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Lucy Griffiths & Valentina Cervi talk True Blood

What do Lucy Griffiths and Valentina Cervi have in common? Well for one, their characters have both been lucky enough to go for a ride on the viking longboat already this season, and for two, they have both been giving interviews about what is going on for them on the show.

First up Lucy Griffiths spoke to TV Guide about Nora, Eric and the Authority.

Nora is essentially fighting for her life to stay alive. Will she be able to get out of the Authority’s clutches?
Lucy Griffiths: 
She is going to try, and I think Eric is going to help her, too.

How will the war between the Mainstreamers and the Sanguinistas ramp up?
The focus is the climax of the season, so it comes to a head, to say the least. It gets quite aggressive. It’s not a calm takeover like you think it might be, or that you would probably know if you’ve seen any of the True Blood series before [laughs], but it gets quite aggressive.

Do you think Nora might change her mind on which side she’s really on?
I don’t know if it’s ever going to be a question of her changing her mind. I think what Nora does is she has two loyalties. She has a loyalty to Eric and a loyalty to the Authority. What it becomes is a case of trying to step outside the situation and see who’s really returning her loyalty, and trying to be objective about whether it’s healthy for her to remain part of the Authority or not, and whether letting Eric guide her, and trusting him as opposed to trusting her faith, might be a better idea.

Lucy goes on to talk about Salome, and the first vampire Lilith, as well as giving away who comes out on top in the feud between Nora and Roman.

Read the entire (spoiler) interview here

Meanwhile over at Hollywood Life, Valentina Cervi gave a brief interview  about how Russell and Lilith will change the course of the current season.

Valentina also touches on the season finale.

We are still filming, yes. We’re filming the last episode. It’s going to be incredible. Crazy, touching, moving — a lot is going on.

You can read the whole of her interview here

Personally, I found the Lucy Griffiths interview pretty interesting and I was happy to read that Eric may help her get away from the Authority. I think these two, along with Pam (and hopefully Tara) are part of a fairly strong showing from female characters this season. Let’s hope it lasts!

Any thoughts on what either of them had to say?

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  1. They were good interviews, although they really didn’t tell us anything new that we haven’t heard yet. I really don’t have anything additional to add, other than Thank you for letting us know that these interviews are out there in the media.

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