nearly died to save Sookie’s sorry ass.  The ever romantic southern gentleman wants to know if Sookie is safe, cue the sorrowful background love music. Tara tells him that Sookie will always be safe as there is always some fool there to take a bullet for her. And then it’s straight from Bill’s bleeding heart, to Eric’s vicious viking temper as he slams Pam on the table in his efforts to find out what she knows about Russell’s re-emergence. Of course she doesn’t know anything, and a right-minded Eric would know that, but it seems he still hasn’t recovered from his traumas of last season (Have any of us?). Pam tells him to release her, KBVS and Alexander Skarsgard knock the scene out of the park, and the audience is left hanging on whether he did or he didn’t.

It’s daylight at Merlotte’s and Sookie’s day isn’t getting any better, as she drifts through the bar overhearing what the local folk all think about her for letting Tara get turned in her kitchen.  Sookie certainly seems to have rediscovered her ability to mind-read this season, is this because she is away from the vampires or is it simply that the writers have remembered the reason that she was an outcast who was drawn to vampires in the first place?

Laffayette arrives for another shift (Merlotte’s seems to be fully staffed for the first time in 3 seasons) but seeing Sookie’s car outside sets him off again on a collision course with that pesky demon inside. Later when Sookie is driving home she has to bail out fast as someone has been tampering with her brakes. After a day like this, anyone could be excused for going home and getting well and truly drunk as a skunk.

Next up Terry and his Marine buddy are off on an Iraq war flashback. I actually found this scene rather convenient, it gave me a good chance to repaint the kitchen that for so many weeks I have been promising to do, and as it seemed to go on forever I actually had the time to stand and watch paint dry for the first time ever. I have been reliably informed that Terry and his friends killed some people whilst I was gone. Whatever.

Back at Fangtasia and back to something that I absolutely do give a fuck about. Eric and Pam. Thankfully he did not release her the previous night in a foul fit of rage but instead we are treated to a magnificent and extremely tender scene between the 2 characters, that no matter what goes on elsewhere, will always make this show worth watching. Eric tells his devoted progeny he is on a suicide mission and he won’t let her go down with him. She is his one legacy and he needs her to live when he’s gone. Tearful much?  Just don’t look into his eyes if you want any chance of getting through this scene unscathed.

“You are my child as I was the child of Godric, you were born into greatness. You are a maker now, our blood will thrive”.

Standing ovation for Mr Skarsgard and Ms Bauer Van Straten please. Despite his releasing her, the most believable and beloved relationship in the entire show is still very much alive and kicking.

Over at the Compton mansion Bill is looking for bugs (did he find the large one that’s permanently lodged a long way up his ass yet?), when Jessica reminds him that Sookie and him is different to Sookie and anyone else, cue more sorrowful music. (Somewhere in Hollywood Alan Ball is wiping a “soul mates” tear from his bleary eye).

Nice guy Alcide goes to visit the Pelts, and just as many predicted lays the blame for Debbie’s death on the conveniently deceased pack-master Marcus, whom he apparently killed in revenge. Whilst his confessions have certainly done Sookie a favour, is it me or did the Pelts seems a little unappreciative of his declaration of Debbie love, and saving them the job of going after her killer?

As you would expect, after such a heartbreaking scene Pam finally decides to take her mothering duties seriously and takes a reluctant Tara under her vampire wing. Whilst before the season started the thought of Vampire Tara filled me with horror, with Pam as her maker, I am now firmly on board. She was born into greatness after all.

In other news Sam’s taking the night off, no doubt safe in the knowledge that some of his staff are finally coming into work, and he bounces round to go for a run with his shifter friends, only to find them both definitely dead, with bullets through the head. Someone’s shooting shifters. Another storyline to wrestle for space in the season 5 overload.

Our dear Jason (who I can’t help but love no matter what crappy story-lines they manage to give him) has managed to get himself roped into a dodgy night out with the local judge and sheriff and they arrive at a mysterious nightclub, which looks like it could be some kind of reject from the set of Moulin Rouge. Andy meets up with his forest fairy partner, leaving Jason to run into his long lost cousin Hadley. Hadley tells him that they have to get Sookie to the fairy refugee house, before the vampires kill her just like they did their mom and dad. So is this another shocking deviation from the books? Or have the sinister fae spun Hadley a tale in order to get her, and hopefully the rest of her family, on side? I’m still going for fairy bad things on this one.

