Interview with Anna, Alex, Stephen & Alan Ball

The Star Online has posted an interview today from the set of True Blood, with contributions from Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer and Alan Ball.

There’s a couple of tasty snippets, including Alan Ball declaring,

“Somebody that we always thought was very good is going to be very bad,”

I’m racking my brains to think of someone very good, most people already have their demons on this show. (Any suggestions gratefully received below). I guess this could be our Alan Ball Going out With A Bang Finale Twist?

There’s further talk about the bromance, how Stephen and Ann planned the pregnancy so not to disrupt the show,  Anna’s desire to direct, and her thoughts on Sookie of course.

 “There’s a sweetness and a sort of hopefulness about Sookie even after everything she’s been through, which I find really endearing about her,”

Stephen spoke about Sookie’s increasingly complicated love-life, and even mentioned the one guy that bookies are still having HEA nightmares about,

“I think there’s a chance for Bill and Sookie like there’s a chance for Sookie and Eric, or Sookie and Alcide, or even Sookie and Sam. The way this season goes, it’s very complex,” says Moyer.

Sookie and Sam eh? That’s somewhere True Blood haven’t really gone for quite a while now, could we be about to witness some tender shifter moments for Miss Stackhouse?

Alex couldn’t resist another mention of his pretty cool sounding grandmother.

 “My grandmother has seen me naked on TV. She’s Swedish so she doesn’t give a (expletive). She just goes, ‘ehhh’,” he says, with a “whatever” expression on his face.

You can read the whole interview here

Any thoughts on what any of them had to say?

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23 comments on “Interview with Anna, Alex, Stephen & Alan Ball

  1. Loved this article, and loved some of the stuff I’ve found out.
    Loved what Alexander said about his grandmother, she’s tooo funny.
    I really beleive that the show neeeds “new writing blood”.
    After 5 years, the writers who were in place when the show began have gotten really tired/burnt out.time for replacements.

    Now I’m wondering as to who/whom Alan Ball was referring to when he said:
    “Someone who we’ve always thought of as being good ~~ will turn out to be BAD”??
    Now who could he be referring to?
    I’m going to post a list of possible suspects:
    Hoyt Fortenberry, Jason Stackhouse,Andy Bellefleur,Arlene Fowler Bellefleur,
    LaFayette Reynolds, William Thomas Compton,Alcide Hevereaux
    Pamela Ravenscroft de Beauchfordt, or Sam Merlotte, Tara Thornton????

    People who I’m giving a “get out of jail card”:
    Sookie Stackhouse & Eric Northman

    • Marlene, just had to respond to your post. You asked who will turn out to be bad. I think it is Alcide because in interviews and articles I’ve read, Joe said that Alcide is going to change and its’ not going to be for the better. So thats’ why I think it’ll be him.

      • I think it will be Alcide too…..Sookie will dump him and he is packmaster which will change him as well so I bet its alcide too. The thing about Sam being a possibility as a love interest for Sookie I am not surprised because Alcide will not be an option anymore so they want another guy that’s not a vampire as a love interests….If they were smart , which they are not, they she hook her up with Eric and ratings would be high but knowing Ball its probably more towards Bill ….which most fans don’t want to see…:(

      • I agree that that’s who it is. I don’t really understand why anyone would think Alcide is “really good”, LOL. Noone is ever “really good” on True Blood, and the first shot we got of him started with showing just his boots, just like Franklin and Bill. The writers have already said the “boot shot” is their way of saying bad things are coming.

  2. I enjoyed reading this article, although it was written and answered in very broad terms. Who really knows the direction of where this show is headed?? I really don’t think they really know either. The only thing I can say is watch and see…..

  3. The fact that Alan Ball has already given ideas as to the direction of the show next season speaks volumes to me. That means that Mark Hudis will continue on with Alan Ball’s way of doing things instead of doing his own thing.

