If You Like Pina….????

The ‘Pina Colada Song’ a.k.a ‘Escape’ was a song I heard a lot on the radio when I was growing up. I was still young yet but I found the song very catchy and I love music. When I heard it on Sunday’s episode of True Blood, it brought me back to the time that I first heard it. Now, the song is tainted for me a bit right now due to Sookie’s drunken Karaoke version and her “If you like to make love at midnight…wait for it….in a cemetery”. I has to work really hard to wipe that scene from my mind and hearing that just brought it back to the surface. Pass the brain bleach please because I need it.

In case anyone is interested, here is the lyrics to the one verse Drunk Sook was rambling on about, you know just to get the ‘REAL’ lyrics in your head straight…lol!

If you want to make a Pina Colada to wipe out the memory of Sookie’s Karaoke, then I have just the recipe for you and you could use it to play the True Blood Drinking Game!

It will take me a while to be able to listen to this catchy tune without having visions of a drunken Sookie singing it and recalling unpleasant things I would rather not recall every again. Here is my first attempt, join in!

*Singing “If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain” and fade out*

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11 comments on “If You Like Pina….????

  1. Love pinas!!!

  2. Cute post Nymerias!! One of my favorite songs too. Although since I’m older than you, I remember sitting at my favorite bar located on Floridas’ Gulf coast over looking the water in Venice, watching the sunset and drinking my Pina Colada’s. I agree tho’, Sookies’ version blew.

    • Just keep that vision of the Gulf Coast in your mind and you will erase her version soon! ;) Thank you!

    • I remember the song, too. I was a teenager. You forgot the line “And getting shot in the brain”. She certainly gave that song whole new meaning.

  3. Oh man I luv that song. That song’s a Classic. I luv it! Eric got drunk off faery blood in s4, then sookie got drunk off alcohol. Lol i luv it!!!!! <3 XD

    Congrat to Alex & Anna for season 6. There'll another year to go for our favorite viking & barmaid!!!! XD

  4. I might have to avoid that scene when I watch the ep. That song brings back happy memories of a less complicated time in my life. I like it, and I don’t want it spoilt by memories of Sookie’s version, which sounds horrendous.

  5. Well I for one loved the twist on the song. I was laughing so hard. It didn’t taint it for me at all and I too was a teenager when it came out.

  6. Well, they certainly got one thing right from the books…Sookie can’t carry a tune in a bucket…

  7. guys, I’m 99% sure she sing ”..and not in a cemetary”!!! I’ve been listening like 50 times, and I hear the ”not” clearly, so yay xD f u beehl!

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