Now home alone, Sookie does what every other sane person would do after the day she’s had and gets blind drunk, and begins to sing about making love in a cemetery , obviously she’s the drunkest person in the entire universe if dirty graveyard sex is the highlight of her vampire loving  song.

Lafayette calls her up to check she is okay after he sabotaged her vehicle. He says they need to talk and he’s not kidding.  That will have to wait though as nice guy Alcide calls round to let Sookie know she’s off the hook. Sookie’s sorry for putting him in the middle of all this and wants to show him how grateful she is. After letting him know that she knows he’s in love with her, she climbs drunkenly onto his knee and starts the alcohol induced seduction routine. (If there actually are any Sookie and Alcide shippers out there they have every right to be seriously pissed off that their first tender moment was nothing more than a drunken fumble). And to make matters even worse for our hapless heroine, stalker Bill is living up to his book reputation and watching them from outside.

Thankfully for Voyeur  Bill, his new BFF arrives before the police do, the distress evident in Eric’s  eyes as he can’t help but catch a peek at Sookie and the wolf. Eric just wants to go back to looking for Russell, watching the woman who broke his heart a few days earlier make out with a man who will never be even a 10th as sexy as him, is not currently top of his priority agenda and  he doesn’t think Sookie wants anything to do with them anymore anyway. Bill doesn’t care, he’s up for using her again, and no doubt next episode Butch and Sundance will gatecrash the Sooicide love party.

So in conclusion – what did I think of “We’ll meet again”. Overall impression is a typical True Blood episode, the very good, the not so good, and the whatever! (At least there was no Hoyt and no Luna this week). Next week Sookie and Eric will share a scene for the first time this season and I don’t mind saying I’m very, very nervous. But heck, that’s next week, I’m off to re-watch this week’s Eric and Pam scenes, True Blood at its finest, proving it can still deliver right on the mark, but it just doesn’t do it often enough anymore.

Let us know what you thought to “We’ll meet again”, what was the good, what was the bad, and what was the damn right ugly?

Screen caps from Barbara at skarsgardfans

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  1. You didn’t miss a thing..thought I would puke when Jessica made that comment to Bill about him and Sookie..but then she is still a baby isn’t she? (interesting that he seems to think she’s all grown up now, when best I can figure she’s 2 years old as a vampire?) ..I loved Eric & Pam, theses actors connect on a level that makes scenes like these seem absolutely true….and I so hope for some “vampire interruptus” next week when Bill & Eric drop in on Sookie and Alcide..

    • Not to mention that she was what? 17 or so when Bill was “forced” to make her? that makes her a teenager gone wild still! Then again, maybe we are underestimating Bill’s efforts in parenting her. There is a whole year of time lost when Sookie was in la la…i mean…faerie land. Maybe Bill brought her up to be a spoiled rotten vampire princess? And, since I so much prefer Sookie and Eric…but I like Alcide as an honorable “Wolf”, I would like to thing that Alcide won’t take advantage of a drunken Sookie. Funny how Bill really didn’t seem as much bothered by what he was seeing as irritated…yet Eric truly looked hurt. (maybe I’m biased..i like Eric so much better, even his name is better). Eric says “I don’t think she wants anything to do with us” and Bill says “We don’t give her a choice.” Hmm…who truly cares….I doubt it’s Bill.

    • I agree, and I think people have to remember who is saying these things: Jessica, who has NO clue what happened between Bill and Sookie in S3, and who has NO clue about who Bill really is. She knows nothing of his past, and his idea of “parenting” is handing her a credit card and telling her she should get better pot.

      Jessica is a naive teenager, only turned a little over a year ago. She has no clue what she’s talking about, and I think people need to remember that before saying this is some kind of pro B/S thing. Woo wrote this episode, and the contrast b/w the Eric/Pam scene and the emotional impact it had and the Bill/Jessica one was great.