  4. The show is still going to go the way Ball intends it to go. Weather or not he is there from day to day. It’s still his show. It is still going to be his fan fiction just with other writers filling in. He has always said that Beehl and Sookie are meant to be together. That is not the way I or all of us Eric and Sookie Lovers see it or want it.

    • Actually he hasn’t always said that, but whatever. I highly doubt Bill and Sookie are going to be riding off into the sunset together. You don’t set up an abusive relationship and compare the guy to a child molestor if you want this to be HEA. Alan Ball gets accused of being a misogynist when actually I think he’s just trying challenge the idea of what makes a “strong” heroine. Does it make a female character any less strong if she screws up and gets involved with the wrong people, but eventually is able to find her own two feet and learn from her mistakes?

      I think Alan Ball simply wants to tell the story of a girl who gets involved with the wrong guy (Bill) first, a guy who manipulates, abuses, and lies to her, and makes it hard to break completely free of him.

      People shouldn’t take his interviews and what he says too seriously. He lies, misdirects, etc. He’s not going to give anything away.

      Also, about the interview, I would take this suitor quote with a serious grain of salt.

      Last year they said the same thing, it could be anybody: Alcide, Bill, Sam, Eric. This doesn’t mean that Sam/Sookie are going to suddenly start having scenes a la S1. They just aren’t giving anything away. I think Sam and Sookie may have some scenes eventually, because it happens in the books, but not right now.

      • I guess we will just have to wait and see how it turns out. I’m not holding my breath. We all know Bill is bad, he has been since the first season. We’ve been let down too many times to really give two shits any more. I’ll keep watching but not with the same enthusiasm I’ve had in previous seasons. I just hope by the end of the season I don’t throw a brick through my television!

  5. I don’t see Sam and Sookie being together at all where the show is concerned, and I like him with Luna. As for who’s going to be bad, I don’t consider anyone to be very good, so I have no idea. I guess Alcide makes sense.

  6. Ball’s comments give me hope that I’m right and that Bill dug up Russell. I started thinking that after rewatching the 1st episode this season and seeing the smirk on Bill’s face when Alcide calls and tells Eric about Russell escaping…watch it! He acts really suspicious…and thruout seasons they have beaten us over the head w/ flashbacks and hints that Bill isn’t what he wants to be….I’m also thinking he may have been involved in the death of Sookie’s parents, if it’s not the fairies.

    You could also make a case that it is Alcide too, he’s always been presented as a good guy in bad situations.

    But if it’s Bill–what rich storytelling could unfold from there! And Stephen Moyer is so good when he’s playing bad!

  7. Bill is who we all would like to see be the bad because he is already the bad guy to most of us….but just knowing how they write on True Blood, I think it is Alcide and I still believe they will have Sookie pointing towards who she wants to be with.
    I don’t think sookie and Sam will ever get hooked up on True Blood but I think they will tease us with it. They want sookie to be or at least flirt with two or three guys at the same time …it doesn’t make her look like the strong heroine she should be.

  8. ”Someone really good going really bad” huh? I think of Terry and Sam when I read this… (Alcide maybe as well.. though I don’t give a flying f**k about him)

    • Ah crap, I forgot about Terry–you are probably right! Still holding out hope for story continuity and the big bad Bill reveal!

    • wouldn’t be Sam though–he murdered two people in earlier flashback.

  9. I’m just saying, I think Bill’s time is up here. Yes, I’ve suffered all the same disappointments as the rest of you. But haven’t you noticed that they let the audience in on Bill’s flaws and murderous past, but never Sookie?

    I also find the timing of showing the 1905 flashback significant too, placed this season. To show Bill’s resentment w/ Eric started from the first moment they met. In that, Bill was the sanguinista, Eric was the mainstreamer. hmmm. Why show that now? Wouldn’t it be interesting if this bromance is blown apart by Russell welcoming Bill like a friend and Bill has his ultimate revenge on Eric–for emasculating him for 100 years and coming b/w him and the only thing he’s actually ever cared about—and she is a thing to him, Sookie?

