A Tale Of Two Vampires

No one vampire is alike, they are each unique in their own way much as the same as a human being but not quite the same. I believe some of the traits they once had as humans remain but it becomes jaded with time and the power an immortal has over a human being changes them. An immortal does not die a human death all over again and they feel quite superior. What does one do when living an immortal life? Do vampires change and grow as an individual with the times the same as the music and lifestyles change for humans or do they stay the same as when made? Ah but that is the question.

Bill Compton and Eric Northman from True Blood are as different as night and well night, quite frankly. Bill Compton is described as a southern gentleman who has found his humanity and is a noble and just vampire. Eric Northman is described as a calculating, selfish and manipulative vampire who would only do something if it benefits him in some way. This is what we are told but it is not what we are shown. What we see are two different things when it comes to these two vampires.

Bill is not the vampire that we have been led to believe he is, in fact what we have seen on the show is in direct contrast of what is said. It started with him killing Sookie’s Uncle Bartlett, a man who was feeble and in a wheelchair and not a danger to anyone. The man should have died in peace and it does not matter that he was a pedophile. God would have dealt with him. Then we see him in 1920’s Chicago playing his little games with Lorena taking advantage of innocent people by draining and killing them. It has also been noted that he was doing the same thing in 1905 San Francisco, again with Lorena. I will concede that he asked Lorena to let him go as he said he was tired of the killing but then how do we know that this was true? The fact is that we don’t know and we might never know.

Judging from the fact that he went from maiming and killing to procuring innocent people to serve as food and/or slaves for Kings and Queens, I don’t see how this is someone who has found their humanity. It is of my opinion that just because he did not kill those he fed off of does not mean that he had any regard for humanity and actually wanted to mainstream. One has to take into account that he used Sookie as his own personal soda fountain. The scariest thing about the Mendacious Bill Compton is that you don’t know who he really is and what he is all about. He has been living a life of lies and been in denial about his true nature for so long that I don’t think he even knows anymore.

Eric Northman is not the vampire that we have been led to believe he is as well. Eric is ruthless, calculating and can be manipulative when it comes to something he wants but there is the underlying compassion and sincerity in his words that we can all see. It is all just a front to protect him from further pain. One does not live a thousand years without putting up barriers. We saw first-hand how losing his human family affected him. We saw how loving and loyal he was to Godric when he met the True Death. We saw the love he has for Pam and how much it pained him to release her. They say that “if you love something or someone you have to let it go”.

We have seen just how much Sookie has affected him over time and how he fell in love with her. It pains him that they are not together but he is back to his old ways of acting like he does not care, back to the wall that he built around himself for protection. He cannot and will not trust her with his heart again. Eric comes off as how he is described but one only has to look beneath the surface to see the real Eric.

I guess the question we need to ask ourselves is this: Is there a reason, a master plan so to speak, of why these two vampires are spoken about one way but written another? I would like to think there is a master plan but I cannot be sure because True Blood does not stick to its guns. I think that may be the most disappointing thing about the show, that it seems to be all ‘much ado about nothing’. That is sad, my friends, very sad as it once held so much promise.

What do you think of my ‘Tale of Two Vampires’? Sound off below.

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

21 comments on “A Tale Of Two Vampires

  1. You have voiced what I have tried to say all along, but I’m not good with words. Bill is nowhere near the saint he is suppose to be and Eric is so much better then what they want us to believe.

    • Exactly and I am not buying what they are trying to sell. All they are accomplishing so far is contradicting themselves. As a result, I have no idea where they are going with anything anymore

  2. I have a thought on Eric and the loss of his human family. He swore revenge…and he spent a thousand years looking for the vampire and the wolves that took his human family. There are still parts of his story we don’t know …or maybe I just missed it…like how did he come to be the dying warrior that Godric found and turned? He lived those thousand years seeking vengeance and once he got it by killing the one “person” who meant as much to the vampire that took his family as his family meant to him…what’s left? What’s left once you have executed the long awaited retribution for crimes committed against you? Turned out Russell’s not dead and not even entombed i n cement, so I guess he could seek out retribution again. ..But I think that having accomplished what he has been waiting a thousand years to do, Eric will be changed. And Bill, well, I think Bill is the product of his maker. What I would like to know is what made Lorena so cruel? And while we have been led to believe that Bill was a “southern gentleman”, what was he truly like in his human years? Other than being a civil war soldier trying to find his way home when he came across his fate?

    Perhaps one does not just become jaded following centuries of life…maybe it’s madness, as well. A’la Russell Edgington. Just my two cents of thoughts.

    (I think it’s time to load the Kindle with some books so I have more info to go on, I guess)

  3. I agree with you on every point except when you said that Bartlett deserved to die in peace. I disagree. He deserved punishment for his atrocious crimes, I just don’t agree that it was Bill Compton’s place to administer justice on Sookie’s behalf.