      The writers know the characters, they are not trying to make Bill look good here. Jessica has an extremely limited perspective and they want us to realize this IMO.

      Also, with Tara, same thing. She is PISSED at Sookie right now, unjustifiably blaming her for everything, so she’s venting to Bill. Also, she too has limited knowledge about Bill and for that matter Eric.

      Bill wants Sookie, he’s not going to forget about her, in fact right now he’s probably hatching a plan to try and get rid of/turn on Eric as he’s known to do. (Why the bug search? What is he worried the Authority heard? It can’t be Nan, they know Bill and Eric killed her. Perhaps he told someone about Russell and is afraid someone will find out?) I still maintain my position that the writers aren’t trying to portray Bill as a good guy (if that’s the case then why the direct parallel to a child abuser, or the psycho shower, or the many, many other things they’ve done and still do) but as a man who will do anything to get what he wants, and is always focused on getting what he wants. And we know Sookie is one of those things, and the other thing he really wants is getting Eric out of the way. He’s not to be trusted.

  2. Excellent Evie…think you are right on the money with your review so I’m just going to leave it there!
    P.S. “bug up his ass!” Priceless!

  3. Think I’ll get drunk myself …at this point I lost all hope I had for this show, especially E&S …as much as I try I cannot rationalize it any longer…the message is clear and I am expecting even worse crap next week..sorry for being negative, and normally I am not..but last ep. was a bit too much…would love to read some positive comments to make me feel better, but seriously gu ys…I would be actually shocked at this point if there is a single hint that there is some kind of future for e&s…they developed it nicely for 3 seasons because of DTTW story line and now it’s like – this is done, move over..makes me so sad and mighty pissed off

    • I agree with you this season did a lot more damage than good

    • Actually, there have been lots of hints that it’s not over for E/S.

      For one, they’ve been reminding them of us all season. It’s sublte, but it’s there.

      For example, the Eric/Pam flashback bed scene in 4.03 directly paralleled the 2.09 dream with Eric/Sookie.

      The hug in the basement of Fangtasia when Eric tells Pam she was born into greatness was the same way Eric held Sookie and stroked her hair in 4.05 last season, before they kissed.

      When Eric received the phone call from Alcide about Russell getting loose in 5.01, he looked very worried, and looked just like amnesia Eric.

      When Eric saw Sookie/Alcide, he was the one who came off mature and wanting to give her space, and although his words were trying to show his indifference, his eyes showed his sadness and pain deep down. Bill wanted to once again interrupt and stop Sookie, just like last season. Who knows how long he was standing there watching them? He was the one who called Eric over there.

      And the true purpose of this “bromance” storyline has become clearer to me. It’s to show how different Bill and Eric really are, and this last couple of episodes has really demonstrated that perfectly. They are showing us what kind of men these two are. Through the flashbacks and the scene with Salome, and the amazing Pam/Eric scenes we are seeing Eric is a man of honor, loyalty, and not matter how hard he tries not to show it, love. He can’t hide his emotions as easily as he used to be able to. Bill in contrast is shown to have a petty grudge against Eric, no loyalty, no honor, stalkerish tendencies, and a much more superficial and deceptive relationship with his child than Pam/Eric do.

      He didn’t even warn Jessica about Russell being loose. Russell knows Bill has a child and knows where to find her. How selfish can he be? And his scene with Tara? He was fishing for info there, nothing more. He’s very good at pretending to sympathize with Tara in order to try and get info about Sookie. He’s just as obsessed with Sookie as ever, and don’t think he’s forgotten about his Eric grudge either. The writers have reminded us of these two things in ep. 3 and 4. They want us to remember them.

      Don’t give up hope. Eric is the better man and vampire. As far as sleeping with Nora, well that’s just Eric’s semi self destructive way of coping, Sookie told him it was over, he thinks it’s over.
      It was meant to feel off and out of the blue, Eric is not himself, he is heartbroken and lashing out. Sookie is doing the same in a different way, with Alcide. Eric is still very much in love with Sookie, we can see it in his eyes in ep. 4, and Salome even could see his heartbreak in ep. 3. We also saw in ep. 3 that Sookie isn’t good at lying about her and Eric being over.