    Again, making us question or even hate the hypocrisy of Bill has been DELIBERATE, IMO. Why are we being shown these things?! They painted him black for us–not the books, not our favoritism for Eric–it was the writers of this show. If they wanted to make Bill a knockoff of the romantic hero, they would not have shown his dark side AND kept it hidden from Sookie. I feel these glimpses into his past and even his present–when he’s tried to murder then execute Eric at different times are the clues the writers are giving us to lead us to the ultimate TB twist. Bill is a villian.

    I believe the sop to Bill’s fans will be that the only thing he will continue to care about will be Sookie. Oh boy.

    Just think how happy you all will be if I get to tell you I told you so :)

  10. I’m still worry that rumor’s mite true about Billy boy & sookie getting 2gether,having sex(Eww nobody want to see that) in season finale. I hope not. I told my friend about it, She’s big Eric & Sookie fan (mostly Pam & Eric),She bummed about it & thinking about canceling HBO if the rumor’s true about b/s as power couple. She made a promise to hersself to that would never watch the show if Sookie ends up w/ Billy. I don’t blame her at all. Probably I do same thing,but rather I rather watch another show than cr*p.

    I hope it’s damn sex dream. Or probably someone’s friend mistakely Alex or Joe for Steve
    when they flimming that scene. I remembered alex dyed his hair dark hair in season 3, People almost mistakely Eric for Billy. :-/

    I hope not it’s Eric turns out be evil,because his sister’s Santisas,& Pam didn’t known about Nora nor his past. But Giles say his fans will be please. I think they’re going to make Eric have involement w/ faeries in the past like in the books,but I don’t known. Gotta be Alcide or Billy who’s be evil. I remembered there’s a flashback Alcide & Debbie are doing something evil since they were pups in ep9. But I got funny feeling Billy boy had some involvement w/ Sookie’s parents,but I’ll mite be wrong. :-/

    I hope she didn’t end up w/ Sam. I like Luna,I think Jamina Gavina’s a good actress. I hope nothing happen to her & Emma. I’m hoping Luna isn’t a shooter. I think she’s way better than Sookie. :-C

  11. I think it will be Terry that turns out to be “really bad” because they’re delving into his past this season. Maybe Hoyt, but he’s already shown a dark, petty edge when it comes to Jessica and Jason, so that wouldn’t be much of a shock. But, yeah. Probably Terry or Alcide, even though Ball seems to be implying that this character was bad all along and not just in a temporary under-a-spell or going-through-a-dark-phase sort of way, and I don’t think Alcide fits that bill. Nothing he’s done up to this point for Sookie would point to him always being evil. If he wanted to kill her, harm her friends, etc. he could’ve done so by now. He’s had her trust for a while.

    • Terry is not a main character on the show ……Alcide or Bill is still more likely to turn bad than someone like Terry that no really cares about. i would like it to be Bill ….fits his character more.

  12. After last nights episode, I’m almost certain the ”someone really good turning really bad” is Hoyt, I think he has something to do with those guys shooting the supes.

  13. I think the bad boy is Hoyt..We’ve seen that he is after vamps now and several different places have shown Hoyt with the Obama mask so maybe he’s part of that group that targeted Sam and Luna…maybe that bunch in particular but who knows…

  14. Andy is in a tight spot so it might be him…..it could also be Bill…unless he is pretending to the rest till he can find a way to outwit them…as for alna Ball saying Bill and Sookie are meant to be together…Yes maybe in his mind , but book readers know that is not the case…Charlaine meant it to be Sookie and Eric…Yes I know the series is based loosely on the books, but really going that far from the books, changes the story too much….in my opinion anyways!

    • If you watched the recent episode, Bill is definitely not pretending. He’s really lost his damn mind, but he was never very good to begin with, so that still makes no sense.

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