    I also hate the fact that Sookie is not clued in on either vampires pasts or motivation for their current behavior. I think her decisions and opinions would be vastly different if for instance she knew that Bill was responsible for the murders of Pam’s girls or that she knew why Eric acted the way he did at Russell’s mansion.

    • I agree that she should be clued in to the vampires past as it would help her make big decisions. I am cool with agreeing to disagree on the Bartlett situation. He did need to pay but when he was younger, he was on his death bed basically and God would have taken care of it. He would have gotten his in the end.

    • On Uncle Bartlett, I think it would’ve been better if Sookie was the one to punished him instead, but at the same time, this also opened Sookie’s eyes to see how Bill was as a person. So, I’m kind of torn on that.

      But I do agree that Sookie needs to be clued into their past and their motivations. I think it would help her make a choice between them.

  4. I thought about this alot over the past few days because it has been said by many (complained by many as well) that the show is diverting to much from the books. Personally I’m torn. If it stuck completely to the books (as Alex said) you’d know what was coming, it would be predictable and in some cases boring for the watcher. To me predictable is also reliable. Not always a bad thing. But I run into the concern that if they stuck JUST to the strict guidelines of the book…what would the show do once they have run the gambit of the books and there is no more written story to tell? I’d rather they continue on season after season than end the show because there is no more story to tell. Granted I’m an avid Eric and Sookie fan and believe they truly should be together….but like all star-crossed lovers….perhaps they have to go throughout their stumbles along the way in order to find their way back to one another. It took Eric almost 1000 years to find Sookie…I don’t believe he will give up on her that easily or quickly. Right now he has to lick his wounds of being rejected….before he allows his heart to feel the love and longing he has for Sookie again.

    • I am not necessarily an advocate of following the books to the letter. Anytime a book is converted to screen there has to be some changes. My complaint is the fact that TB has strayed so far from the books it is no longer recognizable as the outstanding SVM books that CH wrote. As for the argument that the show would be to predictable if they stayed true to the books, that is ridiculous. I think a vast majority of those who watch TB have never read the books and have no intention of doing so. For them it would be completely new and unpredictable. As it stands now, TB is very predictable: Bill always comes to the rescue; Sookie is always, when all is said and done, a doormat where Bill is concerned; everyone guessed or should have guessed that Tara would become vampire, and it had to be Pam that turned her; every season there will be sub-plots that practically nobody has any interest in; in the final season Sookie and Bill will end up together; I could go on and on to illustrate why the show although it does not follow the books is still totally predictable.

      • My problem with the show is the fact that not only have they strayed from the book series but also from their own story, especially where Sookie is concerned. They change their own established mythology at the drop of a hat and it is beyond annoying.

        • EXACTLY! I have friends I just introduced to this show and it made me sad to hear them talk about the Sookie they just met in season 1–spunky, independent, sweet–a sassy southern lady. She actually said fudge instead of dropping the F bomb every other ep like she does now.

          I can’t thank you enough for the Tale of two vamps post because you perfectly illustrated what a lot of us feel. Thank you for writing it so well. It helps take the edge off the frustration.

          I still hold out hope that this has all been a deliberate tease from the beginning…that ultimately all the clues would add up to Bill being the villian, not the romantic hero. I read that Alan Ball said he knew from the beginning that Nate would die on 6 Feet Under. Well as a viewer, it was a shocker!–even though hints of his ultimate demise were left throughout EVERY season…sound familiar, Friends? It would be brilliant and throw the comparisons to other nauseating vampire love triangles out the door forever….the kind of UBER shocker that TB writers love over actual storytelling.

          The one thing I’m convinced of is that showing Bill in all these unfavorable ways is deliberate. THE QUESTION IS—-WHY?!

          Thanks again, great analysis!!

          • your welcome! thanks for the compliment! I do indeed wonder why, it is all there for everyone to see but it will boil down to why. I hope there is something to it but I won’t hold my breathe.

  5. Although a totally different show (and not nearly as good) Being Human has two versions: The UK version, which I think is much, much better and the SyFy U.S. version. Although the SyFy first season was similar, the second season started to divert from the UK story line. I think if they followed the UK version, episode for episode, U.S. viewers would stop watching (UK version is available on Netflix). They had to divert from the original storyline, and I think the same may be true for the series vs. the books. With a series, the writers can delve more into the lives and pasts of other characters in the books, fleshing them out a bit. I agree with Melissa…sticking to the books would be too predictable and, like she said, what happens when they run out of books? Charlaine Harris can only write so many at a time…

    And yeah, 1000 years for revenge, 1000 years to find Sookie…I have hope for her and Eric. If it was an easy road to togetherness, we wouldn’t have a story line for them, would we? I have found (I’m older here…nearly 50) that in real life and make believe, those who have built up the highest walls to appear cold and invulnerable are the ones who are most easily hurt. And the ones who profess love and devotion early on, Red Flag Warming! To go back to Karma Police’s comment: Sookie needs a big Clue In on everyone’s past. Come On, she’s a Faerie…One Hot Flash of Hand and she could easily know all! (if the writer’s wanted her to, that is). She needn’t be so clueless as to “always have someone there to take a bullet for her”. She can be knowledgeable and still be in danger.