      Hope that helps, and if not I tried. :) But that’s how I feel about the episodes we’ve seen so far and the status of Eric and Sookie, and what I truly believe the writers are trying to show us.

      • As usual Ashley, I love the way you think! LOL ;) And ICAM with what you said. What they say and what they show are two very different things. I hope your positivity cheered up some people. Just know that I appreciated it. :)

  4. Excellent review and recap Evie! I found it very funny and laughed out loud at some parts. Good thing I am here alone, else someone would think I am loosing it…lol! I love love love the title! HUGE THUMBS UP! <3

  5. I remember a time when I use to watch and rewatch the episodes. Now I only do that for the Eric and Pam scenes. Their dynamic is the only true depiction from the books. I wept when he released her, feeling that heartbreak with Pam and Eric. The actors did a great job with that scene. Incredibly, I am actually beginning to enjoy Tara’s story line. Mainly because it gives more screen time with Pam, and opens the story line up for Tara. Not sure what is going on with the faerys, and don’t really care about it now. As for Terry and Patrick, I wish they had a better story because I do enjoy these actors. It would of been more interesting to make Patrick a weretiger and Terry his assistant in MCing supernatural rituals. Thank you for pointing out someone is shooting shifters. I didn’t put the connection together with the story line from book 5, “Dead as a Door Nail”. I doubt we will see the pirate vampire or Sweetie Des Arts, which is ok with me.

  6. Eric & Pam great chemistry together .loved it . Sad that he released her though . Happy about Tara& Pam That’s most important to me . Forget Sookie but the song was funny as hell .

  7. what I totally hated was that eric released pam, sorry but this is just another way of the wrtiters to make eric less popular, yes it doesn’t really work but its so annoying that while Eric is doing that Bill is acting so all daddy with Jessica and is all of a sudden the best maker ever, so ridicolous “I have done well” wtf? and the thing Jessica said about Bill and Sookie, really? Alan ball can you get even more obvious? Yeah we get it you love Beehl forevaaa.

    bill is always the first one who gets mentioned, the writers constantly want to make clear who is the main lead of the show.

    • Honestly, I don’t know how that Eric/Pam scene could have made him any less popular, it was so much better than the scene between Bill and Jessica. Eric proves that he really cares about Pam by letting her go, Bill proves once again that he only cares about Bill. You should know by now he puts on an act for everyone, the man does nothing but lie. He’ll get his soon enough.

      • Yes, I have to agree–it did not make Eric less popular. I’ve been reading reviews on other websites and everyone is raving about that scene as the best of the episode and the most moving since Godric on the roof in season 2…of course it’s no accident that Alexander was acting up a storm in both! The fans and critics have spoken–he is the breakout star of this show. Ball and Co. are listening and maybe just pulling a Salome on Bill letting him think he’s the hero so they can ease him into being the baddie. I have a feeling Mr. Moyer would relish being that–he shines in those scenes when he is showing off Bill’s dark side.

        • Agreed, I think Stephen even said once that he would love that. Let’s face it, most people prefer playing the bad guys.

      • I didn’t mean that he is becoming less popular, but its obvious that the writers always want to show eric acting like an ass while bill is so amazing, just think about the comment jessica made about bill and sookie, wtf
        I don’t need to whitewash everything…

        • Again, it doesn’t matter what they do, they’re still not showing that Bill is the better one. They can think whatever they want where he’s concerned, but it’s not showing on screen to us and we’re the ones who’s opinion matters. Without us, there would be no more show.

          • You really need to stop focusing so much on Bill, he is very easy to ignore. I honestly don’t know how anyone could pay attention to him when Eric’s around, anyway.

        • When I watched the scene of Eric releasing Pam, I didn’t feel that he was portrayed acting like an ass in the least.
          Of course Jessica is going to make a comment on how wonderful Bill is, she is loyal to him.
          You need to move on from Bill if you want to get any enjoyment from the show :)

          • Exactly, and we can’t forget that Jessica doesn’t even know the whole story of what happened between them. She only has Bill’s version, which is pretty much nothing but lies. That’s all he’s capable of doing.

          • well when Jessic says that bill and sookie together are so awesome I just have to think about the writers on purposely doing that, they obviously think the same way *eyeroll*

          • @Laura

            They are not speaking through Jessica. They want us to think about who this character is, and why she is saying this. A character’s motivation and intentions should always be questioned. And ironically, Jess in a way is right. There isn’t anything like Sookie/Bill, it’s just not anything good.

        • I disagree. Think about who said it: Jessica. First of all, she’s Bill’s child. She’s automatically loyal to him. Second of all, she’s never seen Sookie with anyone else (Sookie and Eric mostly spent time together by themselves). Third, Jessica knows nothing about Bill. Think about how the writers have written Jessica: She’s hardly interacted with Bill. In S2, she spent no time with him, in S3, even less time. She doesn’t know what happened between him and Sookie, or even who Bill really is.

          Fourth, Jessica is a teenager, teenagers don’t know anything about life. She was turned when 17, she’s still growing up and learning, she’s not jaded and experienced yet.

          The writers aren’t speaking through Jessica, they WANT us to compare Bill/Jessica and Eric/Pam.

          Which scene was honest about the dangers and the reality, which scene was truly emotional and showed how deep their connection is? Eric/Pam.

          By contrast, Bill told Jessica nothing and gave her an awkward hug and patted himself on the back for her, and encouraged her to get better pot. It was all very surface level.

          Bill is not coming off good here. Interviews are one thing, they aren’t going to give anything away or go into any analysis. The show gives us what we need to know about Bill and Eric.

      • Thank you. That’s exactly how it came off to me. I don’t read reviews or interviews for this reason, you have to go with your gut instinct when it comes to these things. Eric released Pam to protect her, there was nothing selfish or bad about it. He was thinking of her first, putting her first.

        Bill on the other hand didn’t warn Jessica even about Russell, let alone the Authority, and was up to the shady business of looking for bugs (why?? What is he afraid the Authority heard?). Then he give Jess a hug that felt so forced and awkward, and then praises himself for who Jess is. It was all done deliberately like this.

        All he does is lie, manipulate, and look out for himself. Mark my words, he hasn’t forgotten about his grudge against Eric or getting Sookie.

        Even the recappers and reviewers all noticed how much more of an emotional impact the Eric/pam scene had. It was so beautiful and perfect.

        Eric even cried!! A lot of people didn’t notice at first but he shed a tear, and of course Pam cried.

        Eric was only doing what was right there.

        • I read a lot of reviews and many of them aren’t very in depth or know the characters as much as we do. But the overall feeling is that they love the Eric/Pam relationship and when Eric released her was very moving to many of them.

          Getting back to Bill for a moment…one thing I’ve noticed is the fact that when he said, “we’ll have to make her (Sookie).” or words to that effect, it sent chills running up and down my spine. Even Eric looked at him with a strange expression on his face. Bill has always struck me as being very cold.

          • That’s good to know that they are picking up on the depth of the Eric/Pam relationship. I’ve also heard this secondhand, I don’t like reading review because they either miss important things or don’t go into depth at all. So it’s good to hear that not everything is being looked over.

          • Oh, and I wasn’t talking about these recaps at your site btw Erika. :) I love the recaps here and hearing the impressions people get. I just don’t like reading many big entertainment reporter recaps or reviews.

            Reviews at sites like TV Guide (atrocious, especially when it comes to Sookie/Alcide) or EW. They seem to miss everything or the entire point of many scenes, but even a lot of them seem to be loving the Eric/Pam scenes, you’re totally right.

          • Don’t worry…I knew what you meant! ;) And you’re right. They only write them that way to “sensationalize” their recaps and to gain visitors, IMO. Whereas, we speak from the heart. :)

          • OH, and Erika I totally agree about Bill!!! Bill, I found in ep.4, came off totally shady. Shifty eyes, weird facial expressions at many times, and yes that line about not giving Sookie a choice…creepy. There were so many weird moments where you could tell the wheels were turning in his head but didn’t know what he was thinking.

            SM is a good actor, as much as I dislike Bill, SM really brings him to life. But yeah that scene in front of Sookie’s house and the one with Jessica really stuck out to me.