    Again, I’m just now loading my kindle and I’m going to read the books so I will have a clue as to what I’m talking about…so don’t be to hard on me :)

    • The US version of Being Human has more episodes, so they couldn’t continue following the UK version. They would have needed more material to work with. I used to like that one more, but now since they’ve changed it so much and replaced the original cast, I much prefer the US version. It’s not the same show I loved. With True Blood, I understand not wanting to make it exactly like the books. I respect that, but what I can’t respect is them not at least keeping the Eric/Sookie relationship to how it was in the books. They’ve just changed too much for me to ever enjoy the show like I used to.

  6. Completely agree with what we are told is the opposite of what we see. I guess we won’t know until the very end of the show if there is anything to it – but I’m not getting my hopes up too much. So long as Eric stays being Eric :)

  7. You have summarized perfectly what is going on with Eric & Bill. I wish I had confidence in the writers of True Blood. If I did, I’d feel safe thinking there is a method to what they are doing and it will lead to Sookie finally understanding the real difference between Bill and Eric.Because once that happens, any issues she may have with choosing between them becomes a moot point. Realistically, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect she will ever hate Bill. He was her first love and lover. He will always hold a place in her heart. But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t and shouldn’t move on from him. I find the background regarding Bill and Lorena fascinating since it’s total conjecture on the part of the writers. Charlaine Harris never gave any details about Bill’s turning or background on Lorena. All we know is that they were together for a long time and lived in Seattle. I found what the writers created about them to be entertaining….thanks for your observations, they were so insightful.

  8. Nymerias, just wanted to say my hats off to you for writing such an astute summary. I totally agree with you that it is sad that AB truly screwed up a potentially great show. Sometimes I think that is why hes’ leaving before the end, ’cause he knows he did wrong and doesn’t want to hear about it directly. Although, I did read this last week that hes’ still going to be involved somewhat with the show (I think its’ an excutive producer spot) so that he can keep his fingers in the pie so to speak. I truly don’t know why but money talks I guess.

    Thanks for writing this great piece!!!

  9. It’s a lot like the eric/sookie relationship..that I have not yet gotten over. Last season, we saw these two characters genuinely fall for each other and share a connection that Sookie never had with Bill. Sookie put aside Eric’s past transgressions and followed her heart. Eric, without his 1000 yr old emotional walls, allowed himself to know what it’s like to love and be loved in return. So why….the hell….are they not together? I just hope that come Sunday when we see them “back together” for the first time since she rejected him, the writers won’t make them act like strangers or make them act like they can’t stand to be around the other. That would piss me off. I just fail to see the point of bringing these two characters together, allowing them to experience these life-changing epiphanies only to tear them apart from each other. Frackin’ sucks!!

  10. The TV show is more like fanfic at this point. As far as Eric or Bill having conflicting character traits, that seems to be the only thing left from the books and the actors are pulling off some pretty complex characterizations.

  11. I got a very strong feeling that eric & sookie ends up 2gether at the end of season finale,because Eric & Sookie are same & need each others. Like in season 4,when Eric says We are 1 when he’s amnesic. Sookie don’t realize it yet,Sookie need someone to related(I think it’s Eric). I think they are destines to be 2gether. Eric was

    Because he’s more like male counterpart of Sookie in the way. he lost a lot of people in his life(not only Godric & his family). He suffers a lot in his 1000 yrs in his life & he has gone been through a lot of sh*t in his life;tortured,rape(???), & watched his beloved 1s died around him(that does suck being a vampire for 1000),that’s why Eric’s a loner all time. He have short term relationship,he don’t want people get close to him. I understands why Eric don’t want to see Pam suffer the faith he had w/ but he don’t want her to die either,because he had turned her in the flashback. It had happened in Sookie’s case w/ Tara,She don’t want her BFF turn,but she don’t want her die,either,after Tara took the bullet for her. Laffy begs Pam to do it,but sookie think it isn’t a good idea(Tara hate vamps) but she agreed to do it. Because Everybody she luv dies if they gets close to her,they will end die. When Godric dies,probably Sookie understands Eric felt the same way when he loses his maker like she lost her grandma. Remember season 1 Jason got in trouble w/ cop? The same thing reflects on this season w/ Nora. That’s why Eric picks on Sookie,because she’s a reflection of himself.

    • But I hope they realizes they need each others. she thought he’s better w/o her,but he’s really upset inside. I hope Nora betrays him,probably Sookie takes a stake for Eric.

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