            I wonder if Bill was really looking for bugs or if that was just what he said. I wonder what he’s up to. He also didn’t seem like he really thought he was going to die, at least not as much as Eric, he could have a plan.

            Also, about the whole Russell thing, do you think Bill could have spilled his guts to someone about him and now he’s worried the Authority heard him do so? Or is it something different? Bill seemed awfully eager to pin it on Pam too, he seemed pretty sure it was her for some reason.

            So many questions.

  8. Wonderful recap, thank you! Even though the Jessica line about Bill and Sookie made me want to spit stakes, (I long ago accepted that Alexander Woo had his writing utensil lodged up Bill’s booty…w/ the bug I guess) the absolute worst part of this episode for me was that stupid fairy night club. It was so cheesy, ridiculous and unbelieveable. It took me right out of the show. What are they thinking? I can’t imagine how they could have screwed up the fairy storyline any worse. And what’s the deal with Andy having this honest moment w/ Holly last week and now ready to go fairy ho hoing? Why invest in any story or any character if they are going to seismic shift for no reason time and again (hello, Sookie, yes, girl, i’m talking to you!)

    Also it’s funny to me that Bill acts like Jessica is all grown up and a great vampire when just last week, Lorena had to justify his deviant behavior by saying he was “new”…and at that point, he’d been a vamp for 50 years…..uh, okay. What’s his excuse? Oh I remember, Lorena MADE him enjoy torturing and murdering innocents..riiiiggghhht. I don’t think Bill could be more annoying at this point, but hey it’s still early in the season. yay.

    But I have to say how much I enjoyed the creeper moment, cuz they finally set old Bill up for a fall…after Jess’ pep talk, he raced over to Sookie for the usual “mah miracle” floor show—only to see Sookie didn’t wait a week to find another, ahem, sucker. I wanted to fist pump w/ joy!!!! He thought he had her right where he wanted her–HA!

    And being the Hero he is, did he respond w/ his humanity? You know the guy who announced in season 4 he just wanted her to be happy, who could and should have then left her alone to find her happiness w/o him and his authoritay problems……OH no! Bill announces they should force her to be used to find Russell…yes, what a knight in shining armor.

    I’m also frustrated by the introduction of yet another new storyline for Sam…he was being utilized so perfectly and beautifully being front and center at Merlotte’s, in the middle of the Tara/LaLa/Sookie conflict—why oh why do they have to add more and make the whole show less? grrrr.

    Finally, Eric and Pam are the heart and soul of the show. How ironic that the 2 characters who hide their true selves the most, are deeper, richer, and more realized than anybody else? Beautifully played. And I found it uplifting that Pam then went to Tara w/ a new approach after her sad goodbye to Eric. It makes me eager to see where this Mama/daughter vamp story is going. Fingers crossed Tara will finally realize her reality is what she makes of it, not what another character does to her.

    Just please, no more fairy carnivals. ugh. just horrible.

    p.s. my mom says that Roman has man boobs…how did I miss this? must watch again.

    • Ha, I said the same thing about the man boobs. Glad to know it wasn’t just me…lol! As for the rest of your post, I couldn’t agree more.

    • I totally saw the man boobs and I was thinking that if I were Chris Meloni, I would not be taking my shirt off any more! Gross! His boobs are bigger than Sookies!

    • I think Woo loves writing both Eric and Bill, for different reasons. I do think he likes showing the “tragic” elements of Bill’s character (like the Lorena flashbacks) but they always have that underlying darkness to them.I also think he wrote such an amazing scene for Pam/Eric scene in this episode and I’ve often been fond of his Eric episodes, like 3.09 and 4.07. I think he’s also very good at showing Bill’s shady and deceitful nature as well, like with this Jessica scene.

  9. Yes it was heart breaking when Eric released Pam. But if you
    Can remember Eric can always call her back. Just like when he needed her help opening the bar. A now with Sookie. She was drunk and is going to feel really bad about what happen when she is sober. Even though I have a feeling Eric or Bill will barge in on Sookie and find her drunk and find out her car crashed. Lala might just show up to explain as their watching or talking with Sookie. But I think in the end Eric and Sookie will get together. They just have too. But what’s going to happen to Eric and/or when they get on the porch? Can’t wait till next week!!!

  10. I really don’t have anything to add Evie, as your recap was brillantly written and very witty too!!!! I agree with every point you made. Thanks for giving me a chuckle after that emotional Eric and Pam scene as I needed it!!!!

  11. haven’t read comments cuz I’m on my crappy tablet & it will probably crash before I finish my thoughts…but hete goes….

    I loved the whole Eric/Pam release thing (yes, I teared up) because 1) We see again that Eric still has a touch of humanity in him & 2) I love seeing the softer side of Pam as much as I do her hard candy coating. Eric is still teaching her how to be a good vampire when he tells her she was born to greatness. She’s a maker now & his/Godrics bloodlne lives on in her and Tara.

    What I look forward to is seeing Pam & Tara bond. Keep the two women sassy with each other, but I hope the writers make them feircly protective of each other, as well. I hope Pam tells Tara that both Lafayette & Sookie begged her to turn her, because of their love of her.

    Bill: cold-hearted mother-f**ker. I kinda like that they turned him into a character of questionable character. How can he say “I think I did good” in regards to Jessica? I think Pam cares more about Tara than Bill ever did about Jessica. Playing “good daddy” was, I think, an act put on for Sookie’s sake.

    That’s my 2 cents for now….before my tablet crashes and I wrote all this for nothing. (Apologies for bad typing….cheap tablet has a mind of its own)

  12. As always, great recap. Love the bug up his butt comment. Finally, something to laugh about in an episode that had me furious! Bill’s final comment about “I don’t think we give her a choice” had me giggling. Ooooh you are suck a BAMF—NOT! Sorry, it just falls flat coming out of his mouth and his facial expression matches the epic fail of trying to make him look like Eric. I did notice that what’s happened here is 2 of the most unpoplular characters (for the “real” Sookie Stackhouse fans) have just been assigned to the 2 most popular characters (Eric/Pam, obviously) in an attempt to prop their popularity. An accident? I think not.

  13. I mean such a BAMF-NOT!

  14. Your recap was entertaining and hilarious, as usual. I was touched by the Eric and Pam scenes and I loved seeing that little kid vampire get staked (I hated him from the first episode…from the pre-season, in fact.) I was pretty creeped out by Bill and Eric standing outside watching Sookie and Alcide’s drunken makeout session — I’m curious to see how far that will go — but it did seem like Eric was ready to go while Bill probably would’ve stood there spying all night.

    Thanks for making the connection about someone shooting shifters…that didn’t even occur to me. The fairy “club” was ridiculous and brought Moulin Rouge to mind for me, too. I’m so over the Terry and Patrick storyline, even though I do like both actors. Overall, I think it was probably the best S5 episode so far, but the jury’s still out on the season as a whole…guess we’ll see next week. (And once again I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading your recap.)

    • Bill called Eric to Sookie’s, which is why he showed up later and said “Awkwad time for a drop in Bill”. Eric was wondering why they were there, and when he saw Sookie was okay wanted to leave. Who knows how long Bill was outside for.

  15. I think the Faerie Club and bringing (tricking, dragging) the humans in is the beginning of an expanding faerie plot line. If they are nearly extinct because of vampires sucking them all dry so they could get some jolly juice, the next thought would be to rebuild the population. And if we know anything about genetics now…half faerie and faerie would make a 3/4 faerie and eventually, genetics would combine to make the Faerie gene dominant (if it’s not already) and produce a full blooded Faerie. I think the “sexy” faerie club, Detective Bellefleur’s encounter in the woods, the judge going to the “club” every week, is all an effort at mating and producing offspring!!! Why such plain folk as the judge and detective? Well, this is BonTemps (did I spell that right?). Most of the residents seem to be something supernatural in one way or another. Maybe the last pure humans are the judge, detective and Jason.

    The shooting of Sam’s friends: my guess is retaliation for Marcus’s death by the werewolves. They have no love of shifters and Marcus’s ex was a shifter. I’m wondering if the wolves have kidnapped Luna and her Wolfie child…the grandmother was interested in her…remember?

    and last thought (although I’m sure I have more)…wouldn’t it be interesting to find Tara pregnant? She was screwing just about anything with or without a d**k. A hybrid shifter/vampire child (Don’t worry, not going “Twilight” here..just thought it could make for an interesting story line)

  16. I read online about the possibility of Terry being a demon. A nice tie to Mr. C and Diantha from the books.

  17. Great recap as always!!! This is my theory about things…We are all upset and don’t understand why Eric all of the sudden cares so much about Bill and tries to be “friendly” with him. Remember what he told Pam about not trusting anyone. I do think the reason he is with Bill is because is convenient for him. He needs his help to kill Russell and protect himself from the “Authority” plus I think he is trying to protect Sookie from him. Remember on season 3 when Eric sent Hadley to warn Sookie about Bill. I think he knows more than we do. Now that Hadley confess to Jason about his parents been kill by vampires. Who do you think could had be? Every flashback that we have with Bill shows him as a rustless and not caring vampire who used humans to feed himself and his maker not caring about them. The only time he was shown not killing a human after feeding was on his 80’s flashback…but Bill is not stupid he knew he was follow. He knew Nan was watching so he was pretending. Remember all those pictures and things that Franklin found at Bill’s house. He is being following Sookie from forever. What he didn’t expect was falling for her. I do really think he does has feelings for her…but that doesn’t make him less dangerous. He can’t control himself around her…his feelings for her are more related to her blood than anything else. Eric in the other hand is really in love with her…but he is proud and he knows how to control his feelings. Salome said it best. “You are hurt and it was recently” That itself is telling you the magnitude of his feelings for Sookie that even being a master of covering what he feels, his feelings are so strong that even Salome was able to notice. This is what I think (and you are free to feel the contrary and give your opinion Please!!) Bill kill with Lorena Sookie and Jason’s parents. He knew that they had kids and he wanted to find them. He knew they were part fairy…so he wanted more. I don’t think he kill them on purpose he couldn’t control himself and he wanted to taste more of the magnificent blood so he had to find their children. I think he killed Gran too..she found out something about Bill and probably was planning to tell Sookie so he glamour Rene to kill her. He implanted the memories that Sookie was able to feel from Rene in him. Remember vampires in TB can do that. So if Rene believed what he did was a reality then Sookie was able to “listen” to it. Eric knows all this…his being trying to protect Sookie from Bill since he find out they where together. He didn’t know why Bill was so interested in this family in particular and this girl…he wanted to know. He found out eventually with Hadley and everything made sense to him. That is why he sent Hadley to warned Sookie. This is what I think…if you don’t agree please let me know. The only thing I’m afraid is that Eric will sacrified himself to safe Sookie. I don’t think she will end up with Bill or Eric. Bill will end up being the villain and Eric the hero. But being the hero will cost Eric his undead life. Now shoot!!! let me know.

  18. and I meant ruthless!!!

  19. What a treat it would be if the vamp who killed Sookies parents is beehl… I mean, that would be like, priceless, he’d get staked for sure xD but it’s TB, bet she’ll forgive him for that too.

    • sadly, I think that is just wishful thinking, its more likely ball makes Eric the killer of sookies parents…

      • Yeah, except that wouldn’t make any kind of sense with what we know of Eric. They can’t twist it around that much, but I don’t believe Bill killed them either. I know AB would never go that far, even though it would be more believable with what we know of him. That would be the one thing Sookie would never forgive him for, so we know the show will likely not go in that direction.

        • I actually think the faeries are lying to Hadley and that the fae really killed Sookies’ parents like the books. They aren’t trustworthy, they are harvesting people too. I think that’s just what they told Hadley. Hadley was already scared of vampires, she would believe them, and it would lead Hunter right to them and get her to trust them by offering them refuge.

          • Exactly what I was thinking too Ashley. And another thing we have to remember is the fairies can read people’s minds. They knew from reading Hadley’s mind, what would be most believeable to her.

        • I would like to add that although I don’t think Bill killed Sookie’s parents, I do think Ball would go that far, just with something else.

          Just not until close to the end of the show. Ball is notorious for going that far in his work.

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